In which Cookie holds up the traffic

This shopping list with a couple of puzzlers has been gifted to us by Julie  whose surname has led to her being known by the nickname “Cookie”.

She included these comments about her search and find mission:

Hi Yvonne, here is my latest find.
I was at our local Lowes…a large home improvement chain.
I saw the list in the middle of the parking lot and stopped, bending over to take the picture
while my husband waited in the truck wondering what in the heck I was doing.
The cars wanting to drive through also wondered as they had to wait on me to
take a picture of “something” on the pavement.
I love the child drawing of the cat and dog just as I love the top item
on the list….alcohol–perhaps the turned corner covers Schnapps.
And what is a fried green bean??
I found out for you, Julie (see below). I was more puzzled by the repetition of green beans. Maybe they needed plenty, to make another dish aside from the fried offering.
And, what are pepper kites??

I am pleased to report that I found several recipes for green bean fries. I don’t think I’ll bother making them!

Thank you for stopping to capture this list for us, Julie. 



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30 responses to “In which Cookie holds up the traffic

  1. Val

    Pepper bites. Never heard of ’em, but that’s probably what it says.

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  2. I take the same list every time I go shopping. It always has the same two items, grog and food, the rest is just semantics.

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  3. The top three items are in a different handwriting than the rest. My theory is that the alcoholic wife’s list was finished off by her bean devouring husband.

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    • I hired a handwriting expert, at great expense, to test your theory, and her report said “Could be.” Best money I have ever spent!

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      • It’s the B and L and S etc. Of course it might be the husband that’s the alcoholic. Sometimes that happens to be the case. Cheers.

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        • And, the line between the 2 groups of items.

          Wait, it could be a household of same sex people.

          These lists look so simple, and then someone like you comes along, and things get complex.

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          • I think the first list-maker was lesbian and the second gay (whatever the term is that’s used for males). It certainly is complex. And I suspect that one was Chinese because of the broccoli and was therefore a market gardener.

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            • And, I’ll bet the mysterious ‘ollar’ is collards, that had some of of its letters washed away on the pavement. Have you ever eaten collard greens in your international meanderings?

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            • Never. Is it healthy? We had Mexican (homemade) for dinner. Who needs collars? I think you’re probably right on the collars being washed away. Last night I did stuffed cabbage – because our cabbages are the size of volkswagon and I had to break off some leaves because they were covering the lettuces. Where has the simple life gone?

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  4. I’ve been on the lookout for ages for a discarded shopping list, but so far have had no luck. How funny to think of everyone being held up in the car park while Julie took a photo. Probably a wise move in current circumstances not to pick it up. Green bean fries don’t appeal, I’ll leave them for someone else to enjoy.

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  5. What a happy list…love the doggie and kitty! 😀
    They definitely got their list in priority order! 😉
    Maybe they need to by the spices/bread-crumby-coating in a can that is used for frying green beans and then the actual green beans. Ha. I don’t know.
    YAY for Cookie for stoppin’ traffic to get this great photo! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  6. I have absolutely no idea what that ‘ollar’ could be, Bert.

    I like the way that butcher thought. And decude could be the way a person with dyslexia would spell deduce!


  7. Bert

    When I used to inspect food premises, I was amazed by how many people misspelled “Cheddar”. I mentioned it to a butcher (he also sold cheese). He said it was deliberate, so people would notice it and somehow be more likely to buy some. I didn’t believe him, but it was quick thinking.
    What is the word in the middle of the list ‘ollar’ — Dollar or Collar?
    Is ‘decude’ a mixture of ‘decide’ and ‘decode’?:-)

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  8. You’re right Yvonne, I won’t go to the trouble of frying my green beans despite the thinking that everything is better fried I stop at beans, pickles and Oreos 😎

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  9. I like the photograph, too

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  10. What a cute,band mysterious, shopping list. Green beans written twice, important?

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  11. Pepper bites – Could it be short for pepperoni bites as in pepperoni pizza bites?
    Love the children’s drawings. 🙂

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  12. I’ll bet that is what it is. Now to see if I can find Pepper Bites in a search.

    All I could find where recipes for stuffed peppers (capsicum).

    Phew … hot again, ugh.


  13. Pepper Kites???
    Maybe Pepper Bites and is it some kind of snack. I love the drawing on the bottom, BUT I really truly am in awe of Cookie for stopping in the car park to take a photo. None of this pick it up and do it later nonsense. Shoot the bugger now.

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