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Hairy guy

I first heard about these hairy guys Homo silvanus (Man of the Forests), through Bert (Venice Daily Photo). There are said to be two of these to be found in Venice. I have only seen this one, and I like him very much!

In Dorsoduro , near Campo San Trovaso

I’m just a hairy guy
I’m hairy noon and night
Hair that’s a fright
I’m hairy high and low

Lyrics from Hair

The other one, which I’ll have to seek out, is high up on the wall of the Palazzo Bembo-Boldù, in the  Campiello S. Maria Nova, Cannaregio. The Palazzo itself is from the end of the 14th century, and is now apparently a hotel. You can read more about our lovely hairy guys in Secret Venice, by Thomas Jonglez and Paola Zoffoli. I highly recommend this book to anyone with even a passing interest in Venice.


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Traffic lights in Venice??

Yes, even in the city without wheeled, motorised traffic, you’ll find a set of traffic lights!

Stop for that red light. This was taken while walking along the Fondamenta del Rio Nuovo, Dorsoduro


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Market in Campo Santa Margherita

Several days a week, you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables,flowers and fish in this campo.

Occasionally, there will be a different kind of market, a genuine treasure trove. If I lived there, I’d be triumphantly carrying home the most wonderful things!

One tiny section of the market

Baubles and bright shining beads

Come to my place for afternoon tea

I'm sure I could find a place for these fellows

There's a golf course on Lido, but where could we play baseball in Venice?


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If you wanted to buy a gondola

If you decided you just had to add a gondola to your collection of vintage Rolls Royce automobiles, antique beanbags, etc., then you would probably head to the squero (boatyard) near the Chiesa San Trovaso, in Dorsoduro. But, you wouldn’t just pick one off the shelf, laddie. These beauties are custom made; that may be  why you are called a “custom-er”! 

So, your name would go onto the waiting list, and then, when you reach the heady heights of the top of that list, you may still have at least another year to wait and twiddle your thumbs. By that time, you will have saved up enough spare cash in your gold plated piggy bank to pay for this magnificent craft. (I do hope you know how to row standing up, facing the front of the boat, by the way?)

Squero, San Trovaso

They also repair gondolas and other types of boats

Getting its bottom tended to

You can find out more about this skilled craft on internet sites such as this one:


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