A list with a difference from Lisa

Lisa  arlingwoman  has donated another of her lists, this time it’s a ‘to do’ list. I wonder how many of you prepare that type of list, to help organise your life? There’s something satisfying about crossing off another completed task, isn’t there?
Lisa said: Here is the list of things I was wanting to get done this week and weekend.  I’ve still got another day before the new list starts up!
I hope it amuses and intrigues!

Lisa list

She had a few things yet to do, I hope she did get them all out of the way before the next list was prepared.

Is that ‘Review text for beading’? What’s that all about, I wonder.

And ‘Fencing’. Is that as in, en garde, do you think? Or, more along the line of barbed wire, perhaps?

Thank you, Lisa, for another list. It made a change from groceries and stuff.  


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Lou sent a list

A  very nice friend who lives in Melbourne sent this short, succinct list. She said “Someone is very particular about their milk, but grateful also.”

Lou and her husband Peter are to blame for me owning a cat. They were the folks I house sat for, and their two cats, Fletcher and Weaver, soon stole my heart. Both of those lovely cats are no longer with us. So, it may be safe for me to remind you of this scurrilous post with Fletcher as the main character. Fletcher

Lou and Peter are also very fond of Italy, and Venice in particular, so we have a few threads that hold us close. Thank you for entering my life, you nice people.


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Submitted by our old friend Anon

The person who sent me these lists prefers to remain a mystery to us! That only adds to the fun of it, I do believe.

Here’s what they had to say about these found offerings:

Hi – the lists are from upstate New York area – but I live in central Virginia (east coast usa) in Richmond.


So now, after an online search, I know what a salt lamp is, and what its uses are. I never knew such a thing existed. Do any of you own one of them?


Somehow, judging by the rest of the list, I don’t think the alcohol on this list is of the imbibing type.

I did wonder why one item is circled, two others are enclosed in open ended rectangles. Maybe they are to be found in different shops?

Does anyone use Dr Teal’s cream? Is it any good? For some reason, that made me think of the Watkins men who used to drive around rural areas in Canada, selling all sorts of goods to the housewives. I remember the big bottles of vanilla and also Watkins ointment that was used for every darn cut or bruise we sustained. And, the liniment which left a faint aroma surrounding you for days!

I guess the ingredients for most of their products has changed through the years. Here’s one interesting article about this old company. Be sure to find out about their ‘trial-mark’.

Funny how a shopping list can lead you down memory lane.


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In which Plain Jane keeps her eyes open

Another welcome contribution from a kind reader, who earns my thanks and gratitude.

Jane said ‘Found this well-worn list on an elevator floor in a medical building in Baltimore, MD.’

list jane

Here’s what I wondered about, and we’ll never know, will we?

Why were the tomatoes rejected?

Why 2 of dish detergent and toothpaste? Was the person shopping for two people?

Does anyone oderise their clothes? Do you use Eau de Sweat, or what?

Why were those batteries rejected and returned?

list jane1

And, here’s what the donor of these lists had to say about herself: 

I am a Maryland native who lives just outside the District of Columbia. I have been married for more years than I have been single, and we have three adult daughters. We also have a very chill greyhound and a neurotic mutt (my mother’s former pride and joy) underfoot. Maybe I should not mention daughters and pets in the same paragraph?
I work as a therapist at a non-profit organization, I and love my work! My specialty is working with couples but I see plenty of individuals as well.
I tend to move from hobby to hobby, and so when my writing muse left me a few years back (to view my blog go to familyrulesbyplainjane.com), I got back into crocheting and knitting. Before that, I read day and night, gardened, baked, and, and, and….No telling what I will be up to once I get tired of working with fibers. But a few things remain constant: I adore long walks, learning new things, chocolate, coffee, red wine, and Sweet Baby Jesus (both the chocolate peanut butter porter and, yes, the deity, LOL.
Don’t you just want to know this Plain Jane woman? I’d like to meet the ‘chill Greyhound’. Someone in my town has two of them, and they make a stately trio, strolling down one of the streets.
Have a wonderful week, all of you.


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In which Derrick provides a list, and I am relieved that nothing with the letter ‘l’ is on it

The list for this post arrived from England, where another fellow blogger, Derrick by name,  seems to lead an interesting life, aided and abetted by his lovely wife, Jackie. She is Chief cook, gardener and chauffeur. I like reading what the partake of at their evening repast, and which liquids they choose to accompany Jackie’s dish du jour. (I avert my eyes when they are dining on lamb or liver.)

Below, you will find a tiny snippet provided by Derrick, to give us an insight into his local area. You can feast your eyes on the interesting photos and information he shares on his blog derrickjknight.com/

We live on the edge of England’s New Forest a mile from the sea. Supermarkets Lidl and Tesco; various garden centres, an ironmonger’s, Milford Supplies for general household goods, and a fruit and vegetable shop.

There are a couple of things that puzzled me about his list. What in the world are otters in this context,  and what do you use them for. Or, are Derrick and Jackie adding a water feature in their garden, and want to add a bit of wildlife, just for the heck of it?

