A very varied list

Thank you to Yvette for taking the time to find, photograph and send this list to me. It’s certainly not a grocery list, but lots of interesting, different things to find and purchase.

It looks like some bike rides are being planned, and the doggie will be going along with them, for a bit of exercise. Is that harness for the dog, or some other purpose?


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20 responses to “A very varied list

  1. I wonder where they were planning on going. And I wonder why the vests were still in the query category. I reckon the larger harness is for the dog, who is expected to grow out of the leash before too long.


  2. I wonder if leash actually means some kind of strap. There is a company called Chuggie that produces coolers, cool boxes and bottles. So maybe there isn’t a dog involved in this bike trip. Unless I’ve misread the word chuggie.

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  3. Looks like a road trip to me. They are clearly not sure about the reflective vests!

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  4. Great varied list! Looks like some adventures will be had!
    πŸ˜‰ And then they can use the bath mats.
    Glad the doggie is included. πŸ™‚ Maybe the doggie grew and needs a bigger harness?!
    I hope they got the reflector vests.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

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  5. Mmmm…. an ergonomic seat cushion, and two mini ACs, one for Mom and one for Me. What could be better?

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  6. Someone has been busy with holiday projects

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  7. Bert

    I reckon that the ergonomic seat cushion is for a bike, for comfortable long-distance cycling.

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  8. Bicycling I agree. But the ergonomic cushions aren’t for bikes. I reckon the cushions are for the van. They’re going travelling but taking bikes to tour around with whenever they stop. I don’t get the larger harness. But it is interesting. We aren’t prying into another’s business – we are just interested in the detective side of things.

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