Bert sends a post-Brexit list

I have no idea on which side of this fence Bert sits. Maybe he will tell us.

Bert lives in Peterborough (England), not be confused with the remote town of the same name in South Australia, nor I suspect, with a few others scattered around the globe.

Bert and I have “known” each other (no, not in that sense), for many years. He is a reliable go-to person with any questions about Venice, Italy. (The only Venice as far as we are concerned.) I have only met him once, when we shared a drink and a chat, at a lovely bar just off Campo Santa Margherita. (Now, just wait, he’ll tell us the name of the bar, and the exact location, if I know Bert.)

Anyhow, Bert found a couple of lists in a shopping trolley at Tesco, which is a supermarket chain in England. I bought some excellent zipped storage bags in one of their shops in Leamington Spa where my senior son lives, a few years ago. Leamington, quite charmingly to my ears, is pronounced “Lemmington”.

Here, without much further ado, since I have rabbited on for far too long, is his first offering. I’ll keep the second for next time. My list cupboard is quite bare, aside from that. Now, that is a big hint to you, dear reader.

Shopping list 1

I admire this clear hand ‘writing’, I could read every thing on the list. But, Bert did mention that the dog food should no doubt be interpreted as “Tesco”. So this nice person has a cat and a dog, I already like her/him. But, pilchards, maybe not. And, what is a big bottle of  Robinsons? Oh, and no skimmed milk for me, thanks. 

Oh, and I don’t think the first item is a question, but the name of an item to be purchased.



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55 responses to “Bert sends a post-Brexit list

  1. First item sounds like a TV guide. Haven’t seen one of those in a couple of decades.


  2. Bert

    Robinsons has sponsored Wimbledon for 80 years. You used to be able see their bottles under the umpire’s chair when the players would have a sip between games. Maybe you still can. It’s usually an orange or lemon barley water drink. The benefits of barley are debatable. I wonder if this list was written for somebody other than the writer to do the shopping. You wouldn’t need to tell yourself to get a BIG bottle of Robinsons. On the other hand, how would somebody else know what sort of cakes or biscuits to buy? With all due respect to Victoria, you don’t use shortcrust pastry to make sausage rolls – at least I’ve never heard of them. And who is Peter in Peterborough? I think she must mean me. Which village, Victoria?

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  3. OMG. Why did I think pilchards were little apples? I was so puzzled that they would be in oil. And this person seems to subsist on commercial baked goods and barley water. I hope there’s another grocery list somewhere and this was just a run for the pets with some treats added on for the human.

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  4. I think I want to eat at this person’s home! And, OH, feeding and treat-ing their cat and dog! I like this person immensely! 🙂

    Wonder what the batteries are for? I, myself, go through a lot of batteries. 🙂
    HUGS and Happy Shopping!!! 🙂

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    • Hi, little one. 💖 Funny how we relate positively to the animal lovers.

      Same here, about batteries, and some of them are not the easy to find ones. My blinds won’t go up and down unless I have replacements on hand!
      Hugs to you. ❤️
      Oh, in my WordPress feed, the list that Brian sent me, as a suggested post to read. 😔
      Love to you. xxx

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      • I e-mailed Brian’s daughter, Sarah, a few weeks ago and she e-mailed back. They are still grieving, of course. She said she might start blogging on her dad’s blog sometime. I told her we’d enjoy that. And I let her know that all of us here miss him and think about him often.

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  5. I’m thinking the bottle of Robinsons would be lemon barley water – delicious. This person seems to be quite meticulous, both with their handwriting and their list creation.

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  6. Post Brexit shopping? Should I go short on a solid pilchard stock? Years ago I caught a ferry from Peterborough to Rotterdam. It was without any trouble or passport checks. In the future, with strict border controls, we might well be asked; have you got any shopping lists to declare, Sir?

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  7. I think the trick with lists is to connect up the dots. So does the cat eat the pilchards? A gourmet cat? Supermarket profiling could become a TV prog. Who shops with a list like this? Presented by Bert and Lloyd Grocerman.

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  8. I think we might call them sardines, and a little goes a long way. Mind you, they are supposed to be good for you.


  9. What’s on TV? = a tv guide, I bet. Had to google pilchards – decided I wouldn’t like them.

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  10. Robinsons is a manufacturer of food. Also Baby food and baby milk, but in this instance, I think it probably means a bottle of orange cordial, lemon barley or whatever their usual cordial is.

    A lovely neat list but apart from the pet food it’s not written in any particular order. I don’t attach any significance to the capital B for batteries, having just written AA the next capital was probably written without thought.

    That’s a lot of ready roll pastry, and there’s no pie filling included on the
    list, I wonder what a/he was going to make?

    Interesting how the dog ends up with the supermarket own brand of dog food but the cat has the luxury of our food and I’m guessing it doesn’t like my favourite which is pilchards in tomato sauce! 😂
    Guessing an older person and that’s because of the TV magazine, no one under sixty buys those!
    Okay that’s me done!

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  11. Rob Cherry

    The top one is a TV listing magazine with articles, mainly aimed at ladies…

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  12. Jean Difford

    Robinson’s is concentrated fruit squash, I.e. you add water to it. If you are able to watch Wimbledon you may see it on court near the players. Robinson’s lemon barley is very refreshing.

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  13. Alien Resort received an email once from the deputy editor of the Leamington Courier stating that he liked our comics.

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  14. The person is not only tidy but a fuss-pot ; for example “bag crisps” neatly written when a scrawled “crisps” would have sufficed. Same for “in jelly” and “in oil”. Four tins of pilchards in oil is a little extravagant. Possibly for the cat? Why the B of the double A batteries needs to be in capitals I have no idea. All in all if I was grading this shopping list for style in a classroom situation this shopper would get only a C!

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  15. Susie L

    It’s nice to “hear” from Bert! Regarding the bar where you met, I’m going to guess it was either Imagina or Mood. I like this list writer too; an animal lover, and a lover of biscuits, cakes and pastries. What is Robinsons? I’m with you Y, no skim milk for me, thank you.

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  16. Victoria Strauss

    Hello Yvonne. I have enjoyed your thoughts about Venice for years, and latterly, your shopping lists. The fact that Peter lives In Peterborough has inspired me to comment, as I live in a village quite close by. I would say that this is a list for a celebration of some sort, the clue being cakes and biscuits plus the rolls of pastry, which are a main ingredient of sausage rolls, a necessity for any light-hearted get together in England. Robinson’s is a fruit squash, another party indicator. Maybe we will meet in Venice one day, I know we have mutual friends.

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