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Not Christianic

On a recent visit to a nearby town, my eye was drawn to the handwriting on this No Entry sign. The sign marks the exit of the driveway of the Anglican Cathedral.



I don’t think I want to be drawn into a theological/legal discussion of the rights and wrongs of the issues!


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Lucca Cathedral

Lucca has its share of architecturally interesting churches and the Cathedral (San Martino), which was consecrated in 1070,  is no exception. The campanile is presently under restoration, so there was no opportunity to do another climb to see Lucca from on high.

You can read about the cathedral by following this link, it may provide an incentive to visit Lucca and its cathedral. cathedral


Among the many details to study on the façade is an image of the Saint himself, in the act of cutting his cape in half to share with a beggar. Nice fellow …


The statue is a replica, the original can be seen inside the Cathedral. The sculptor is unknown, and it is thought this is the first in-the-round statue in the history of Italian art.


Do you think that is a representation of Daniel and the lions, just near St Martin’s left shoulder?

To the right of the Cathedral, but hidden by the construction work, is a labyrinth embedded into one of the piers of the portico. It is from the 12th or 13th century.

The incised Latin inscription translates to read: “This is the labyrinth built by Dedalus of Crete; all who entered therein were lost, save Theseus, thanks to Ariadne’s thread” (HIC QUEM CRETICUS EDIT. DAEDALUS EST LABERINTHUS . DE QUO NULLUS VADERE . QUIVIT QUI FUIT INTUS . NI THESEUS GRATIS ADRIANE . STAMINE JUTUS”).

The curious public were given a glimpse of the maze through a little window cut into the construction fence. Thank you, whoever thought of that.

I read that condemned criminals were given a chance to save their necks (literally) if they were able to trace a path to the centre of the maze, in one go. Imagine trying to do that even without the death sentence breathing down your neck!


Tuscany oozes with interesting coats of arms. Here’s another to tantalise those who like to identify these voices from the past.



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Sad little angel

He was on the tomb of a long ago bishop in the Cathedral of Pistoia.



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A quiet winter’s day on Torcello

My goal when I went to Torcello was to find the stone shutters on Santa Maria Assunta, as shown on this postcard.


But, I was foiled. The door leading onto the path that would take me past these windows was locked, and will be for some time, until the work on the campanile is completed, in fact. So, the only photo I could get looked like this. That’s the campanile you can spot in the background.


It’s always worthwhile just walking around behind the churches and in the grounds around the churches.P1080956


The last of the grapes

The last of the grapes


It was so peaceful

It was so peaceful

Colour and texture is seen everywhere

Colour and texture is seen everywhere


There were a number of these stairways to access the canal, but all of them had overgrown pathways leading to them.


I was hungry! Thank goodness there was a place to sit, enjoy the silence, and eat.



I ordered the risotto, which is usually available only for a 2 person serve. But they provided a single serving, and it was delicious!


What a relaxing day this turned out to be.


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