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Yay! A shopping list

Now, this lady knows how to give me a warm fuzzy! (How many of you remember that term?) And now I know what schmaltz is.

Thank you, Gretchen, for doing the right thing when you spotted this list.

Hello, I always love to see what you post, so when I saw this in the cart at my Jewel market, I brought it home. The first item should be ‘Swiffers’. And not sure if that’s ‘beets’ or ‘beer’. Lastly, I shop there all the time but no idea where to find schmaltz. Best wishes from Chicago. — Gretchen

Can someone give us the recipe for matzo balls? 


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Froze beans

I thank my blood thirsty blogging mate from New Zealand, Bruce  for providing this short, crumpled shopping list.

Bruce commented:

I picked this list up out of a shopping cart this morning in the pouring rain. Use it if you wish or not! It might lead to a heated discussion of the different names around the world for peppers.

So, how hot will this discussion get? Probably very mild, you’re all such gentle people, aren’t you?


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