Different day, different tree

Just a few metres down from the flamboyant tulip tree I posted the other day, I saw this one.

It must have been a glorious gum tree in its day, shading that house and offering homes to birds and other creatures. I’m glad the owners of that property chose to retain what was left after the tree had many of its branches removed. (Some of our gum trees can be susceptible to failure of the branches, under certain circumstances, sometimes with devastating results.)  

In the background, you see part of the hill which is home to a large pine forest. That portion has been harvested; when you see the whole hill, you see various ages and stages of the pine trees. Soon, they will be replanting the harvested area; that should be interesting to see. I understand the team who come to do that are from New Zealand. The site is very steep, it’s not an easy job!

blog tree



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A morning walk

Our lives have surely changed in the last few weeks.

I just haven’t felt like doing any posting, so I hope you forgive me. Especially you, Sue. The lists you sent are still sitting in draft form, waiting for me to get some enthusiasm!

I live in a semi-rural area, so it is easy to slip out the door and go for a walk. The leaves are beginning to don their autumnal colours; they looked very beautiful in the morning sunshine. These are from a tulip tree Liriodendron tulipefera.

I looked for the origin of that botanical name, and found this: the botanical name Liriodendron tulipifera originates from Greek: Liriodendron, which means lilytree, and tulipifera which means “bringing forth tulips”, alluding to the resemblance of its flowers to a tulip. 



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Must get some carrotts

First, please accept my apologies for being slack with posting. I am privileged to be part of a team that is busy writing a book on the Italian migrants who came to the Ovens Valley in Victoria. We are getting close to the final stages, so soon we will be able to reclaim our lives.

I am rather grateful that I am not responsible for buying the correct items for the author of this list, that was found and generously donated by JulieThere are a couple of items I just can’t decipher maybe I needed new glasses? Let’s see if you would be a better shopper than I am! 



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Weather beaten list

Thanks to Bert, from Peterborough, England, for another orphaned list he rescued, to give it a new home on my blog. Thank you, Bert (aka Peter).

This one poses a few difficulties in the deciphering department. I’ll leave most of it to you super-sleuths, but I claim Mozzaral as mine. I’m willing to share the Satsumers though. That reminds me of a sign I saw in a fruit and vegetable shop in Dismal Swamp. They were offering Pommy Granits. I never see those for sale without a flash back to that sign.

thumbnail_shoppin list 2 001

So, what do you think of this list? I’m off to put some mozzaral on my pizza.


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It’s not easy being green

Thank you, BoB. These were particularly good to raise a smile and chuckle.

bluebird of bitterness

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Bert sends a post-Brexit list

I have no idea on which side of this fence Bert sits. Maybe he will tell us.

Bert lives in Peterborough (England), not be confused with the remote town of the same name in South Australia, nor I suspect, with a few others scattered around the globe.

Bert and I have “known” each other (no, not in that sense), for many years. He is a reliable go-to person with any questions about Venice, Italy. (The only Venice as far as we are concerned.) I have only met him once, when we shared a drink and a chat, at a lovely bar just off Campo Santa Margherita. (Now, just wait, he’ll tell us the name of the bar, and the exact location, if I know Bert.)

Anyhow, Bert found a couple of lists in a shopping trolley at Tesco, which is a supermarket chain in England. I bought some excellent zipped storage bags in one of their shops in Leamington Spa where my senior son lives, a few years ago. Leamington, quite charmingly to my ears, is pronounced “Lemmington”.

Here, without much further ado, since I have rabbited on for far too long, is his first offering. I’ll keep the second for next time. My list cupboard is quite bare, aside from that. Now, that is a big hint to you, dear reader.

Shopping list 1

I admire this clear hand ‘writing’, I could read every thing on the list. But, Bert did mention that the dog food should no doubt be interpreted as “Tesco”. So this nice person has a cat and a dog, I already like her/him. But, pilchards, maybe not. And, what is a big bottle of  Robinsons? Oh, and no skimmed milk for me, thanks. 

Oh, and I don’t think the first item is a question, but the name of an item to be purchased.



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Kim, the lovely lady who took great care of Minx and my home while I was in Italy, found this right Royal list for us to study. I don’t think I have ever seen a shopping list on a piece of official currency. I wonder if there’s a law against defacing legal tender? 

A List Kim

I liked the eccentric spelling of cheese, and have my thoughts about what BAC and Sp might be. Let’s see if you agree with my guesses.

Image preview

I don’t know why my font has suddenly shrunk. It can’t be from any moisture in the air, that’s for sure. We badly need rain in Australia, please would you all do a rain dance, and do it like no one is watching you! 

Huh, once I published this, the font suddenly went back to normal. WordPress, you are naughty some days!


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Kallax x1

Yet another list from my ever reliable provider, Sue. She said “I found this list today in the bottom of a trolley, but this time an IKEA trolley! I was fascinated that someone had actually totted up the exact cost of each item. I wonder what s/he purchased?


Well, I did all the hard work for you folks and because IKEA is rather international, I was able to get some ideas online regarding what the shopper was seeking:

Kallax: cube storage units, perhaps like these. Apparently they can also be turned on their side, if that’s preferred.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA You can use the furniture as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.

 Linnmon: this could be a table, corner table or a desk. I saw some of the Linnmon tables combined with the Kallix units, to make a neat little home workstation.

Adils: these turned out to be table legs. 

Seems someone had a little project in mind, involving the dreaded Allen key, and all for 95 pounds.

This made a nice change from guessing what the shopper was going to make for dinner, anyhow!

Thanks again, Sue, for finding yet another list for us.


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Tomatoe sauce

This was sent to me by Sue from England . Her son, Joss,  found a very wet list in a trolley at Morrison’s, dried it, and took a photo.

Sue commented: Joss thinks it was written by an elderly man. I agree with the elderly but unsure whether a man or woman.

Joss lis

It’s a very straightforward list, and I can see the shopper sitting down in front of the TV, guide in hand, munching on crisps, with some cheese on the side. I wish there were other beverage choices aside from water and milk. 



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Mother Teresa list

Julie , who sent me this list, said “This list was found on the floor of a Target Store in Atlanta, GA right before a check-out register. What I liked about this lost and found list was the Mother Teresa quote at the bottom of the note paper.

Perhaps the owner’s heart is constantly thinking of others…as we might see in some of the items listed 🙂
cookie list
And, Julie provided some information about herself. 
My name is Julie Cook. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but now live in a small town about an hour west of Atlanta.
Since my son and his family lives in Atlanta, I spend a good bit of time running back and forth between home and them.
I am always finding myself constantly running to various stores when I’m over visiting — as I’m buying ‘this and that’ for the grand-kids.
This list has been waiting in the wings for a while. I wonder if this was a mom shopping for one of her children who was off to college, perhaps?


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