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Travel photo #3

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta  do, apparently.

I still haven’t found someone to nominate for the challenge who hasn’t already been tagged. But, I’m having fun nevertheless. 


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Answer to Travel photo #2

Well, a couple of you clever folks displayed knowledge of what the photo portrayed, and where it might be located.

The plane carcass can be found on Horn Island, one of the Torres Strait Islands, and is a relic of the Second World War.  The Torres Strait Islands are located  at the tip of Cape York Peninsula, Australia’s northernmost point, approximately 17 kilometres off Queensland’s coast and just south of Papua New Guinea. 

Surprisingly few people have heard of the Japanese attack on Darwin which suffered 64 air attacks between February 1942 and November 1943. What is even less known is that Horn Island was the second Australian site to receive the attention of the Japanese when, on  March 14, 1942, Japanese fighter planes targeted Horn Island as part of their campaign to cripple military positions in northern Australia. The Japanese raids on Horn Island in World War II barely rate a mention in Australia’s history books.

Those interested in the role of this island during the Second World War can find a lot information online, on sites such as this one: and information about other attacks on Australia are outlined here:


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Travel photo #2

I seem to be on a wreck theme, perhaps channelling what this year has felt like at times.

I still haven’t decided who to select for the challenge, but I am thinking of a few folks who have done a lot of travel.


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