Kallax x1

Yet another list from my ever reliable provider, Sue. She said “I found this list today in the bottom of a trolley, but this time an IKEA trolley! I was fascinated that someone had actually totted up the exact cost of each item. I wonder what s/he purchased?


Well, I did all the hard work for you folks and because IKEA is rather international, I was able to get some ideas online regarding what the shopper was seeking:

Kallax: cube storage units, perhaps like these. Apparently they can also be turned on their side, if that’s preferred.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA You can use the furniture as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.

 Linnmon: this could be a table, corner table or a desk. I saw some of the Linnmon tables combined with the Kallix units, to make a neat little home workstation.

Adils: these turned out to be table legs. 

Seems someone had a little project in mind, involving the dreaded Allen key, and all for 95 pounds.

This made a nice change from guessing what the shopper was going to make for dinner, anyhow!

Thanks again, Sue, for finding yet another list for us.


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55 responses to “Kallax x1

  1. Hi Yvonne! We’ve been away with limited internet and I’m just now catching up on all I’ve missed. Sorry to read you were evacuated. Hopefully everything turned out okay and you’re safely back at home now.

    Every time I go shopping I look for a discarded list for you. No luck so far!

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  2. How are you doing this week, SweetYvonne?!?!
    I’m just meandering around WordPress to see how everyone is doing. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Hiya. We’ve had better weeks in our country!

      We have evacuated and have ni idea how long it’s going to be until it’s safe to go home.

      There are 2 cute dogs in the home we’re staying at. My cat is not at all impressed with their cuteness. 😊

      Cheers and hugs back to you. 😙

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  3. I’ve had a little Christmas break from blogging and just getting around to catch up reading.
    Thank you for posting our list.
    I love that you found out about the little items, well done!
    Now that I know what the item is I can tell you that I used to have one of these on its side in my old study, but I don’t think I ever knew its name.
    I like Ikea, it fascinates me but I don’t like going in the school holidays or weekends.

    The cheaper drawers are okay only if you treat well, but the more expensive stuff is pretty good.

    I have a thing about boxes, just love em!
    Joss bought Ikea bedding and it requires no ironing! Perfect!

    Did I ever show you the old Ikea dining chair with upholstered seat that belonged to the eldest daughter, was passed to me and then fourth daughter repainted and upholstered it for me? It Looks lovely

    I will continue to look for lists! Happy New Year, Yvonne 🙂

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  4. Sue finds the bestest lists! This one is different and fun!
    Thank you for researching and explaining the words/items to us…I would have had no idea!

    HA! Here’s an IKEA joke:
    What do you call a cat that can put together furniture from IKEA?
    An assembly kit 🐱

    (((HUGS))) and continued prayers for the people, animals, lands, and buildings impacted by the fires there.

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  5. Friends who lived in a gentrified tenement in Brooklyn turned Kallax boxes on their sides to make low shelving in their living room. Looked great. PS I like IKEA and can spend hours scouring the store. Bought a desk there years ago which I’m still using and a set of little knives for $2.50 which I still use 12 years later.

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  6. Isn’t it amazing who much we can find information with these lists.

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  7. Wow, thanks for translating. I used to tot up the costs as well when my budget was stricter, especially if I had to stay under a certain figure. Don’t go to Ikea anymore. It’s in an enormous mall down a crowded freeway and thus an experience I eschew! But I used to have some bookshelves and lamps from there (in fact, still have a lamp).

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    • They do seem to have a huge range of affordable, quite well designing things for the home. The cutlery I use was donated to me by my son when he got married and they got another set as a wedding gift. It’s good quality cutlery. He (same fellow who made my dining room table) and his wife have some very attractive, colourful bed linen from IKEA.

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  8. Susie L

    Thanks for researching these oddly-named items for us, Y! My impression is that the list maker is a very organized person, even going to the trouble of researching the exact location where the items are to be found. Very impressive. I‘ve only been to an Ikea once, where I purchased some very sturdy drinking glasses, and stopped in the cafe for their famous Swedish meatballs. Once fortified, I was able to muster the energy to get to the checkout. I’m not keen on repeating the experience.

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  9. The first step for shopping at IKEA: put together a list.

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  10. PS using their website print also ensures you have the matching item code when you are looking at the warehouse shelving. Kallax has a range of models it seems. (all this from the woman who dashed in the other day to grab a couple of outdoor cushions.)

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  11. Apart from my response to Gerard, and having a good chortle at Andrew’s comment, all I can add is that you can actually print the list straight off Ikea’s website; or even just call it up on their computer in store. Complete with cost. No need to hand-write (a dying art).

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  12. Entering an Ikea store is so tiresome . One is supposed to follow the foot steps that are part of the floor. These footsteps make you pass all that is for sale at Ikea. It is miles long, but at least at the Ikea store near Sydney’s airport one comes across the furniture section with many settees and comfortable bedding. This is where many an exhausted shopper can find some respite and perhaps even a good snooze. Of course, if one is strong enough and make it to the end , there is the hotdog for $2.-
    I only went once.
    I stick to Aldi now, they sell mattresses and furniture as well but I have yet to see an exhausted shopper prostrated on one of them

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  13. How cool that you were able to find out what this person bought – and they were very mindful to add in the amounts –

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  14. I would have thought these were pharmaceutical products. I’d like some Kallax for Adils please.

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