Lisa with an ‘s’ sent a list

One huge benefit I get from you folks sharing your shopping lists with me, is I find out more about you, and where you live.

Today’s list is from Lisa, aka arlingwoman and I thank her heartily for sharing it for us to enjoy, analyse, etc. Please drop in to her blog (link in previous sentence) and say “Hi”.

This is what Wiki-you-know-what says about her home city:

“Arlington is home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, both of which are popular tourist attractions and attract defense and military personnel to the area.Arlington is a county in northern Virginia, and as of May 19, 2018, Arlington is known to have the healthiest citizens in all of the United States.” Lisa, are you one of those healthy ones? What contributes to that positive state of affairs in your city?

And, here’s what Lisa had to say about her shopping du jour, as well as a recipe for a fish dish:

Hmmm…I live in Arlington, Virginia, USA.  I shop at the Whole Foods near where I live.  It’s colloquially known here as Whole Paycheck, but I don’t think the prices are bad if you’re not buying prepared foods or deli foods.  I decided not to get the cod there, though, as it was more costly and a bigger package than Safeway, where I also intend to get the decaf coffee.  Probably this weekend for that, though.  It’s not a very big list as I have vegetables from the garden and don’t eat much meat.

 I make my list in the order I go through the store—and now I know I’m not alone in that as your Finnish list maker said she did the same!

I discovered a nice way to fix the cod (normally I bake it with lemon, olive oil, capers and feta cheese, but it’s too hot for that) with some Moroccan spices mixed with bread crumbs.  Dip the fish in egg, roll in the seasoned bread crumbs and fry.  Yum.  It has to be drained, though … hence the paper towels. (Editor’s note: I think that paper towel with the oil can safely go in the compost bin.)

This is likely WAAAAYYY more than you need.  It will be fun to see it and see comments!

I had a tad of bother getting the image onto the site, so I had better do some transcribing for you.

fruit?  Tom’s  Green beans  Avocado  Lettuce  deodorant  Toothpaste  ????  Tonic (I think)  Seltzer  Cod  Chicken?  Creamer  ????  Paper towels   Wine  decaf  eggs

So, who can decipher the mystery items? What else do you need to comment on? Thank you again, Lisa.

Remember, I am always looking for contributions for this topic!





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51 responses to “Lisa with an ‘s’ sent a list

  1. Please go by and visit LordBeariOfBow’s WP site! There is a good news update!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. Yvonne:
    Just wanted to let you know that when I get an e-mail update from LordBeariOfBow’s daughter, I will put it in the comment section of his last WP post. So check back there once in awhile to see the latest.
    Thank you so much!
    Carolyn 🙂

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  3. Wow, this is so cool. The two items you didn’t decipher are flour (I do a lot of baking) and Oatley, which is another industrial “milk” product, but it has a fabulous taste and is made from oats. I mix it with the pea protein creamer I discussed in a previous comment. If I could, I would be buying cream, but it would do terrible things to my numbers, even though I’m thin and in good shape like the rest of Arlington’s residents! There are a lot of things to do here–bike paths, good swimming pools and parks, nice hiking trails, kayaking on the river and the awful and ubiquitous jogging. It’s also a very walkable place, so you don’t have to get in your car, but can walk to errand and stores. That may be part of it. It’s also a liberal place in a relatively conservative state, so it’s often called “the People’s Republic of Arlington” by conservatives, but I kind of like the sound of it. Lots of good county services and of course relatively low taxes. This is likely more than anyone wants, but I’ll check back to make sure I didn’t miss a question.

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  4. When people say ‘cod’ is this fresh or salted???

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  5. It seems to me…Lisa smells good (is hygienic) and eats yummy foods! 🙂
    OH, and she is a good crosser-outer as she shops! 🙂
    I’m fixing salmon and fresh green beans (with onions and almonds) tonight! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Your dinner sounds very tasty. After an entree of caviar on mini bagels, I will have spatchcock stuffed with dates. Desert will be bombe Alaska. Who am I trying to kid, it’s pasta with home made sauce. 🙂

      Do you know what creamer is? I don’t think that Bert is thinking of the right thing.

      Sweet dreams, little princess. xxx ❤

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      • Ha! Well, pasta and homemade sauce sounds delicious! 🙂

        Cooper (my pooch) only ever gets the same “old” dog food every day, but several days a week I say to him, “Oh, Mr. Cooper, tonight you will be dining on….” and then I list a long list of yummy human foods. Ha! 😀 He just looks at me, like, “Wait. What?!” 😛

        I only know creamer as something to put in coffee. I’ve seen it powdered and I’ve seen it in liquid form. And people call half-n-half creamer, too. I wonder what Lisa buys. ???

        HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • I have made that same meal!!!!! Yum!

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  6. Lisa’s list and recipe make me realize we don’t eat enough fish and we live on the coast!

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    • It’s so hard to get fresh fish where we live, it’s mostly frozen, and just not the same. I still remember the taste of the fish from the lakes in northern Manitoba.


      • There is actually nothing like a fish you caught yourself, some nice person with you cleaned, and then you fry it up right there on the shore. Yum. We have fresh fish, but I find the frozen is good to have on hand.

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  7. Lisa is such a fabulous gardener I’m surprised she needed to buy green beans!! But it’s too hot in Arlington this time of year to grow lettuce I would imagine.

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  8. Thank you for the good recipe for cod. We have it very seldom in our shops. Creamer was a strange word for me, I thought it is some kind of a face cream. We can´t buy wine in normal groceries shops, beer and cider yes, nothing else. We have liquor shops own by the state of Finland, there is everything.
    These shopping lists are so great, I hope many more will send theirs. They tell so much.

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    • One of my best friends in Canada is making cod that way tomorrow. Liquor is generally found in separate shops here also, but some chains have theirs in an adjacent shop, accessible from the supermarket.

      I am so pleased that people send their lists, and enchanted with how interesting we find them. I never thought I would be doing posts like this.

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    • I think that recipe would work with any white fish. Creamer, well, I’d be drinking real cream in my coffee if I could, but to keep cholesterol numbers below my doctor’s protocols, I cut that out and use this stuff made from pea protein. It’s very close to half and half (half milk/half cream sold here for coffee and pouring over raspberries…We can actually get wine in grocery stores here. And beer. The hard liquors are in special stores, so Scotch might show up on my grocery list, but I wouldn’t get it at the store!

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  9. Bert

    ‘Creamer’ is the nasty white powder that some unfortunate people add to coffee. Perhaps that’s why she needs the Seltzer. Oh! I just realised your question marks were not wondering what ‘creamer’ was, but what was the word below it. I think that word is ‘Oatly’ – a non-dairy alternative to milk. So Lisa should, perhaps, ‘oatly’ it for all she can.


  10. Decaf eggs must be a yolk 🙄💝

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  11. I write my lists in order too. I leave gaps so that I can add to each section. I I’ve had one for you for a week or so, but was reluctant to send to you because to me it appears pretty straight forward. 🙂

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  12. Lisa is always good value. I have recently begun watching the TV series Homeland. In one of the early episodes the key detective character went ape because she couldn’t find her green pen. Now I know who has it

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  13. I love the sound of this recipe for the fish, never thought of using the Moroccan spice blend with fish. Yum! It’s funny that Lisa said she writes her list in shopping order. When I write a list I just add to it as I run out of things or when I notice we need something. While I’ve been housebound Mr ET has been doing the shopping, and he complained last week that the items weren’t grouped together properly. He likes to have similar items all together. 🙄

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