You have been warned

Thanks to dear old BoB, some signs that we humans have a sense of humour, and too many bureaucrats.

bluebird of bitterness

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18 responses to “You have been warned

  1. Val

    What, and fairies don’t steal? 😉

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  2. There’s a very very funny. I don’t know how I missed them earlier.

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  3. These are all very funny. Some people just have to be told straight!


  4. Oohh! A free ride in a police car!


  5. Poor Max. All he probably wants to do is “mark” the books.

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  6. Each of them is a gem! I liked the part about finding if there is life about death. The damaged top on the warning sign about low flying aircraft is howling loud to be heard, that is if you can still hear when the monster is really coming in!


  7. A marvellous set 🙂 🙂


  8. HAHAHAHA! All of these are hilarious! But these made me snort: The bull, the playground, and Max!!! 😀 😛
    I would definitely obey the not crossing the pasture sign. I believe what they said. 😛
    That is a playground I could NOT have fun in! 😉 😛
    And, yes, I would probably let Max in the library! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  9. All of them a good laugh 😂

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  10. These are hilarious. I love the clever ones about trespassing.

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  11. Jane Gelernter

    A laugh…check out the birds too!

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