Must get some carrotts

First, please accept my apologies for being slack with posting. I am privileged to be part of a team that is busy writing a book on the Italian migrants who came to the Ovens Valley in Victoria. We are getting close to the final stages, so soon we will be able to reclaim our lives.

I am rather grateful that I am not responsible for buying the correct items for the author of this list, that was found and generously donated by Julie.Β  There are a couple of items I just can’t decipher maybe I needed new glasses? Let’s see if you would be a better shopper than I am!Β 



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43 responses to “Must get some carrotts

  1. It would help to know what region of the world that list came from. If it’s from the southeastern United States, from eastern Texas to Florida, the chicken & jake definitely could be chicken and jakarta. Jakarta is a mango cultivar from that area. While the chicken (or steak!) is cooking, place some sliced jakarta mangos on it and let the juice soak in. It’s excellent.

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    • Even the person who sent me the list was puzzled by that, but your reasoning sounds good to me. When mango season rolls around again, I will try that with some Queensland mango. Cheers, Rusty.


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  3. No clue. Looks like Chicken and Jake to me. Maybe she’s going to grill someone along with the chicken… That book sounds really interesting. You’ll have to tell us about it in another blog.

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  4. Looks like some good meals ahead! πŸ˜€
    After “chicken” it says “jobe”…and the definition of jobe is – scold, reprove, lecture. Maybe they are going to berate the chicken before grilz-ing it. Poor chicken!!!
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ (I’m just being silly!)
    PS…ooh, on the book! Tell us more about it when you can! πŸ™‚

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    • I’m sure I have said this before, your brain moves in wondrous ways! πŸ™‚

      The book will soon be handed over to the graphic designer, then the printer. It’s taken about as long as a human pregnancy. I hope it is a hearty, healthy offspring. It started ‘with an idea’. Little did we know how darn much work it would entail. But, we have had such a privileged experience.

      Hugs and mushy stuff to you. ❀

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  5. And I thought my handwriting was bad.

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  6. Wellβ€” you know Yvonne I love a quest! I also love seeing folks stare as I bend over snapping a picture of things on the floor of a store.
    The chicken thing does leave me baffledβ€” jack, grits, girlsβ€” ???
    And what an exciting project with the bookβ€” can’t wait to hear how it comes out and until then, I shall continue the quest 😍

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  7. This was really difficult to me.
    Almost impossible to read.

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  8. Jerk Chicken? Jerk written as buy the spices? Alternatively the v after the chicken could indicate that the short word above belongs after the word chicken so chicken β€”β€”. β€”β€”-.
    Oh, I give up!
    Could it be butter AND milk written together as they’re on the same aisle, and not buttermilk.

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  9. I know what it is but I’m not saying. Send me your money first.

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  10. This reads like illegal trafficking of chickens and humans.

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  11. I was hoping a previous comment might solve the mysteries in this list, but sadly not. What is that word written after “plates”? And it looks like “Jake” after “chicken”. Perhaps Jake could help us all out!

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  12. Nah. Making something with chicken for the girls and John, But what sort of cheese does she/he want?

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  13. Bert beat me to it. And I did get new prescription glasses last week, but cannot decipher the chicken note. Might be something pre-pared available in the States. When I was there a couple of years back, they didn’t strike me as scratch-cooks. Lots of the preparatory work was already done and packaged.
    Are you working on the Tobacco farmers? Sounds interesting. My Dad came through Bonegilla in the early 50s.

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  14. Chicken is “girls job”? Or fob? or fobi? Anyway, maybe it’s about girls.

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  15. Oh my. I’m reading a handwritten journal from 1837 right now as part of researching a novel and it’s making me cross-eyed. I’m afraid my eyes have nothing left over. Good luck!

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  16. Bert

    Roast – onion, potatoes, carrotts,(plates crossed out, but repeated later), Chicken ??, (strawb… crossed out), Buttermilk, Meal, Pizza, Peas, mac & cheese, Tea, ice, plates, Brownies, strawberries, Eggs. Just the two items with ‘Chicken’ to decipher.

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