Three cheers for civic pride

Tucked into a curve of the Ovens River near the town of Myrtleford, is a shady picnic ground sponsored by the Apex Club.



There are about a dozen tables and benches scattered in the area.

There are about a dozen tables and benches scattered in the area.

There is a toilet block that was made from unpainted utilitarian concrete blocks. Someone made a decision, and provided the money, to turn the building into a work of art. 

Here’s what it looks like now.


These are the entries to the male and female toilets.


Gum blossoms bloom on the concrete blocks.

More gum blossoms, of a different variety, grace the other entry.

More gum blossoms, of a different variety, grace the other entry.


A salute to the tobacco growing past in the region: drying kilns

A salute to the tobacco growing past in the region: drying kilns

On the other end of the building, there is an electric barbeque. The artists have provided a backdrop of Lake Buffalo to go with the task of grilling sausages, steak, etc.


Now,  can someone identify this native bird?


Myrtleford is lucky, in that the level of graffiti is relatively minor. So this little building in the park will hopefully remain a source of pride to those who were responsible for its beautification.

A big thank you to the artists, and to whoever had the foresight to enable this work to be done.


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Friends of a friend are being victimised: what can you suggest

I have no idea what I’d do in such a situation. Have any of you faced something like this? How did you handle it?

It makes me feel sad, frustrated, powerless. And, I’m not even the victim.

I have no

~New Neighbours~ It all started over parking ! Funny, but what occurred between my neighbours is serious and ongoing. To set the scene, the building I live in is in two halves. One side is a 3 storey single property and my side is divided into three apartments. The two cats and I own the […]

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Rosa’s Birthday

All around the globe, people will be wishing Rosa a Happy Birthday.

Thank you, Paul, for posting another Aussie shopping list.

I hope Santa has you on his shopping list!

The Shopping Lists - A Collection of Found Shopping Lists

This just in from Yvonne, our own very special Australian correspondent (her blog can be foundhere).
“I was standing in the queue and spotted this list clutched in the fist of the shopper ahead of me. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse (you don’t want to know), and I became the proud owner of the list.
It was at the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford. Cheers!”

There are many points of interest here, it does indeed to appear to be Rosa’s Birthday and Rosa’s will be getting a scarf and card at least – maybe some eggs too? I am not sure if the carpet cleaner is for her.

The ‘Spray and Wipe’ is not a brand we have in the UK, a quick Google shows this: Colgate Ajax Spray n Wipe

Now, about the wire wool… The list so far is pretty typical with the usual mix…

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When is a bee not a bee?

When it is an Ape, of course.

Another little Italian lesson: ape is pronounced ah-pay, and means bee in Italian.

They are tiny 3 wheeled vehicles, nowadays seen less frequently in cities of Italy, but still found in small towns and the country. And now, I’ve discovered someone owns 2 of them in Myrtleford. He uses them out on his farm, they’re not registered for road use.

This little fellow was at one of the local garages, having some maintenance work done. 20161206_143006

The motor is a whopping 50cc! The driving controls are smack in the middle of the interior, which doesn’t leave much room for a passenger. This model boasts a motor-bike type of control, with the throttle and gear shift on the handles. 




Oh, okay, I’ll get out if you insist.



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Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

Miky has provided more information about one of the stemme I found in Pistoia. Thank you for this, Miky!

I’ll be in Pistoia in March, so I hope to find that mysterious second stemma, and show it to Miky. The 2 stemme in question were first introduced to you on this post: frustration





As promised to my blogger friend Yvonne who visited Pistoia some months ago & asked me the meaning & the belonging to two cots of arms she found in Pistoia during her walks , here it is the first she met : Cancellieri family one of the most powerful family of Pistoia since 1200 .

These photos come from a book titled : “Grandi famiglie Pistoiesi - I Mercanti Banchieri -” written by Dario C. Barni – photo by Claudio & Luciano Gori – edited in 1994 by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Chiazzano – Pistoia.

The Cancellieri family was together with the Panciatichi family one if the most powerful families in Pistoia since 1200, they were bankers with no noble origins.

On the cots of arms there is a pork as the Sinibaldo Cancellieri was called “porcone” ( big pork in English) maybe because he was a big eater!

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Myrtleford, Australia!

This is a fun, fresh blog that I follow. Maybe we can find world-wide shopping lists for Paul to share.

Do visit his blog, it’s interesting to see what he finds, and what he interprets about the people who wrote the lists.

Paul would love to receive lists from around the globe, so if you feel like being part of that, here is his email address:

Hi, Please send any lists to saying where and when you found the lists and I will post them on the blog. Many thanks!

The Shopping Lists - A Collection of Found Shopping Lists

The international debut for

This list was VERY kindly supplied by Yvonne, she says:

“I found this list in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia on 22 September. Looks like some hearty pea and ham soup is going to be on the menu!”

Cheese, cream, apples, veg’s, dinner, ham hock, split peas.

Thanks Yvonne, if you find any more lists, please keep them coming!

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In which I’m given some answers

Thanks to Miky (*)  who writes a most interesting blog, we now know what this stemma I saw in Pistoia represents. 


The pig/swine is the attribute of the Cancellieri family, who once figured in the political life of Tuscany. This particular depiction can be found on the facade of the palace that bears their name.

If heraldry is of interest to you, follow this link and run the Italian through a translator.  Cancellieri

(*) Miky blogs at  She is trying to find some information about the other image shown on my post  frustration That’s over and above the call of duty, I reckon!


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