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Well, I never!

A not-so-idle remark from an inquisitive friend (thanks, Bert) led me on an interesting chase through Google.

Bert asked about the words that were visible on the pink cape of my previous post, the subject of which I had attributed to Clet. How wrong I was!

Here is the image from that post.

P1010511 (2016_03_17 00_59_23 UTC)

After enlarging the image, I could discern that the words were yipiyipiyeah. A search for this revealed that Clet probably had nothing to do with this alteration of a street sign. It’s another artist (or a group thereof) from Madrid!

To quote their website (translation from Spanish by Signor Google) “The collective Yipi Yipi Yeah has painted the traffic signals of the capital in a vindictive and ironic gesture.” Vindictive makes it sound rather edgy, doesn’t it?

There are numerous examples of their work on this site:  yipi

Do yourself a favour, and have a look at the site, if you’re at all interested in being vindictive or ironic. There seem to be hundreds of Yipi Yipi Yeah’s works, so if you visit Madrid, you should be able to spot at least a few of them. I wonder what the authorities in Madrid think of all of this?

This one appealed to me, for some reason.



And, here is the Madrid version of the one I saw in Naples.





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We haven’t seen much from Clet* lately

So, I’m about to remedy that.

I spotted this in Naples. You can bet your bottom dollar I won’t be able to find it again.

P1010511 (2016_03_17 00_59_23 UTC)

* Clet is an artist who lives in Florence. He uses removable stickers to alter traffic signs into whimsical statements. I like Clet. 🙂


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Last day surprises

I literally ran into a friend from Venice (well, Mogliano now), as we came around corners near Santa Maria Novella in Florence. What  a lovely surprise to see you, David, and meet your new bike!


I don’t know this wrestler, but we  do know that Clet has been at work again.


On my way to find a place to eat dinner, I stumbled across a museum I’d never seen before. I’ll be there tomorrow when it opens.


And, from the little balcony outside my hotel room, if I stand on tiptoe whilst craning to the left, look what I can see. (No, I don’t mean the forest of TV antennae.)


Brunelleschi’s triumph (Florence)


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Street art

Here are two offerings from the French artist Clet Abraham who has a studio in the Oltrarno, Florence. He uses removable stickers to turn street signs into a little piece of fun. Keep your eyes open and you will see some, not only in Florence, but also in other cities in Italy and France.



He was working on the repairs to the Common Man earlier this year.  This link will take you to a post with information about this piece of street art: luomo-commune-Florence

I hope it will be back in its place on the Ponte alle Grazie in the new year.



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The church with its ass in the Arno *

We will start this treasure hunt by coming back across the Ponte Vecchio from Tourist Central, to the civilized side of the river.

Once you’ve shoved your way past all those pesky tourists and fellows selling selfie-sticks, chuck a right-hand turn onto Borgo San Jacopo. Stay on here until you realise you must have passed the star attraction of the day. (It’s very self-effacing.)

This is what you’re looking for:


It’s the front view of the Greek Orthodox church San Jacopo Apostoli.


Now, dear readers, you have to trudge back across the river. (I never said this would be easy, did I?) You may go back to the ultra crowded Ponte Vecchio, or keep on along the Borgo to the next bridge, Ponte Trinita.

Either from this latter bridge, or a little distance along the crowded sidewalk that follows the river (Lungarno Acciaoli), look for this piece of architecture. It’s the back end of the church, hanging over the river.



* I can take absolutely no credit nor blame for the title of today’s post. The honour goes to Jeff Cotton, whose wonderful website Churches of Florence is chock full of facts and fun.

This is how he ends his description of our featured church:

“Because of it’s flying buttresses hanging over the river this church is popularly known as the church with its ass in the Arno.”

Because you’ve been good sports and didn’t whinge too much about walking a bit, here’s a little taste of Clet’s work.



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L’uomo commune, Florence

Vandals have attacked the sculpture L’uomo commune, on the Ponte alle Grazie,  causing significant damage and resulting in its being removed to police headquarters. See my previous post on this subject: The Common Man

I’m normally a polite person, but I hope the Richard Craniums who did this are found and fined. What, if anything, went through their tiny minds, to do such a stupid thing?

Artist Clet has maintained his sense of humour. He said ” The police headquarters seems set to become the first contemporary art museum in Florence.” Two of his sculptures are already in police possession.




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