Pulling Back the Curtains

I think I am preaching to the converted, but perhaps you will consider  Reblogging these considered words.

Stay well, friends.

Art Narratives by Cynthia Korzekwa

The Curtain

Every morning, once out of bed, the first thing I do is open the shutters, pull back the curtains, and check out the sky’s mood. What I see outside the window will, in some way, influence my day.

For 37 days we’ve been living the lockdown. Every evening at six we have a briefing from the Civil Protection so we can have an idea as to how things are going. Yesterday’s good news: the number of people in intensive care continues to decrease and the number of “cured” continues to increase. But “cured” has its ambiguities as we’ve seen in China where “cured” can be followed by “relapse”.

Here in Italy massive testing for COVID continues although it slowed down a bit over the Easter week-end. People continue to be infected but, percentage wise, 20% less than a month ago. Luckily, the number in intensive care has drastically gone down…

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9 responses to “Pulling Back the Curtains

  1. Good morning Yvonne
    Are you still in lockdown? Here in the USA, South Carolina they have started to open non-essential business.



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    • Things are easing in the various states. They all have different rules, and we can’t travel to an adjacent state for any flippant reason!

      Our country has been relatively fortunate in cases and deaths.


  2. So glad to have your blog again. My one continues at longoio3.wordpress.com


  3. Your friend’s concerns are very human, but human values are at a discount these days.

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  4. A very thoughtful piece Yvonne. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Our Prime Minister’s deputy said a very similar thing today. We’ve had the lockdown increased for another three weeks, it was expected. And Although the UK is showing signs of reaching the peak it’s still too early to relax what what we are doing.

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  6. Let’s hope things keep going down.

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