Random art in the Toledo metro, Naples

It was fun to see what you might discover, each time you descended the escalators to catch a metro train. How in heck did they get these full size artistic vehicles down into the bowels of Naples? And, why?




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As seen at the Testaccio Market, Rome

(The Italian “I” is pronounced “ee”, the “U” is pronounced “oo”.)

Buon appetito. 🙂



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A contrast in entries

These were spotted within 5 minutes of each other, in Trastevere.

It’s always a little mystery to me when I come across a blocked in doorway, with the street number still visible. And then, the Latin translates to “Guilty”. Curiouser and curiouser.


Wouldn’t you love to climb these steps to enter your little home after work each day?





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Some offerings from the Campo de’ Fiori

One of Rome’s most famous open air markets is the Campo de’ Fiori (Field of Flowers). The name originates from the daisies, poppies and other wildflowers that once graced the square. It is open until early afternoon, from Monday to Saturday, and is full of colour, aroma and bustle.

The campo is also home to many restaurants and bars, and can be quite lively at night. It used to be the site for public executions, but that practice stopped over 500 years ago, thank goodness. 









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Cat lovers, just for you

A little selection of cats who call Rome home.

This handsome fellow lives in the Protestant cemetery, in the Testaccio district.


This one lives in the Gianocolo district.



And, this one is from Trastevere.



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In which Peter comes to the party

A few days ago, I left you in the lurch, indicating that there was something very interesting to be seen if you passed through one of these portals. I didn’t have any photos to show what you’d find in there, but Peter (bless his socks) provided a link to a post he had written about this hidden (in plain view) wonder in Rome.


The mystery portals

Any images from here on are courtesy of Peter. Please do yourself a favour, visit his blog, it’s crammed with photos and facts, mostly centred on Rome.  Roman Despatches

To read what he had to say, to go with his photos, follow this link: Passeto del Biscione

It was a mighty lucky day for me, when I happened upon Peter’s blog, and then was able to meet him while I was in Rome. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and is a fount of wisdom about Rome. I hope I have him as a guide again, one day in the future.

And, some information about the historical background and recent restoration of this passeto: Hidden Rome



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I saw a QWERTY or two

I swear, Rome must have more street art per square kilometer than any city I have yet encountered. Feel free to contradict/challenge me, I can take it.

#QWERTY kept thrusting itself at me on walks in Trastevere. As far as I can ascertain, this is not an individual enterprise, but rather the contributions of a group of artists.


There are hundreds of images to be found when you do a search for “street art by QWERTY”:   QWERTY

If anything will get me back to Rome, it could be the quest for more examples of these works.                                                     

I have 4 dreams

I have 4 dreams

I was quite chuffed when I found My Dog Sighs in such good company. (Or, vice versa, perhaps.)


Do you have lots of street art where you live? Do you like it?


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