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Good day for a stroll

It’s always nice to try to find your way around a new neighbourhood, and that’s what I did today. Don’t expect me to explain in any degree of detail what it was I saw, but here are some images. You can make up your own stories about them.

“Welcome to Napoli” says Signor Dante Alighieri. (I didn’t know he spoke English.)

It seems that rubbing body parts ensures a bit of good luck. So, please rub Pulcinella’s nose.

And rub the skull of Anon. 

This statue is in honour of Domenico Martuscelli, who established a school for the blind in Naples. He was a nice man.

Which form of dance would you recommend for me? I know which one I fancy. But, my body says “No way.”

Just an obligatory view of a narrow street, backlit.

This bloke was clever. He sang from the comfort of his balcony, disappearing every so often for refreshments. He had a basket dangling from the balcony to collect donations. I don’t know how much he earned today.

These poor youngsters were struggling under the weight of the statue, and their eardrums were assailed by the vigorous percussion and brass sections of the accompanying band.

Not much to say about this, except I liked the shape of the window.

In breaking news, my search for Leocrema has had a happy ending. I have found a good supply of it, and have cornered the market.



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