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In which Peter comes to the party

A few days ago, I left you in the lurch, indicating that there was something very interesting to be seen if you passed through one of these portals. I didn’t have any photos to show what you’d find in there, but Peter (bless his socks) provided a link to a post he had written about this hidden (in plain view) wonder in Rome.


The mystery portals

Any images from here on are courtesy of Peter. Please do yourself a favour, visit his blog, it’s crammed with photos and facts, mostly centred on Rome.  Roman Despatches

To read what he had to say, to go with his photos, follow this link: Passeto del Biscione

It was a mighty lucky day for me, when I happened upon Peter’s blog, and then was able to meet him while I was in Rome. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and is a fount of wisdom about Rome. I hope I have him as a guide again, one day in the future.

And, some information about the historical background and recent restoration of this passeto: Hidden Rome




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My Dog Sighs

It was a post on this blog that first alerted me to a startling example of street art in Trastevere. Roman Despatches


I did some searching online, and found out a lot about the artist and this particular work. My Dog Sighs

(You’ll miss a lot of interesting background if you don’t go to that site! And, even worse, I’ll haunt you.)

It was with a high degree of satisfaction that I spotted the work yesterday, just after I found that tiny set of stairs for Barb to climb.



I found the detail in the close-up views of the eyes quite startling. I read how he had done this, but I’m still impressed!

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