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In which I recommend a novel set in Venice

Phil Jones (or as the cover of his latest offering insists, Philip Gwynne Jones) and his wife Caroline have lived and worked in Venice for more than five years. During this time, he has found his way around the many narrow calli (streets) of this fascinating city. His knowledge of the geography and also the art history of Venice has been put to good use in this crime novel.

People who like mystery/detective novels will find this a natural fit for their reading choice. People who also know and love Venice will get an extra bonus, with the setting of this well paced novel, written by a person who knows the city and surrounds very well. 

Nathan Sutherland, the English Honorary Consul to Venice, has his rather boring life abruptly changed when he is caught up in a world of art theft and danger. As he and his friends Dario and Federica endeavour to pursue the truth about the small illustrated prayer book that has been left in Nathan’s care, he finds himself in situations he’d only before seen played out in movies.

Are the illustrations in the little book really by Giovanni Bellini, or is it a clever forgery? Will Nathan come out of this with his skin intact? Follow Nathan through the calli of Venice to find out how this draws to a conclusion. 

And now, I have a strange craving for a negroni.



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