Yay! A shopping list

Now, this lady knows how to give me a warm fuzzy! (How many of you remember that term?) And now I know what schmaltz is.

Thank you, Gretchen, for doing the right thing when you spotted this list.

Hello, I always love to see what you post, so when I saw this in the cart at my Jewel market, I brought it home. The first item should be ‘Swiffers’. And not sure if that’s ‘beets’ or ‘beer’. Lastly, I shop there all the time but no idea where to find schmaltz. Best wishes from Chicago. — Gretchen

Can someone give us the recipe for matzo balls? 


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14 responses to “Yay! A shopping list

  1. Swiffers come in dry or wet…to clean floors…and dry ones to dust. 🙂
    Floor cleaning AND matzo balls sounds like a wild day! 😉 😀 Count me in! 😛
    Great list! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. I think Gwendoline nailed it. The recipe for Matzos is pretty much written right there. And the beets could be for the soup.

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  3. This looks like one of those lists when you’ve been shopping a few days before and then realised you forgot a few important things.

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  4. Passover is coming up. I guess the Swifters is for making sure all the cooking surfaces are correctly Kosher cleaned. Nance’s is a brand name I see. Now … what do you get when you combine Matzo meal, beets, eggs and mustard, and fry the balls in chicken fat?

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  5. Bert

    Almost definitely ‘BEETS’. The ‘S’ is identical to the one above in ‘EGGS’. Gretchen was right, it’s ‘SWIFFERS’

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  6. Recipe probably requires chicken fat.

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  7. Jane

    Swifters are like large wipes for the floor.

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