Froze beans

I thank my blood thirsty blogging mate from New Zealand, Bruce  for providing this short, crumpled shopping list.

Bruce commented:

I picked this list up out of a shopping cart this morning in the pouring rain. Use it if you wish or not! It might lead to a heated discussion of the different names around the world for peppers.

So, how hot will this discussion get? Probably very mild, you’re all such gentle people, aren’t you?


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36 responses to “Froze beans

  1. At first glance I wondered what on earth an Oliver would be, but perhaps the other people here are correct and the list writer wanted a Jamie Oliver pasta sauce. This is a very short list and I also wonder if the person actually just bought those things or ended up with extra items which were not on the list. I always buy more than I intended.

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    • Looking at the way the “s” and “r” are printed, my money is on olives. When I am next in Coles, I will check to ensure I am correct in saying I have seen bottled pasta sauce with olives as an ingredient.

      Honestly, if people are going to make out shopping list for us to find, the least they could do is be precise and explain things for us, eh?

      My lists are often shorter than this, and feature cat food and bananas.

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  2. You’d often see bans on my lists. I guess you’d figure that one out, Sue.


  3. Ooh a nice simple one with no working out to do. That said, I wouldn’t have got caps, but thankfully you had.

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  4. As I have come to understand the language, it reads “Bread froze beans”. That must be a pretty scary version of bread.

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  5. Sounds like most of that mix-ed together would make a nice meal, with bread on the side. 😉
    I love Bell peppers, Hatch peppers, Serrano peppers, Poblano peppers…but, I usually leave the hot peppers alone! 😉
    I prefer my beans of any kind NOT froze!
    Nice list and nice of Bruce to rescue it from the pouring rain.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    “If you can’t stand the heat, stay away from the peppers.” (I saw this on an apron. 😀 )

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  6. At least there’s cheese.

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  7. I can’t eat bell pepper,Yvonne, I can’t digest it
    Michel ❤

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  8. I figured they want mushroom caps— perhaps to stuff and added mushroom as an after thought to keep themselves straight in the quest— froze— a rose wine slushee or frozen beans?? Hummmm

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  9. I presume the sauce is Jamie Oliver?

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  10. Not the sort of shop that really needs a list.

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  11. I don’t know about a heated discussion regarding the different names for peppers, I’m still trying to get past the terrible spelling x 3!!

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  12. Caroline Jones

    CAPS = capsicums?


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