Mop heads have made appearances on quite a number of lists lately. Has everyone gone mad with house cleaning? You’re all such domestic goddesses/gods.

And, what is Ha & Moon? 

blog list jacqui

Do you recall Sue’s list, and the very pretty afternoon tea that her son, Joss, had put together? As soon as I saw the chairs he had bought from IKEA, I was online and found them here in Australia. I put them together with those fiddly Allen keys, and oiled them, rather than making one of my predictable messes with paint. Here’s what mine look like. (My son made the table, it was a slab of camphor laurel in a previous life.)



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Lists from a girl (not a boy) named Sue

My readers are the absolute best! Here is an offering from Sue, I’ll let her tell you about herself, and her blogs. Say hi from me, if you go and have a squiz at what she writes. Maybe some of you already contribute to the Weekly Prompts blog.

 I’m English and live on a small farm on the outskirts of the village of Bramhope in Yorkshire England, we are classed as Leeds although a good ten miles from the city centre. About Leeds. 
These days I rent out the land to a local farmer, it works well as I get the benefit of country farm living without the responsibility.
I’m a retired computer teacher, a widow, and I sort of live on my own. After my husband died, my eldest moved here with her husband and children. We extended the house and divided it into two homes under one roof. We each have our own kitchens and live separately, and until he recently moved out, my son lived with me.
I have two blogs, the first being my personal one Nan’s Farm, and the second is   Weekly Prompts a purely Prompts/Challenge site that I share with my partner in Canada GC.
During the school six-week summer recess, my son (a teacher) has spent much of his time here with me (unless he was socialising) which is why my list is substantial.
Our village has a bakery, wine shop, newsagents/post office, fish shop and a pub but there are no longer any grocery shops within walking distance so I drive everywhere. I tend to use one or other of two supermarkets, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, both are approximately three miles away in opposite directions. If I’m passing I will use Aldi for a few bits. Occasionally, in the winter I have my groceries delivered.
Apologies for such a long About Me!
Hope these will suffice.
Thank you, Yvonne,
kind regards,
Sue xx

I’ve attached two lists. One is from my phone notes. My youngest, my son was hosting a typically English type afternoon tea, a housewarming at his new house for his four sisters, hubbies and kids. Having baked his cakes he asked me (at the last minute) if I’d make a few dainty sandwiches and bring them with me.

Sue list Josh

Added after the initial post went live: And look what I found on the Weekly Prompts blog. Sue kindly gave me permission to post a photo of her son’s afternoon tea. Sue’s sandwiches hadn’t yet been put out. Now I’m even more envious, it all looks very tempting.

A Line of cakes afternoon tea at Joshua's

The second is a supermarket mixed shopping list. This list was written for Morrison’s.

blog list Sue

Well, I wish I had such neat, organised lists! And, I wish I was as careful about my nutrition as Sue seems to be. Wouldn’t it have been fun to be at the afternoon tea with Sue’s family? I take it that the finger rolls are not this sort: “The finger roll is a specialized type of basketball layup shot where the ball is rolled off the tips of the player’s fingers.” 🙂

Sue, why do you call your personal blog Nan’s Farm? 

Thank you so much for this wonderful pair of lists Sue, and the information about yourself.  Let’s see what you folks folks have to say about it all.


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A list from the exotic Uma

Today’s shopping list has been kindly donated by Uma, who lives in India. He is another blogger, very erudite and articulate. I’m always too intimidated to leave a comment on his posts! You can find out what I mean here: words by Uma

To find out where he lives, follow this link:  Bhopal

Uma has kindly explained how this list came about, and why it was deemed necessary to get out there and save money! It bears absolutely no resemblance to any shopping list I have ever written. There are a few items that might cause us puzzlement. Let’s see what you folks know about the things Uma’s family was seeking.

Thank you, Uma for giving us a glimpse into your domestic life.

I live in the middle of a middling kingdom bursting at seams with people. Consumerism is the order of the day. Fifteen of August, being the ‘Independence Day’, is typically used as an opportunity to empty the emaciated wallets –or alarmingly stretched credit lines– of the middle class morons like us in the guise of Mega Offers by the local retailing mammoths.
So, that is a forced shopping list. Most of what you see in there are the groceries that keep the body and soul of a typical vegetarian family together. But they have been sourced in advance in view of the ‘offer’.
You would notice that eggs, even though requisitioned by the orderly, were struck down at the store by the Chief of Home Staff because they could be taken only in packs of thirties.
The household help has gone on a longish leave, which prompted the orderly to make an entry in red in the list, viz., mop, the kind that has a rotor at the end of a long handle equipped with a lever that can wring the mop of used up water. But the ones available were expensive, and had to be dropped off the list.
Although toothpaste tubes were available by tons, a great debate ensued when we stopped by the rack. This family of four is already using three different different types of toothpastes just for the heck of it.
Some of the staple items like ‘maida’ and ‘suji’ which are finely ground flour used in porridges or ‘bhatura’ (layered, rubbery, deep fried bread) were already appropriated by the early birds.


Blog Uma


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