Mad Hatter’s hat?

So, you were presented with this elegant chapeau, and it didn’t  take long for you clever folks to zero in on Venice, Italy as the location.

The photo was taken during Carnevale, about 7 years ago. While not clearly obvious as a Carnevale item, the hat could have been easily employed as an accessory to  a few costumes. Aside from the Mad Hatter, do you have other suggestions?


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20 responses to “Mad Hatter’s hat?

  1. It has a certain Dr Seuss quality. And the piano suggests a possible Vaudeville revival – the boots in the background complete the air of dressing-room expectation.

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  2. OOh I thought of Willy Wonka too!

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  3. Willy Wonka (as I typed this I saw Carolyn’s) We were only speaking this morning about the time you could normally spend in Italy

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  4. It clearly belongs to one of the Diddy Men.

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  5. At first glance I thought it was serving plate and cake cover!

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  6. It’s actually a whoopy cushion so that the pianist will get the fright of their lives when they sit down to play. Or it could be a squishy sponge cake that gets all messy when they sit on it. Glad to have offered a couple of sensible suggestions – unlike most others.

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  7. YAY for those who guessed the location correctly! 🙂
    How about…
    Slash (a musician in band Guns N’ Roses band) would wear that hat!
    A fancy magician?
    Uncle PennyBags from the Monopoly game?
    A hipster Abe Lincoln? 😛
    Willy Wonka?
    Mr. Peanut going to a fancy nut ball? 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…HA! one time we got a jar of raw nuts and it said “Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts” on the jar. 😀 Ooh, for extra fancy nuts! 😛

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    • “Fancy some fancy nuts, Sir?” I can just hear your sales pitch. 🙂

      I see an Edwardian dandy with his tight fitting breeches and jacket, wearing that hat. I really, really liked that hat.

      ❤ xxx

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