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I saw a QWERTY or two

I swear, Rome must have more street art per square kilometer than any city I have yet encountered. Feel free to contradict/challenge me, I can take it.

#QWERTY kept thrusting itself at me on walks in Trastevere. As far as I can ascertain, this is not an individual enterprise, but rather the contributions of a group of artists.


There are hundreds of images to be found when you do a search for “street art by QWERTY”:   QWERTY

If anything will get me back to Rome, it could be the quest for more examples of these works.                                                     

I have 4 dreams

I have 4 dreams

I was quite chuffed when I found My Dog Sighs in such good company. (Or, vice versa, perhaps.)


Do you have lots of street art where you live? Do you like it?



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My Dog Sighs

It was a post on this blog that first alerted me to a startling example of street art in Trastevere. Roman Despatches


I did some searching online, and found out a lot about the artist and this particular work. My Dog Sighs

(You’ll miss a lot of interesting background if you don’t go to that site! And, even worse, I’ll haunt you.)

It was with a high degree of satisfaction that I spotted the work yesterday, just after I found that tiny set of stairs for Barb to climb.



I found the detail in the close-up views of the eyes quite startling. I read how he had done this, but I’m still impressed!

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