Where was Travel photo #1 taken?

It didn’t take long for a few cluey people to offer good suggestions about yesterday’s photo.

It was indeed in Naples, in the Bourbon Tunnel. You can read about its history in the link below. And it was a sort of museum, John.

My vivid fragments from the tour included the two different offerings of toilet facilities when the tunnels were used as air-raid shelters during the Second World War. I would have been using the basic model, with nary a trace of privacy supplied, while the posh among us would have at least had the comfort of a wall between you and your neighbour. The other was the  many rusting automobiles which had been impounded for one reason or another!


I’ll find another photo to post tomorrow, or the next day.



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Travel photo challenge #1

I was nominated by my blogging friend John  to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations.

I may renege on the latter part, as many bloggers find it a PITA to do this sort of thing. But, it’ll give me an excuse to browse through photos of Travels and try to select only 10 of them over the next few days. 

So, photo #1. I’ll tell you tomorrow where this is.



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A warm welcome, but it is forbidden to …

This is Take 2; the original post lost the image!

This is from Bert in England, who saw this sign when he was trudging along the Camino de Santiago.

He commented: “This is at the entrance to the friendly bar in Villamayor del Rio. If you would like to use it, please do. I left my stuff outside and went in. I was ignored for several minutes. The beer, when it came, was expensive.”

There do seem to be a fair number of “Do Nots” to overcome before ordering your beverage.

I did a little online search and found this comment: Best to avoid Villamayor del Rio. The smell of cow manure being transported in trucks was overwhelming all night and we stayed at a private albergue —not too friendly. But the highlight was dinner at Cafe Leon whose proprietor is a warm gentleman who is extremely knowledgeable about local history. In fact his restaurant contains a small museum of medieval artifacts. He went out of his way to give us a lovely non-pilgrim meal and gave us the grand tour—-most entertaining and a highly recommended stop. Mind you this was 2012, so things may have changed.


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Froze beans

I thank my blood thirsty blogging mate from New Zealand, Bruce  for providing this short, crumpled shopping list.

Bruce commented:

I picked this list up out of a shopping cart this morning in the pouring rain. Use it if you wish or not! It might lead to a heated discussion of the different names around the world for peppers.

So, how hot will this discussion get? Probably very mild, you’re all such gentle people, aren’t you?


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You have been warned

Thanks to dear old BoB, some signs that we humans have a sense of humour, and too many bureaucrats.

bluebird of bitterness

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In which Cookie holds up the traffic

This shopping list with a couple of puzzlers has been gifted to us by Julie  whose surname has led to her being known by the nickname “Cookie”.

She included these comments about her search and find mission:

Hi Yvonne, here is my latest find.
I was at our local Lowes…a large home improvement chain.
I saw the list in the middle of the parking lot and stopped, bending over to take the picture
while my husband waited in the truck wondering what in the heck I was doing.
The cars wanting to drive through also wondered as they had to wait on me to
take a picture of “something” on the pavement.
I love the child drawing of the cat and dog just as I love the top item
on the list….alcohol–perhaps the turned corner covers Schnapps.
And what is a fried green bean??
I found out for you, Julie (see below). I was more puzzled by the repetition of green beans. Maybe they needed plenty, to make another dish aside from the fried offering.
And, what are pepper kites??

I am pleased to report that I found several recipes for green bean fries. I don’t think I’ll bother making them! https://www.platingsandpairings.com/green-bean-fries/

Thank you for stopping to capture this list for us, Julie. 



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From Ian-the Dumbest Blogger

I have grown totally dependent on the kindness not of strangers but of my fellow bloggers, to be able to post shopping lists. It also caters to my totally lazy nature.

So today, I have to rouse myself from my new occupation of sofa tester, to thank Ian for this list. You can see his offerings here

Ian had this to say about the list he found and donated to us:

Here is the list I thought you might appreciate. I have very little to add in the way of commentary except that it appears to be very eclectic in nature, and was found somewhere in Wisconsin, heaven knows where exactly. Dumbestblogger 

Oh, goodness, where do we start on this one? Over to you, folks!


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From a Northern hemisphere correspondent, with thanks!

These lists were kindly donated by a North American follower, who asked that her identity remain anonymous. I can kinda see why!

The story – I was in Costco by myself as my husband was otherwise occupied.  I’m struggling with the big cart, big bag, phone with my shopping list, slipping down mask, etc.
I saw the first list sitting on a table and asked the guy standing next to it if it was his list.  He said no, and I said I’m going to take a photo of it.  He looked at me like I was a weird-o, so I explained about you and your blog.  He then asked if I also wanted to take a picture of his list.  I said sure, thank you, my friend would be thrilled, 2 lists back to back, etc.  Photos done, I left to stand in the long  checkout line.
And … that’s when I noticed the button on my blouse (at breast level) was wide open.  OMFG.  I was so embarrassed and have no idea how long it was like that!!!  Except for the fact I have 6o-ish year old breasts, I would think he was kind so he had more time to stare at my gaping blouse!  Thank god for Covid and the need for face masks!
I never have adventures like that when I go shopping!
The first one is a little hard to read, but I am interested to see ‘seaweed’ as an item. Does anyone use this, and what do you do with it? 
And ‘live traps  x 2’; are they a humane way to catch and release mice? Ugh, lamb patties, I am happy not to be in that household.
What else catches your eye on this list?
Here is the list of the ‘kind’ fellow. 🙂
Is coconut sugar one item or two? I’ve just done an online search, and now I know. I’ll leave you to do your own research on that.

I hope all of you are keeping well, and occupied. Some days, I feel like maybe my brain has turned to mush!






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Sweater of many colours

This is a special favour for Gabriana, who has written a daily post about something for which she is grateful, for going on 5 years. 

You can see the positivity she exhibits through difficult circumstances here: nosyparkerblog.com/

I get so fed up with the dull clothes that are offered up every darn winter. We all seem to meld into a blob of black, beige, grey and other boring, depressing colours. Hence my choice of colour palette for this pullover. And, I will make more that kick over the drab traces for next winter; you can put money on that.

Here you go, Gabriana and Jude:

I am very happy with this project.


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In which I suffer Shopping List Envy (and report some happy news)

Ages ago, my friend Jan asked if I needed more shopping list. I reluctantly snatched this one from her hand.

When I read it, I knew all my dreams had been answered. I never have to write a list again; I will just trot around the supermarket and buy the items from this list. My pantry and fridge will be groaning with largess. I may be oversupplied with some items, toothbrushes for example, but what a small price to pay! Thank you Jan, for organising my life.


Some of you are aware that a group of volunteers has been beavering away, producing a book chronicling the stories of some of the Italian migrants to this region of Victoria. I can now report that the book has been printed, and we are now offering it for sale.

It has been a huge job which led us to find out so much, not only about the migrants, but also the many tasks that go into putting together a factual narrative. 

We received a photo from the printers  of the first batch of books to come off the press. It brought a surge of emotions as I finally saw the fruits of our labour. (And this offspring took longer than 9 months to deliver to the world!) The title came from a recurring phrase used by the families to explain why they migrated and why they stayed in Australia.

May I present For a Better Life to you:

I am adding a link to the email address to order the book. The cost is $30 AUD, plus postage.

The contact person is Jan Mock, the email address is u3amyrtleford@gmail.com

Thank you!


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