In which Peter comes to the party

A few days ago, I left you in the lurch, indicating that there was something very interesting to be seen if you passed through one of these portals. I didn’t have any photos to show what you’d find in there, but Peter (bless his socks) provided a link to a post he had written about this hidden (in plain view) wonder in Rome.


The mystery portals

Any images from here on are courtesy of Peter. Please do yourself a favour, visit his blog, it’s crammed with photos and facts, mostly centred on Rome.  Roman Despatches

To read what he had to say, to go with his photos, follow this link: Passeto del Biscione

It was a mighty lucky day for me, when I happened upon Peter’s blog, and then was able to meet him while I was in Rome. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and is a fount of wisdom about Rome. I hope I have him as a guide again, one day in the future.

And, some information about the historical background and recent restoration of this passeto: Hidden Rome




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I saw a QWERTY or two

I swear, Rome must have more street art per square kilometer than any city I have yet encountered. Feel free to contradict/challenge me, I can take it.

#QWERTY kept thrusting itself at me on walks in Trastevere. As far as I can ascertain, this is not an individual enterprise, but rather the contributions of a group of artists.


There are hundreds of images to be found when you do a search for “street art by QWERTY”:   QWERTY

If anything will get me back to Rome, it could be the quest for more examples of these works.                                                     

I have 4 dreams

I have 4 dreams

I was quite chuffed when I found My Dog Sighs in such good company. (Or, vice versa, perhaps.)


Do you have lots of street art where you live? Do you like it?


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A walk in Trastevere and the Ghetto

During the few hours Peter generously squeezed out of his time in Rome, he showed me some of his discoveries in these 2 areas. 

Here is another carving in a tree stump, by Andrea Gandini. It seems that there are many more of them to be found in Rome. Andrea Gandini


This nondescript portal, with well-worn steps, leads into the lively Campo dei Fiori. There’s a surprise when you go through either of the entries. I’ll leave that for you to discover, next time you are in the Eternal City.


These two representations of the Virgin and Child, were of a particular and unusual design.


These were more traditional, at least to my eyes.




It would have been be so easy to walk past these fragments from the past, without ever noticing them.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m glad Peter didn’t let me miss this!


And, it’s been a while since I featured a knocker, hasn’t it?



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Near Battistini Metro Station: Primavalle street art

I seem to be following in Peter’s footsteps, judging by a recent offering on his blog. Roman Despatches  And, thanks to a kind invitation from Cinzia, who lives in the Primavalle area, I got to see some of the street art that has “kissed the corners”, as noted in an article about this district.

The first was this: Racconta una storia


By SOLO, a pregnant Wonder Woman. (I liked the glimpse of laundry on the line, on the right hand side of the building.)


And, this one, by Omni 17, depicting Ingrid Bergman in a mask. It is a tribute to the movie Europa ’51, directed by Roberto Rossellini, and starring Ingrid Bergman. Many of the scenes were filmed in Primavalle.


That’s your bloomin’ lot for today, folks. 


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When in Rome, look ‘way up

I recall fondly the many beautiful chimneys that still exist in Venice. I hadn’t paid much attention to these architectural features in other Italian cities, until the day Peter took me for an exploration of Trastevere and the Ghetto. And, just look at what I have been missing!



This roof sports a small spontaneous garden!

It’s lovely and cool back in Myrtleford, the leaves are starting to drift to the earth. Time to dig out the winter woolens, it seems.


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When you read this …

… I’ll be somewhere up there in the air, between Rome and Melbourne.

I’ve surely enjoyed this trip, with Naples newly nestled into a little unoccupied corner of my heart. Coming back to Rome was like seeing an old friend with new eyes, with many little delights revealing themselves to me.

The last week was enriched by having the blonde bombshell from Connecticut to share experiences. Thanks Barb, for being such a good sport and always agreeing to whatever harebrained scheme I might have planned. And, a special thanks for treating me to the food tour, that was really a wonderful way to spend a warm evening in our neighbourhood.

Thanks also to Peter who writes the  blog Roman Despatches for piquing my interest in many small details, and for proving to be an excellent tour guide! 

And, thank you to Giovanni whose apartment in Trastevere became my home for 2 weeks. He has been a wonderful landlord.

From Naples, in the cloister of Santa Chiara.


And from Rome, a different form of street art, with the model giving critical appraisal.


Ciao, I’ll catch up with you all later.



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More street art and a question for Peter

A street lady and her dog, gradually fading and eroding, probably in reality also. 


This is near the fresh fruit and vegetable market. It took me a moment to realise the “olives” are , in fact, bicycles.



Clients entering a hotel, in Ostiense. Maybe they are severely jet-lagged?


On a 500 meter stretch of the wall that runs along the Tiber River, there is an enormous mural. The walls must be at least 7 to 8 meters high, and the figures just about reach from top to bottom in places. The images were created using stencils, and high pressure hoses blasted off the muck from the walls, to leave the figures you can now see. It is best viewed from the opposite side of the river, this I can tell you from personal experience!

Image result for Triumphs and Laments

Sourced online

This link will take you to an explanation of the project. Mural on wall


Peter, you probably can tell me all about this fellow, found off the Via del Corso.



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