Lists from a girl (not a boy) named Sue

My readers are the absolute best! Here is an offering from Sue, I’ll let her tell you about herself, and her blogs. Say hi from me, if you go and have a squiz at what she writes. Maybe some of you already contribute to the Weekly Prompts blog.

 I’m English and live on a small farm on the outskirts of the village of Bramhope in Yorkshire England, we are classed as Leeds although a good ten miles from the city centre. About Leeds. 
These days I rent out the land to a local farmer, it works well as I get the benefit of country farm living without the responsibility.
I’m a retired computer teacher, a widow, and I sort of live on my own. After my husband died, my eldest moved here with her husband and children. We extended the house and divided it into two homes under one roof. We each have our own kitchens and live separately, and until he recently moved out, my son lived with me.
I have two blogs, the first being my personal one Nan’s Farm, and the second is   Weekly Prompts a purely Prompts/Challenge site that I share with my partner in Canada GC.
During the school six-week summer recess, my son (a teacher) has spent much of his time here with me (unless he was socialising) which is why my list is substantial.
Our village has a bakery, wine shop, newsagents/post office, fish shop and a pub but there are no longer any grocery shops within walking distance so I drive everywhere. I tend to use one or other of two supermarkets, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, both are approximately three miles away in opposite directions. If I’m passing I will use Aldi for a few bits. Occasionally, in the winter I have my groceries delivered.
Apologies for such a long About Me!
Hope these will suffice.
Thank you, Yvonne,
kind regards,
Sue xx

I’ve attached two lists. One is from my phone notes. My youngest, my son was hosting a typically English type afternoon tea, a housewarming at his new house for his four sisters, hubbies and kids. Having baked his cakes he asked me (at the last minute) if I’d make a few dainty sandwiches and bring them with me.

Sue list Josh

Added after the initial post went live: And look what I found on the Weekly Prompts blog. Sue kindly gave me permission to post a photo of her son’s afternoon tea. Sue’s sandwiches hadn’t yet been put out. Now I’m even more envious, it all looks very tempting.

A Line of cakes afternoon tea at Joshua's

The second is a supermarket mixed shopping list. This list was written for Morrison’s.

blog list Sue

Well, I wish I had such neat, organised lists! And, I wish I was as careful about my nutrition as Sue seems to be. Wouldn’t it have been fun to be at the afternoon tea with Sue’s family? I take it that the finger rolls are not this sort: “The finger roll is a specialized type of basketball layup shot where the ball is rolled off the tips of the player’s fingers.” 🙂

Sue, why do you call your personal blog Nan’s Farm? 

Thank you so much for this wonderful pair of lists Sue, and the information about yourself.  Let’s see what you folks folks have to say about it all.


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47 responses to “Lists from a girl (not a boy) named Sue

  1. The list on creased paper is a very precise replica of one of our standard weekly supermarket jobs.

    Rarely shop at Aldi – it’s just too bizarre – cheese, eggs, concrete mixer, biscuits, nuclear reactor, butter, truck tyres (various sizes)… but it is a lot cheaper than the behemoths – Coles and Woolworths. Sadly you have to insert a gold coin to use their trolleys – and then walk miles back from the car park to return the trolley and get your deposit back.

    I do like to shop at the local independent grocer IGA – a little more expensive. But walking distance and an amazing range of products in such a small space. Helps to keep one more high street small business alive.

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  2. I heard from LordBeariOfBow’s daughter, Sarah, today and she said, “If you could thank everyone for me that would be fantastic. Dad would have loved to read the tributes and messages.”

    So I wanted to pass on her thank-you!

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  3. Just wanted to say “Hello” and I hope all is going well with you.

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  4. I’m so sad to share that our LordBeariOfBow has died.
    Please see the comment section of his last post for the details.


  5. Leeds is the other side of Yorkshire to my parents’, Yvonne, and they have the same crockery as featured in the photo. I wonder if it’s a God’s Own Country, thing?!

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  6. Yvonne, You’ve published the lists! My apologies for not checking my reader yesterday. I went to the coast for the day and after four hours of driving, I only had enough energy to check a few e-mails.

    Such lovely comments from your readers, how kind, thank you everyone.

    I forgot to add cucumber to Joss’s list, but I remembered as soon as I spotted them at the supermarket.

    Finger rolls are much smaller versions of the bread rolls that you use for hot dogs. I sliced them open, topped them generously with cream cheese and prawns and served as small open sandwiches.

    The remaining sandwiches were small closed dainty ones (no crusts)

    The minced beef is packaged as never more than 5% fat. I don’t know why I always write 5%, I never buy anything else!

    I ought to have bought watercress to scatter over the plates of sandwiches. I used to eat watercress sandwiches all the time when I was pregnant.

    CASH written in capitals is so that it will jump out at me so that I don’t’ forget to get it. I think this was the occasion where my daughter gave me her card and asked me to get cash from the machine while I was out shopping.

    Why Nan’s Farm? Nan is an alternative name for Gran or Grandma, often used as a shortened version of Nana. Nan is the name my grandchildren call me.

    When I was planning the blog I was unsure what I would write about and I was stumped for a title. One of the older grandchildren suggested I write about life living here on the farm. The title was born! Today the blog is a mixed bag, and often uses the events I’ve already written up in my daily journal.

    By the way, today we found a rain soaked list in the bottom of our trolley. Joss dried it out, it’s only short but I will send it to you.

    Thank you again for the kind comments. 🙂

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    • And, thank you for your responses to our ponderings! Tell Joss my Ikea chairs arrive on Wednesday. I am agog! You never know what will eventuate from a blog post, do you.

      Yay, Joss for drying out that list. It is really fun waiting to see what is on an offering from you folks.

      Thank you again.

      PS Do you do house calls for computer problems? Australia is just a hop away. 🙂

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  7. I love the homely kitchen chairs. I have been to Leeds. They had very good fish&chips. They also have a famous cricket ground.

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    • Hi, Gerard and the little family. I love those chairs also, and have ordered 4 from Ikea in Melbourne. I won’t paint them. Maybe I will take a photo once I oil them.

      I hope all is well with you and Helvi.


  8. Sue’s background of being a computer teacher comes through the clarity and orderliness of her list. She seems to be living in an idyllic setting.

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  9. Aidan probably knows your credit is good!


  10. I have to get cash for our garden maintenance man. Sometimes I forget.

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  11. Man, if the son has moved out, can I move in and eat there for a while? I put cash on my grocery list, too because it sometimes gets added errands.

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  12. Oh, the tea would have been such an enjoyable and special time! 🙂
    Sue is a wonderful, warm, kind, loving person! I’d dine with her any time and I know the food would be delicious and conversation fun and lively! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  13. I reckon that 5% mince probably refers to the degree of fat. It is afterall a very health conscious list.

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  14. OK, what are “finger rolls?”


  15. The inclusion of cash in capital letters in the first list is intriguing. Did Sue’s son hope she might just include some as a housewarming gift. I guess it doesn’t hurt to make the suggestion! 🙂 Sue’s shopping list is very neat and tidy and also very specific. I’m wondering what 5% mince is.

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