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Procida street shrines

Once you notice them, you’ll see plenty of street shrines in Procida. I found these shrines within one hour, as we strolled along the very narrow streets of Procida.

I’ll start with Karen’s favourite, she loves the shells carefully attached as a frame. I was intrigued by the empty picture frame to the right of the image.


Then, two that I really liked.



Then, the rest that you can fight over.

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Procida cats

We had a few hangers on while we ate our lunch in Procida. Most of us chose seafood of some kind, and it drew them like a magnet. When they found out we weren’t going to share, they either went off for a snooze in the sun, or tried out their wiles on other diners.




I think this cat might be related to the one in the first 2 photos.

This non-demanding post has been brought to you Katz Inc.


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Procida blu

I finally learned there is a difference between azzuro and blu. Azzuro is light blue, blu is a darker blue such as I saw on Procida.

For your visual pleasure, may I present a few things in blu.



There is some azzuro here, I must admit



Mike’s favourite doors, with both shades of blue


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Daily toil

 The island of Procida, easily reached by hydrofoil from Naples, is now home to friends who moved from Venice. I spent a very pleasant few hours here with them and other friends from Australia. We explored a tiny corner of this colourful, hilly island, and had a delicious lunch at the waterfront.

Fishing is the main industry on Procida, as is evidenced by the many boats moored in the harbour and the piles of fishing nets.

The latter caught my eyes, with the complexity of the knots that make up these tools of the trade.





The different coloured cord gives evidence of repair work on these particular nets.


And, here are a couple of the men who keep the nets ready for the task for which they’re designed. I don’t think they’ll ever lack for work, as long as there are fish to be caught. I wonder if some of the younger men are learning this skill, to take over when these men can no longer do it?


Edited to add a link to net making video: https://youtu.be/CZfWCyv1eFo


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Dear Barb

In anticipation of your visit, and not wanting to appear a total klutz when we head to the hydrofoil to go visit Karen and Mike in their new home, I decided to do a little trial run of getting to the correct place at the harbour. All I can say is “Such fun I had!”

I had read online all about getting there by tram, it sounded ever so simple. (When will I ever learn?) I walked to Piazza Garibaldi where I “knew” I’d be able to buy tickets and catch Tram 1. I finally found the tram lines and saw a sign that said “Fermata provvisoria”. I gave myself a pat on the back for being able to translate that to “Temporary stop”. Barb will be so impressed, I thought. I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I went into the train station, found the Tourist Information folks and asked them where I could find that darn tram. An indulgent laugh emitted from the young lady. She said “Signora, there USED to be a tram.” Now, I had the choice of a bus or the metro. So, Barb, you’re going to just love riding the metro, I promise!  Or, even if you don’t, my strong advice to you is to grit your teeth and say nothing. 

A person could get lost in this train station!

The progress I was making did feel snail-like

Barb, the metro station is about 4 floors below ground level. Are you okay with that?

My first view of Mount Vesuvius, in the early morning haze.

Just a few images from the waterfront. We can take a rowboat ride, if you want to.

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This shy fellow volunteered to have his photo taken, and was happy to be seen on my blog. Thanks, Francesco.

We can go here, if that is your wish, Barb.

I probably looked a bit like this when my mission was accomplished. Very pleased, indeed. 

So, don’t say you haven’t been warned, and don’t complain when I get us lost a few times!


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