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The weather has been so kind!

After I found the monument to the bombing of the vaporetto Giudecca in Pellestrina yesterday, I spent some time exploring in this part of the lagoon.

Pellestrina looks so little on the map, but it is obviously a vibrant community.

I started my visit near the bottom end, walked for a while, then caught a bus to S.M. del Mare to join the ferry to Lido.


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This was a fruit and vegetable market

This was a fruit and vegetable market

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I got off the bus in Malamocco, to walk a bit more. I was able to see Poveglia, if only from a distance.

This island was recently put up for sale, but the attempt was thwarted by some concerned Venetians who didn’t want to see yet another (probably failed) attempt to build a luxury hotel. It has a rather interesting history, do yourself a favour and read a little of this article.  asylum-ghosts-plague-history


In a quiet yard, I was treated to the sight of some sculptures that some of you may have seen in Venice itself.



And, a favourite little vehicle of many visitors to Italy, the 3 wheeled Ape.


I caught a bus back to Lido, then took the vaporetto to the Giardini stop. A very satisfying lunch of spaghetti con vongole (clams) at this trattoria on the Via Garibaldi, left me replete.


The remains of the feast.


I walked home to Campo Santo Stefano, trailing a cloud of garlic fumes, with a happy smile on my face, and a trace of olive oil on my chin.


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