In which Plain Jane keeps her eyes open

Another welcome contribution from a kind reader, who earns my thanks and gratitude.

Jane said ‘Found this well-worn list on an elevator floor in a medical building in Baltimore, MD.’

list jane

Here’s what I wondered about, and we’ll never know, will we?

Why were the tomatoes rejected?

Why 2 of dish detergent and toothpaste? Was the person shopping for two people?

Does anyone oderise their clothes? Do you use Eau de Sweat, or what?

Why were those batteries rejected and returned?

list jane1

And, here’s what the donor of these lists had to say about herself: 

I am a Maryland native who lives just outside the District of Columbia. I have been married for more years than I have been single, and we have three adult daughters. We also have a very chill greyhound and a neurotic mutt (my mother’s former pride and joy) underfoot. Maybe I should not mention daughters and pets in the same paragraph?
I work as a therapist at a non-profit organization, I and love my work! My specialty is working with couples but I see plenty of individuals as well.
I tend to move from hobby to hobby, and so when my writing muse left me a few years back (to view my blog go to, I got back into crocheting and knitting. Before that, I read day and night, gardened, baked, and, and, and….No telling what I will be up to once I get tired of working with fibers. But a few things remain constant: I adore long walks, learning new things, chocolate, coffee, red wine, and Sweet Baby Jesus (both the chocolate peanut butter porter and, yes, the deity, LOL.
Don’t you just want to know this Plain Jane woman? I’d like to meet the ‘chill Greyhound’. Someone in my town has two of them, and they make a stately trio, strolling down one of the streets.
Have a wonderful week, all of you.


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31 responses to “In which Plain Jane keeps her eyes open

  1. Val

    Never thought anyone would be interested in other people’s lists, but as I’ve been glued to your blog for the past half hour, it seems I am!

    I usually cross things off a list (and sometimes, like the list writer, write ‘no’ beside them) when I thought we were out of the items, then found we weren’t. That’s happened many times. Maybe it happened to the list writer?

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  2. Sorry I am
    Just catching up
    On some posts here – for some reason these never came up in my reader / glad to be here today tho

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  3. Looks like an organized list to me.
    Sounds like a busy afternoon of errands.
    Also, sound they were running errands for more than one person. ???
    Maybe they bought 1 tomato…but no tomatoeS! ??? 😀
    Happy Shoppin’-HUGS!!! 😀

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  4. So, I looked up that Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, having never heard of it before. And here’s what I found:

    But I think this is the one Jane prefers:

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  5. I hope the list writer remembered to check about the meeting room, because it looks like they lost the list before that job was done.

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  6. How fun to see this post come up in my feed! 🙂

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  7. tomatoes were overripe
    yes, shopping for her mother too
    odorize is really deodorize
    batteries were the wrong size
    likes choclate – my kind of people

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  8. Goodness – imagine writing a list for yourself and having to jot down “Purchase three (3)” – clearly the list is written by someone FOR someone else. And either they have an old car in the garage or they fear for their lives: Carbon monoxide detectors!

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  9. Very interesting lady sent you this list. She is so full of life.
    I love to read these shopping lists, so many mysteries.

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  10. Bert

    Jane won’t know. She found the list; it’s not her list.

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  11. Oh, I do enjoy reading your lists Yvonne.I couldn’t read all of this one. My supermarket has a bin where we can deposit our used batteries so that they don’t end up in landfill sites, perhaps this is something similar.

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