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Tooth brush dogs

This was sent to me by my friend Karen who was my neighbour before I moved to the Palatial Granny Flat. She had a loveable dog, Bobbie by name. My cat just adored him, and we both still miss the little fellow who gave Karen so much love and companionship.

She assured me that she hadn’t touched the list with her bare fingers.

karen list

It’s pretty straightforward, easy to read, with no big mystery items. There are so many vegetables on the list; I wonder if they were able to find them all at the shop? And, I also wonder if borscht is on the menu for dinner tonight? But, I would have bought sour cream, if this was my list. That just finish the soup to perfection. Or, maybe they use natural yogurt for that purpose.

It seems that some pet dog is going to have his teeth brushed; what a nice owner it has. I just noticed the word ‘soft’ adjacent to that entry, probably to remind the shopper not to get a hard brush for Rover’s fangs. I don’t think they were going to look for soft beetroots.

I do covet the way the shopper makes the question marks. I hope there was coffee available today.



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