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The death of a bee

I read recently about the death of  37 million bees in Ontario,  Canada. (I wonder who counted each little bee body?)

Their deaths were attributed to the proximity of genetically modified maize, and the use of a particular pesticide which damages the immune system of bees, and affects their sense of direction. This is disturbing news, if it is accurate. We depend, more than we know, on these busy little pollinators.

I have to report on the death of one little bee here on the streets of Florence. It wasn’t nasty pesticides that caused its death. No, it seems to have been fire. Poor little bee.



I forgot to mention that the Italian word for these 3 wheeled vehicles is “ape”, which is pronounced ah-pay. It means “bee”. If you’ve seen and heard one of these, you might remember the tiny engine sounded like a buzzing bee

Here is what a living one looks like.



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