Sweater of many colours

This is a special favour for Gabriana, who has written a daily post about something for which she is grateful, for going on 5 years. 

You can see the positivity she exhibits through difficult circumstances here: nosyparkerblog.com/

I get so fed up with the dull clothes that are offered up every darn winter. We all seem to meld into a blob of black, beige, grey and other boring, depressing colours. Hence my choice of colour palette for this pullover. And, I will make more that kick over the drab traces for next winter; you can put money on that.

Here you go, Gabriana and Jude:

I am very happy with this project.


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44 responses to “Sweater of many colours

  1. I totally agree, colour is energy and we all need some of that ❣️🌈

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  2. Love the sweater! Looks like something I’d wear. I once wore a bright green silk dress to work, with (of course, because of air conditioning) a cream sweater covered with oranges with leaves still attached. Walking down the hall to the elevators, I got caught in a large group of conference attendees being escorted to the cafeteria. Of at least 65-70 people, there were only black, gray, and navy suits. I felt like a tropical bird… And so many shades of black. Who knew?

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  3. What about us that are colour challenged?

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    • Does it all look grey to you, Mark?


      • No, but I do have protanopia, basically red green. I still see colours but cannot match them very well. My wife looked after my clothing attire God bless her and now it’s just jeans and a T-Shirt. Any idiot can do that which as you know is an apt description.

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        • I am taking that seriously and personally! 🙂

          My brother had the same problem, only discovered after he spent a few years as conductor on the railway in Canada. He knew which were the red/green lights by their position of the light on the pole. No train wrecks were caused by him; at least none I know of!


          • Yes, look me too, I was tested during my nurses training to ensure that I could detect the right colours, especially with diabetic urine tests when you had to add the tablet and relate it to the colours on the bottle. Remember the days of sliding scale insulin tests? Scrub the pan room? Get out of here,, 🙂

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  4. Well done Yvonne! I love the colours you used and, yes, much nicer than what is on offer in the shops. You won’t see anyone else wearing a jumper like yours.

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  5. Oh, so beautiful, Yvonne! Great knitting! Such cheery colors that will cheer up everyone who sees it! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. Thanks, Yvonne for showing us your beautiful sweater sweater. I hope you’ll show it again with you wearing it.

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  7. Wonderful. My local general-everything store has just advertised “Spring/Summer the exciting new colours of the season”. I went there and came away with nothing. Everything was black or white or grey.

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  8. Susie L

    It’s very cheery! Maybe you could knit a Mondrian-inspired sweater next!

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  9. I applaud totally, Yvonne
    Love ❤

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  10. I’m going to try very hard to only buy bright primary colours this season. Love your jumper!

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  11. I love the sweater and its bright colours. Good for you. 🙂

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  12. well done – happy colors

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