I found this little list on the floor under the banana bin. I did check to see if I could spot a shopper looking around to see where he/she dropped that list. Then, it became our property. (Yes, I am implicating you after the fact.)

If they did lose it early in their shopping excursion, I wonder what item(s) they might have forgotten (or added) as they trawled the aisle. 

I can imagine the conversation at home “Where are my marshmallows? And, who are these Tim-Tams for?”

Do you think the little drawing beside the Coleslaw is a mushroom? Or do you have a better idea? (Unlikely, but hey, I try hard to be nice to the readers.)


I really am fond of this list, it is rather eccentric in its presentation.

I have 2 more international lists waiting in the wings. I really love having these contributions from you nice people. (That time, I was being sincere.)




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40 responses to “Floored

  1. Hope your July is going well! How are you doing?
    I will do my shopping tomorrow! I always look for people’s lists but haven’t found any yet.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. I have no idea what that drawing represents and can’t even think about it because I’m too busy wondering what on earth chocolate drumsticks are. Surely not chocolate flavoured chicken legs?? Perhaps the author ran out of room after writing chocolate and had to reuse the last space to then write drumsticks, but I prefer to think there is a brand new tasty treat available I have yet to discover. 🙂


  3. I look forward to doing that. 😊

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  4. Blistering barnacles! Who would have thought there would be blogs dedicated to discarded shopping lists! Henceforth, I am going to be more circumspect about disposing those papery bits.

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  5. You mean the 👃, right?


  6. Definitely not a mushroom – looks more like a certain part of the male anatomy, thought why someone would draw that on a shopping list is a mystery.

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  7. Susie L

    This is a very cheery list. Like the others, I do wonder why buy cabbage and coleslaw, but it will remain a mystery I suppose. As to the graphic, well, I have no idea. Maybe it is a drawing of a spring onion? No wine, although I rarely write wine on my shopping lists, as it is a given!

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    • You are a woman after my own heart, Susie. I am on very friendly footing with the folks in the wine shop, for some reason.
      xx, xxx. The last three are for your cuddle of cats, from Minx.


  8. No ! Definitely not ! I’m not going to ask you why in heaven’s name you were on the floor under the banana bin ? Nope ! 😉 ❤

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  9. I can only think of something rude

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  10. They must have loosened their grasp on the list as they left the fresh produce section. It fluttered to the floor and waited for me to pounce upon it.

    See my theory re: the cabbage in my answer to Bruce’s comment.

    I’ll be busy on the day you invite me to your place for chicken with stuffing! 🙂 xxx ❤

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  11. What wonderful list! Sounds like the “ingredients” for a fun time! Especially for the cat! 😉 (wink!) 🐱 But why were they at the banana bin!? I hope they got all their items before droppin’ the list!
    I think that drawing is a nose…a reminder to smell the coleslaw before buying! 😉 😛 HA! But why cabbage AND coleslaw?! Hmm…maybe they add extra shredded cabbage to a coleslaw mix to stretch it to serve more?????
    If you get into trouble for stealing this list 😉 …you can tell them I took it and that I’m addicted to lists and I go around stealing them! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I was just thinking…yes, I know how dangerous that is! 😮 If we combined most of those ingredients and used it as chicken stuffing…wowza, what a surprise treat! 😛


  12. I suspect that the graphic could well be used in conjunction with the cheese dip.
    My kitchen scales uses a battery CR-2032.
    The underwhelming question is not about the coleslaw sauce but – why buy coleslaw when you’ve got a cabbage presumably to make… coleslaw?

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    • Well, maybe Arling Lass’s suggestion about coleslaw dressing being represented by that sketch is correct?

      Maybe they were going to make cabbage rolls. They already had all the other ingredients at home, of course.

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  13. Chris Hey

    This is worrying … I think the items with a dot are already in the basket. There’s a starving cat somewhere…

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  14. I’ll take that with a grain of salt!

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  15. What a delight to turn on my computer and be presented with a quiz. The Batte cr2032 is for a lithium battery – one of those things that look like a ten cent coin but what for!!
    \I don’t know what a chocolate drumstick is someone else can tell me. The strange but precisely drawn symbol next to the coleslaw is fascinating. And someone who is so precise would not throw the list away so I vote that she/he accidentally lost it.

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    • Those batteries fit into quite a few little things, like a car remote, some watches, etc.

      A chocolate drumstick is a frozen ice-cream treat, with a cone (I ilk the waffle ones) and a variety of topping on the ice ream bit. This one would have been dipped in chocolate, probably. They’re good! http://www.peters.com.au/brands/drumstick/
      Now I feel bad about not looking harder for the owner of the list!


  16. I like this list. It looks like a yard party cookout what with the firelighters, marshmallows, chickens and coleslaw. The chocolate drumsticks and marshmallows mean children are going to be there. I wondered if the drawing was a dressing bottle. Is there dressing specific to slaw? Yes, there is, but I don’t know if it’s sold. Anyway, I think you like this list because it’s festive. Well, except for the cat food and batteries.

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