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‘nother list

This was donated by the Cat Whisperer (thanks, Kim), who said:

Look what I found outside the IGA at Pleasant Park, Ballarat, VIC.
It obviously has more than one author.


For those of you who never had the privilege of deciphering the handwriting of doctors, here is what is on the list:

I doz eggs (I wonder what the word Check beside that means? Expiry date? Something else?), ham, baked beans, corn kernels, cauli, crumpets, broccoli, fruit cup, bananas (3), mandarins, which got the reject button, bread. spring onions, water, potatoes are also not needed, nor is GF SR flour [do you all know what those letters stand for?], garam masala, milk, yoghurt (3), sweet potato, with an arrow leading back to the rest of the fresh produce, noodles & more (I assume that might be a brand name), GF spaghetti and the star of the show: NEW SPONGE MOP HEAD.

So there is someone with either coeliac disease or gluten intolerance in the household, and aside from ham, there is no mention of meat on the list. And, no wine for Susie!

Keep looking for those lists, folks. I enjoy receiving them and sharing them.

Spring is in the air. Just look at these blossoms which are to be found on the paulownia trees around town. They smell as good as they look.

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