What they buy in Finland

A very obliging fellow blogger has not only provided us with a shopping list, but has kindly and competently translated the planned purchases into English for us. So, thank you Kristiina. Please visit her blog here for some wonderful photos, and a glimpse of Finnish life.

This is what Kristiina had to say about where she lives, and where she shops.

We live in a municipality of Hämeenkyrö in western Finland. We do our shopping in a near by town, Ikaalinen, 14 kilometers from home.
We use normally two “malls”, they are not like malls there, these are small ones. In Ikaalinen is about 7000 inhabitants, so the malls are in the same scale, small.
The other is S-Market, a Finnish chain, the other very well known in Europe, Lidl, a German chain.

Location of Hämeenkyrö in Finland

The area in red is Hämeenkyrö

Map of Ikaalinen

And now for a very special shopping list.

List Denmark-001

Now we’ll know how to find the ice-cream and bananas when we shop in Finland.

PS I am running out of lists. All donations are pathetically and gratefully accepted.


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50 responses to “What they buy in Finland

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  2. Great post and shopping list.

    In my family, my wife arranges shopping list in that order when entering the shop. This means quick and efficiency shopping. Actually, she makes two lists, one for Lidl and one for S-market.

    Regards from Helsinki.

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    • Hello! I haven’t been to your blog for ages, sorry about that!

      You can send one of the lists, if you like, and do what Kristiina did, translate it for us.

      If I get to Italy next year, I hope to fly Finnair. If I do that, I would make a stopover in Helsinki, and it would be wonderful to meet you and your wife. 🙂

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  3. Don’t know how to find your e-mail. Mine is derrickjknight@btinternet.com

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  4. The latest update from Sarah on her Dad (Lord Bof B)…
    Hi, Carolyn,
    Thank you for your email. Dad appreciated it. He hasn’t had the energy to reply this past week. He has taken a turn. His heart is failing. He has not been well.
    Mum, my brother Nathan and I are hoping they can make him comfortable and get him home. To his own bed, to coco and to his online friends in the coming week.
    Thank you for your kind words and caring.
    Dad says hi.
    I will keep in touch

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  5. I spied someone in the supermarket a few days ago with a long list. I was hoping to acquire it at the end so I sneakily followed. BUT the shopper started at the top and went carefully down. When she put something in her trolley she tore the item off the list, screwed it up and dropped it on the floor. So I didn’t get the list. But I keep looking for you.

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  6. I have a shopping list from last weekend. How can I email it to you? I just tried inserting it in the comment and it didn’t work…

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  7. I’m wondering if “plaster” is bandages? And “rusk” is a hard biscuit, right?

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  8. I was drawn to the ice cream and candy. No meat (but lots of fish)! No wine! If the produce on the list are ordered according to where they come in the shop then both shops are arranged the same as mine!

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  9. What a great shopping list. It’s nice to know other people divide theirs up by place as well. I also add errands to mine, like package to PO or some such.

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  10. Great list and interesting to read

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  11. And one of the most unique lists in this series!

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  12. The Finns have good dietary habits. Nice to see cabbage, cauliflower, ryebread and tomatoes on the list. I wonder if Lidl is Aldi which is also German owned.

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  13. This list is nicely rounded, with a mix of fresh food, necessities and a couple of treats. Much like ours. 🙂

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