Innocent shopper meets stalking blogger

Judi didn’t know that 2 worlds were going to collide when she was approached at the checkout by a total stranger. After deciding that I was probably harmless, she confessed to a touch of OCD, having designed her own template for her shopping lists. (Hey, that has given me an idea!)

I was beginning to think that the majority of Myrtleford grocery shoppers bought up big when they went to Coles, but Judi explained her groaning trolley as being due to the arrival of visitors for the weekend. Among the group was a vegetarian, so there were additional entries to her usual choices. 

Judi is a definite crosser-outer, making it difficult for us to enjoy analysing what was going to be on the menu for the next few days, what brand of toilet paper they chose, and so on. 


Thank you, Judi, for being a good sport, and also for waiting so long before your list appeared. 



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37 responses to “Innocent shopper meets stalking blogger

  1. Yvonne – I found a shopping list in my local supermarket, but I’ve lost your email address. Could you send it to me on


  2. I’ve no problem with vegetarians and others but it is a bit of a problem when they drop in for dinner unannounced.

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  3. Agh! Too many scribbles!


  4. I tend to group mine by where they are in the store, but this takes things to a new level!

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  5. Bert

    “Grated Cheese” — Beulah, peel me a grape!

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  6. Bert

    Veg Pie and Veg Dumplings for Dave, the vegetarian. Judi is definitely a bit OCD – notice how she could not just write ‘Veg’ for ‘Vegetarian’; she had to add the little squiggle after it. Dog Meat and Cat Meat (there’s a difference?) for a dog and a cat, hopefully. “Baby ‘something’ beans” (frozen) has me beat. Frozen Chips/wedges – sad. I just buy potatoes and cut them into chips or wedges.

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    • I do believe that canines and felines have different nutritional needs, and their manufactured foods take that into account, so the advertising would have us believe. I can’t think what type of beans they might be. If I can remember for that long, I will have asnoop in the frozen food section. If I had a heap of visitors arriving, I would be buying frozen chips/wedges also!


  7. It’s obvious ! Money saving ! Everything on the list was crossed out before leaving home. 😉 ❤

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  8. Way to go, Judi! Great list! 🙂
    I’m a crosser-outer-er, too! And if I forget to put something on a list, when I think of it I add it, and then when I get it or do it, I cross it off the list, and then I’m happy, and I’m sure I’ve left you confused! 😮 HA! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  9. I believe this is a secret code. Why else would some be written in red ink? Why else would most of it be indecipherable to us mere mortals? I recognized “tofu” in the list so clearly they could be expecting visitors from China. Although with the Bagels the visitors might be from New York. Although with the chilli sauce the visitors could be from Central America. Having written down “2 cheeses” twice is clearly a cover-up. Be very careful.

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  10. A new slant. I bet she crosses out her crossword clues when she’s solved them

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  11. That’s the worse shopping list that it’s ever been my misfortune to have thrown at me.

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  12. You’re a bit slack at posting your stuff, and yet you nag me all the time.
    I did as you instructed me wrote a double banger blog and everyone’s seen it ‘cept Yvonne the Nagger

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    • Oh, forgive me, please forgive me, dear M’Lord. (Snicker). I prefer to say I “encourage” people, not nag. Now I must go and find out what pearls you tossed to we minions. ❤


  13. Have you thought of framing the list and submit it at an art show? I am amazed how people can have the dedication and stamina to make such an extensive list. Is this shopper planning to climb Mount Everest? There is a lot there, Yvonne. Enough for an entire conference, as Fawlty would say.

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    • Well, Judi was shopping for a mob of visitors, and maybe they went for an expedition to Mt Buffalo??

      Did you watch Barry’s last day on the Insiders couch? It won’t be the same without him.


  14. Goodness, that is a very organised list. I’ve never thought of planning my supermarket trip quite like this. Well done, Judi.

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