Another mystery solved

Thanks to that wonderful Peter who introduced me to so many of the wonders of hidden Rome, I now know the meaning of the sculptures that I saw while on my way from the Protestant cemetery in Ostiense, to the metro station there.

I’ll post the photos for now, and when I get permission from Peter, I’ll copy and paste what he told me in a second post.  I think he may have a place in my will now.







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A shopping list

For about a year, I had followed a blog that was based upon that simple, day-to-day object, the humble shopping list. You can have a little squiz (that means look, for those who aren’t into Aussie slang) at the posts here: Lists

The author happily accepted “donations” of lists from his reader, which led to me stalking shoppers in the local supermarkets, and politely asking for their lists when they were unloading their purchases at the check-out. This in turn, led to some interesting conversations. About 3 months ago, the posts suddenly stopped, much to my disappointment. So now I had a small collection of lists, but I was no longer  able to contact the fellow who wrote the blog.

Then, I had one of my tiny light globe moments, and realised I might as well make use of them on my blog.

light bulb

Absolutely hypothetical image. I have short hair and wear glasses. And, I might be a few years older than this lass.

So, gentle readers, here is my first offering in the shopping list series. I found it in a shopping basket, in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford.


As I interpret the list, she/he was on the prowl for:

Potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, onions, cauliflower, zucchini, chives, bacon, silverside, cheese, gravy, white sauce, milk, brown sugar, peas, beans, containers, carpet sprinkle and fruit.

At first, I was impressed by the organisational skills  of this shopper, who clearly knows the layout of the shop. Fruit and vegetables are in front of you as you as you enter the shop, then meat, etc. But, there were some afterthoughts, with peas and beans and fruit added near the end of the list. However, I’ll never know if perhaps this person has a strange fondness for canned peas, beans and fruit, in which case I’ll have to retract my judgmental stance.

And, I’d guess that silverside with white sauce, mashed potatoes and lots of vegetables was on the menu for that household.


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Meet Milo

Milo is a young huacaya (pronounced wah‑KI‑ah) alpaca, owned by my son and daughter in law. Currently, he is in a part of the yard that allows him to come and make nose smudges on the windows when he thinks it might be time for some food. His coat is getting long and shaggy, he’ll be shorn next spring. The fleece is already spoken for, by a friend who will spin it into knitting yarn.


He’s really enjoying a crunchy carrot that Kay gave him, it makes a change from his usual hay diet. He also nibbles at the grass, there’ll be no need to get out the mower with him on the job.


He has such pretty eyes, this photo makes him look a little bit like a horse, although he belongs to the camelid family.


Milo is a little bit lonely, as alpacas really are herd animals. We hope to get some chickens for him to tend, once the weather is milder. He has several girl friends across the road, and spends quite a lot of time looking at them yearningly, and calling out to them.


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Back to one of my favourite topics – graffiti

Trastevere has more than its share of graffiti and street art, so I’ve once again hauled a few examples out of my photo file to share with you.

Will you please help to defend Pinocchio?


Cross my heart, I shan’t eat ladybugs.


A fallen hero, victim of Kryptonite, perhaps?


I’m waiting for your comments and explanations of this one. Then, I’ll steal the best ideas as my own, of course.



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Random art in the Toledo metro, Naples

It was fun to see what you might discover, each time you descended the escalators to catch a metro train. How in heck did they get these full size artistic vehicles down into the bowels of Naples? And, why?



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As seen at the Testaccio Market, Rome

(The Italian “I” is pronounced “ee”, the “U” is pronounced “oo”.)

Buon appetito. 🙂



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A contrast in entries

These were spotted within 5 minutes of each other, in Trastevere.

It’s always a little mystery to me when I come across a blocked in doorway, with the street number still visible. And then, the Latin translates to “Guilty”. Curiouser and curiouser.


Wouldn’t you love to climb these steps to enter your little home after work each day?





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