From a Northern hemisphere correspondent, with thanks!

These lists were kindly donated by a North American follower, who asked that her identity remain anonymous. I can kinda see why!

The story – I was in Costco by myself as my husband was otherwise occupied.  I’m struggling with the big cart, big bag, phone with my shopping list, slipping down mask, etc.
I saw the first list sitting on a table and asked the guy standing next to it if it was his list.  He said no, and I said I’m going to take a photo of it.  He looked at me like I was a weird-o, so I explained about you and your blog.  He then asked if I also wanted to take a picture of his list.  I said sure, thank you, my friend would be thrilled, 2 lists back to back, etc.  Photos done, I left to stand in the long  checkout line.
And … that’s when I noticed the button on my blouse (at breast level) was wide open.  OMFG.  I was so embarrassed and have no idea how long it was like that!!!  Except for the fact I have 6o-ish year old breasts, I would think he was kind so he had more time to stare at my gaping blouse!  Thank god for Covid and the need for face masks!
I never have adventures like that when I go shopping!
The first one is a little hard to read, but I am interested to see ‘seaweed’ as an item. Does anyone use this, and what do you do with it? 
And ‘live traps  x 2’; are they a humane way to catch and release mice? Ugh, lamb patties, I am happy not to be in that household.
What else catches your eye on this list?
Here is the list of the ‘kind’ fellow. 🙂
Is coconut sugar one item or two? I’ve just done an online search, and now I know. I’ll leave you to do your own research on that.

I hope all of you are keeping well, and occupied. Some days, I feel like maybe my brain has turned to mush!






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34 responses to “From a Northern hemisphere correspondent, with thanks!

  1. Oh dear, what a funny story. I’m wondering what liquid smoke is and what do you do with it.

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  2. Deep breath, it’s hamb(urger) patties, not lamb 🙂

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  3. I thought the second item on the first list was “curtains” and then I realized with the seaweed and bacon bits that perhaps soup was on the menu. They’re both comprehensive lists. Wouldn’t it be fun to try to use them! I know how your incognito contributor feels – I too, every time I go shopping, can feel everyone stripping me with their eyes. Why does almost everyone spell “veggies” with two “G’s” when “vegetables” has only one?

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  4. I too found another list the other day- stopping in the middle of a busy parking lot to bend over to take its picture while cars, attempting not to run me over just slowed and wondered— at least my blouse was buttoned as I don’t think my 60 some odd year old breasts are anything to see!
    I’ll send it to you Yvonne shortly!

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  5. How cool that you got two lists! How kind of your NA friend to share them! (Her story made me giggle! Yes, yay, for masks! 😉 😀 )

    Some people use seaweed…nori…to make hand-rolled sushi.
    Icepacks? I wonder if the shopper has a headache from trying to find everything on the list. Ha! 😛
    They have ice cream on the list twice. YAY for ice cream! 😉 And, oh, it seems they do like chips!

    The 2nd list is much easier to decipher. 🙂
    What fun lists!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😀

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    • Thanks for educating me about the seaweed, I obviously lead a sheltered life. I had wondered about the icepacks, also.

      That first list is a pretty hefty one, they’d need more than a hand basket to collect all that stuff.

      See you later. xxx ❤

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  6. Given that there is no dividing line like there is on other two word items I’d say coconut sugar is an entity.

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  7. Is that ‘liquid smoke’?

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  8. I think it’s actually Hamb. Patties not Lamb patties and they want the ‘Angus, seasoned’ ones, Angus is Beef 😉

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  9. Oh no! Another unorganised list, even if I managed to decipher the writing think I would have gone home minus some of the items!

    I love the gentleman’s list, for starters I can read it!
    Thank you Yvonne, how lovely to see that you have another shopping list.

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  10. I wonder if they made it home without forgetting anything.

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  11. J

    Looks like the first list comes from a vegetarian family. Or maybe I missed something because is really hard to read.

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  12. Bit hard to read at times. What I love is wondering what would go home if he gave me the list and asked me to get it for him.
    Second list – top two items “Tylenols Arthritis” I’ve already got that.

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