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In which I suffer Shopping List Envy (and report some happy news)

Ages ago, my friend Jan asked if I needed more shopping list. I reluctantly snatched this one from her hand.

When I read it, I knew all my dreams had been answered. I never have to write a list again; I will just trot around the supermarket and buy the items from this list. My pantry and fridge will be groaning with largess. I may be oversupplied with some items, toothbrushes for example, but what a small price to pay! Thank you Jan, for organising my life.


Some of you are aware that a group of volunteers has been beavering away, producing a book chronicling the stories of some of the Italian migrants to this region of Victoria. I can now report that the book has been printed, and we are now offering it for sale.

It has been a huge job which led us to find out so much, not only about the migrants, but also the many tasks that go into putting together a factual narrative. 

We received a photo from the printers  of the first batch of books to come off the press. It brought a surge of emotions as I finally saw the fruits of our labour. (And this offspring took longer than 9 months to deliver to the world!) The title came from a recurring phrase used by the families to explain why they migrated and why they stayed in Australia.

May I present For a Better Life to you:

I am adding a link to the email address to order the book. The cost is $30 AUD, plus postage.

The contact person is Jan Mock, the email address is u3amyrtleford@gmail.com

Thank you!


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