Submitted by our old friend Anon

The person who sent me these lists prefers to remain a mystery to us! That only adds to the fun of it, I do believe.

Here’s what they had to say about these found offerings:

Hi – the lists are from upstate New York area – but I live in central Virginia (east coast usa) in Richmond.


So now, after an online search, I know what a salt lamp is, and what its uses are. I never knew such a thing existed. Do any of you own one of them?


Somehow, judging by the rest of the list, I don’t think the alcohol on this list is of the imbibing type.

I did wonder why one item is circled, two others are enclosed in open ended rectangles. Maybe they are to be found in different shops?

Does anyone use Dr Teal’s cream? Is it any good? For some reason, that made me think of the Watkins men who used to drive around rural areas in Canada, selling all sorts of goods to the housewives. I remember the big bottles of vanilla and also Watkins ointment that was used for every darn cut or bruise we sustained. And, the liniment which left a faint aroma surrounding you for days!

I guess the ingredients for most of their products has changed through the years. Here’s one interesting article about this old company. Be sure to find out about their ‘trial-mark’.

Funny how a shopping list can lead you down memory lane.


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25 responses to “Submitted by our old friend Anon

  1. Yvonne – this post was so much fun – I really like your idea of providing the lists – how many years has it been now?

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  2. These lists present fun and a bit of mystery/puzzles to ponder and try to solve! 😮
    Now I’d like a mug of hot tea and some animal crackers, please! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I’m wondering what zinc drops are. They don’t sound appetising.

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  4. Hmmm…I think this person shops at a health food store and the items that are called out by a circle or box need to be bought at another store. I often do that when I realize Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck in local parlance) will not have the brand I prefer (never get coffee there; up to $14 for 12 oz. And tea is really hit or miss. They don’t sell rubbing alcohol either, so…).

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  5. Perhaps the writer of the second list wanted tea bags.

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  6. The first list is somebody’s who doesn’t want to use eyeglasses outside the house, the text is big. Salt lamps were here in almost every house about six years ago, we didn’t have, so I don’t know was it so healthy as it should be.
    The second list owner is going have a party, she needs mascara, alcohol and vitamin B for the next morning. One of her guests doesn’t drink alcohol, so there it is very important to remember to buy tea, maybe for her mother in law.

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  7. Judging by the vitamins I’m supposing the list could be from an older person.No idea about anything else.
    When I was a child we used to have a grocery van come into the street and a large brown and white cart horse pulling a cart full of vegetables, I can still remember the smell of the cart! Ah, Happy days!

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  8. I recently bought travel size Gold Bond hand lotion. I remember seeing old Gold Bond magazine ads. Apparently the brand dates to the 19th century.

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  9. This shopper is clearly into keeping healthy – including getting α-(5,6-Dimethylbenzimidazolyl)cobamidcyanide aka B-12. (It’s not half obvious that I spend all day editing chemistry documents). The only thing I would imbibe from this list are the animal crackers. And I agree – alcohol is for more practical purposes rather than getting raging drunk.

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  10. Jude

    We didn’t have the Watkn’s man come around, but in Southern California we had a vegetable man come by in his truck, which was like a vegetable stand at the farmers market. He also left his nephew, Vincent, with us, during his rounds, so we could play. We were little kids.

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  11. I remember the Watkin’s man. It was a big deal when he came to the farm.

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  12. Now you might be right about the alcohol being of the sort that isn’t for imbibing. But you could be wrong. This isn’t a shopping list for groceries and icecream and biscuits on cheese. This is a list for everyday essentials. Tea. Circled ‘cos it is essential. Mascara blocked in because it is essential. Alcohol essential. (“I don’t care if you get Whisky or Brandy or Vodka. Just get some booze while you’re in town.”). Or maybe you’re right. It doesn’t matter, it’s always a great brain teaser.

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