From Ian-the Dumbest Blogger

I have grown totally dependent on the kindness not of strangers but of my fellow bloggers, to be able to post shopping lists. It also caters to my totally lazy nature.

So today, I have to rouse myself from my new occupation of sofa tester, to thank Ian for this list. You can see his offerings here

Ian had this to say about the list he found and donated to us:

Here is the list I thought you might appreciate. I have very little to add in the way of commentary except that it appears to be very eclectic in nature, and was found somewhere in Wisconsin, heaven knows where exactly. Dumbestblogger 

Oh, goodness, where do we start on this one? Over to you, folks!


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43 responses to “From Ian-the Dumbest Blogger

  1. Val

    It’s the potato popsicle that bothers me…

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  2. This piece of paper is harder to understand than Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity. Maybe Albert would have been able to decipher it. Hi. Take care.

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  3. HA! I figured out the chicken and zucchini…the rest was too much for my pea-brain! 😉 HA! 😀
    If the person who wrote it could read their own writing/notes then I guess all is well. 😉
    Ha! Ever written something down in a hurry and later, while looking at it, go, “Hmm? What does that say?” HA! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  4. OMG – Potato Popsicle is a thing!

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  5. DGON? Don’t go on . . . ummm . . . Monday (given some of the other letters are a bit dyslexic).

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    • It’s very cryptic, Gwen.

      I am currently reading ‘Joe’s fruit Shop and Milk bar’ by Zoe Boccabella, which is based on the lives of her Italian ancestors. It is is set in Queensland, and covers the time before, during and after the Second World War.

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  6. Surely that’s not a potato popsicle?!

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  7. It could also be, following the bad spelling, sole the fish rather than soak…

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  8. Okay, I have a different interpretation. I think this is someone who is…careless with spelling. It’s also a list that combines errands and shopping. We’ve got soak, which could be a foot soak; chicken and zucchini; popsicles and potatoes; they need to do something about their social security and medicare–maybe sign up? And it appears they need to visit their study carel (sic–not looking that up) or acquire one (maybe going back to school in retirement? Or closing it down….

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  9. Bert

    I don’t get the “fire lighting thing”. I only just got ‘potato’ (thanks to Lou)! I thought it was ‘yobto’. And I thought the word after Ed was ‘carel’. I frequently type letters in the wrong order — nobody’s prefect! * But I can’t imagine writing letters in the wrong order, as in ‘popscile’.
    * 🙂

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    • We have Jiffy and Redheads firelighters, so I was also unsure what Lou had in mind. Maybe she’ll come back and tell us.

      I think it’s card, but only after Lou made me look again.

      People with dyslexia might write letters in the wrong order, dog knows. 😊

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  10. Although Lou’s explanation seems credible, it looks more like a complicated plot for a murder. In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was an author’s summary of what he (Stephen King) intended to say in his next volume.

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  11. It could be my blotter which contains all kinds of cryptic scribble, ink blots, and coffee rings.

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  12. Lou’s decipher works for me! 🙂

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  13. I don’t live in 221 B Baker Street!

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  14. Lou has it covered, I think. That’s what I call being short on words. 🙂

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  15. It looks quite straight forward really. It’s not actually a shopping list although it was taken with the writer as a reminder that they’re right out of spuds and ice creams.
    It’s a Monday when this was written. Washing Day. Need to get those Levi’s-a-soakin.
    It’s Ed’s Birthday next month. With the mail such as it is, best get that card in the post quick smart.
    Best check in with Social Security in case Medicare ever comes in.
    Chicken with Zucchini for supper and this Covid stuff is so upsetting I might light a fire – how’d y’all spell that fire lighting thing?

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