In which Derrick provides a list, and I am relieved that nothing with the letter ‘l’ is on it

The list for this post arrived from England, where another fellow blogger, Derrick by name,  seems to lead an interesting life, aided and abetted by his lovely wife, Jackie. She is Chief cook, gardener and chauffeur. I like reading what the partake of at their evening repast, and which liquids they choose to accompany Jackie’s dish du jour. (I avert my eyes when they are dining on lamb or liver.)

Below, you will find a tiny snippet provided by Derrick, to give us an insight into his local area. You can feast your eyes on the interesting photos and information he shares on his blog

We live on the edge of England’s New Forest a mile from the sea. Supermarkets Lidl and Tesco; various garden centres, an ironmonger’s, Milford Supplies for general household goods, and a fruit and vegetable shop.

There are a couple of things that puzzled me about his list. What in the world are otters in this context,  and what do you use them for. Or, are Derrick and Jackie adding a water feature in their garden, and want to add a bit of wildlife, just for the heck of it?

Mop heads have made appearances on quite a number of lists lately. Has everyone gone mad with house cleaning? You’re all such domestic goddesses/gods.

And, what is Ha & Moon? 

blog list jacqui

Do you recall Sue’s list, and the very pretty afternoon tea that her son, Joss, had put together? As soon as I saw the chairs he had bought from IKEA, I was online and found them here in Australia. I put them together with those fiddly Allen keys, and oiled them, rather than making one of my predictable messes with paint. Here’s what mine look like. (My son made the table, it was a slab of camphor laurel in a previous life.)



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65 responses to “In which Derrick provides a list, and I am relieved that nothing with the letter ‘l’ is on it

  1. Val

    It’s a while since I’ve read the drinks part of Derricks posts (I’m so envious of proper food and drink these days as I’m on a low fat, low salt, barely anything else diet – for my health not my weight) but I’d take a guess at Hoegaarten. And I’d assume Marm is Marmalade, but as for the Lady, I’ve no idea. Maybe that’s also a drink. Or Lady marmalade, or who knows what? He lives near the New Forest, so I guess the ponies have gone to his head. 😉


  2. Reading someone’s list is a new experience! Cool site!

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    • Thank you! I used to follow a blog that featured shopping lists, and really got hooked on those basic necessities of life. Then, the blog disappeared, and I decided to veer from my usual subject ( mostly Italy) and feature the shopping lists others had found. It’s quite interesting how fascinating we find these little glimpses into the lives of others.

      I’m always looking for donations (lists, that is), so if you have one, or find one, please feel free to share it via me! I’ll give my contact details, if you want to do that.

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  3. Yvonne – your table came out so well – your son made one of the most beautiful wood tables I have seen

    and the list is fun – liking the marm lady

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  4. How you doing this week, Yvonne?
    Stoppin’ by with some ((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. Hmmm … you’ve got me wondering about those otters too! The table looks fabulous.


  6. I suppose there is no longer any vestige of the aroma from camphor wood, now that it has a protective lacquer coating. Wouldn’t it be divine to have a drift of it through the house?

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  7. Your table and chairs are beautiful – well done to you and your son. This list is quite cryptic and I wonder if Marm Lady is a clue for marmalade.

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  8. Yvonne—I’m so excited!!! I actually found a list yesterday at the check-out lane at a Target near our son’s home (Target is chain “discount” store a step above Walmart)—I made my daughter-n-law stop so I could take a picture…
    How can I send you the picture?

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  9. Susie L

    Who can decipher that list, when there is that gorgeous table to look at! Wow, it really is beautiful, and the chairs look terrific with it. Your PGF looks lovely indeed, Y.

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  10. Ikeas we have around the world, but your table is unique, it is marvellous. On the shopping list Ha and Moon is very interesting, Lidl here doesn’t sell otters, heh, I would buy one or two.

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  11. Insertion of that delectable table in the middle odd Derrick’s list stumped me. My earlier forays to the Farmland of Google in quest of Ho & Moon had taken me to a page on Meta-analysis of Cerebellar Contributions to Higher Cognition from PET and fMRI studies at which point I had beaten a hasty retreat what with my iPad’s power supply calling it quits. With the mystery surrounding Ho & Moon dispelled by Derrick (and Carolyn) now, I have a feeling that the Otters could actually be ‘others’ unless Derrick and Jackie are planning to have a tiny zoo which I am inclined to doubt.

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    • Hi, Uma. I like to keep you folks on your toes by plopping unexpected things in some posts.

      Derrick did say it was otters. I am waiting for him to wake up and explain these mysteries of life in England.


  12. That table is utterly WOW! and almost good enough NOT to eat off it.

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  13. Bert

    I would guess that Marm(ite) is to distinguish it from Marm lady. If you need to remember to wash your tablets before taking them you must be a germophobe! I counted five l’s in the list. Why is the absence of l’s important?

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    • The ‘l’ items I shudder at would be liver and lamb. (Even lettuce is never on my list.)

      I reckon Marm Lady is a family thing, you might have some of those in your own family. We have one groaner of a joke that one of my sons even told at his dad’s funeral.


    • I don’t like (l)iver or (l)amb, and Derrick and Jackie eat that stuff!


  14. Derrick, you do know what “ho” (a word I would never use) is slang for here in North America?
    Yvonne, your chairs and table are lovely!!!

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  15. Carolyn is close with the beverages. Another hint is that Jackie often goes for a mooch in garden centres. Becky had got at this list and added lady


  16. Wow, the table is amazing and the chairs look fabulous with it. It also reminded me how good a room could look painted white and decorated the right way. As for Derrick’s list, the only mystery is the otter and I have no clue. Well, Ha Moon as well, but that may have been solved… Man, that table, Yvonne…

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    • Yes, that table is my pride and joy. It just invites touching, and staring at to discover more whorls and creases. Some parts of it look 3D.

      My walls and ceilings are all one colour. The painters loved that!

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  17. First, Derricks list. We have Ha Moon stir fry noodles, so that’s one option, but I have a feeling Jackie drinks lager so maybe something and Moon could be a possibility too.
    I don’t know what Mar malady is unless it means marmalade. No idea what Otters is unless the word is Offers as a reminder to Jackie to look out for
    special offers.

    I love your table, I now have wood envy!
    The oiled chairs look lovely and so different to the ones Joss and sister Sophie painted.

    Good list Derrick, I enjoy trying to work out puzzles.

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    • I really liked Joss’s paint job, but just knew (bitter experiences) that I’d never achieve the same effect.

      I hope Derrick comes back and reveals the mysteries to us. I love that lists are so different from person to person, country to country. It was Ho and Moon, apparently. I haven’t looked online to see if it’s mentioned there.


  18. OH! Your table and chairs are beautiful! 🙂 Your son does amazing work!

    Ha! Derrick or Jackie will have to explain a couple of the things on their list.

    I’d love to be adopted by some otters, but I’d have to buy a lot of fish to feed them! 😉
    Maybe it’s OLIVES ???
    Maybe “___ and Moon” is a type of beverage(s) ???

    Jackie and Derrick are THE bestest! They are such kind and enjoyable people and wonderful bloggers! Everyday I look forward to their photos! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  19. The chairs are very nice. but the table is a true work of art. Gorgeous! You son is very talented.

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    • He really is gifted when it comes to working with wood. He was a dentist in northern Queensland. One of his patients needed dental work, but couldn’t afford it. So Kirk traded his work for the plank!


  20. I was all prepared to make a brilliant comment about Derricks shopping list but then I saw the table. let me know when you get sick of it and I will come up and purchase it from you

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