A list from the Leichhardt lad

My ever alert mate, the curmudgeon, and his beloved wife, whom he fondly refers to as The War Office (undoubtedly a lovely couple) have supplied us with this list that was spotted in their suburban Sydney supermarket. (Ooh, unplanned alliteration.)

shopping list brian1

What in the world are ‘sleep lollies‘? (By now, any readers who are not from England, New Zealand or Australia, should know that lollies are candies.)

What kind of tea is this shopper looking for?

I’m not so sure I want to be at their dining room table the day they serve humus! (And, yes, I do know there might be an extra ‘m’ lurking around, looking for a place to settle.)

I wouldn’t know a kombucha if I tripped over it. Please enlighten me, somebody.

A pretty simple shopping list, but it still has its share of quirks and puzzles, I think.

Thank you, M’Lord and TWO, for thinking of me when you spotted this list.Β 


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52 responses to “A list from the Leichhardt lad

  1. I love tea…so three kinds sounds lovely!
    And all the veggies on the list sound great!
    Lord 🐻 iOfBow and TWO are wonderful people! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. If you do find out what sleep lollies are please let me know because I could do with some. Kombucha is yucky, so don’t bother drinking any. And what is bonsoy?? a cross between bonsai and soy sauce maybe.

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    • Hi, ET. I didn’t see any in my journey through the supermarket today. I’ll look again.

      Bonsoy is a brand name for soy milk. There is discussion about these types of liquids being called milk from time to time. I’ve never milked a soy bean, nor an almond!


  3. I can offer this for the tea: Twinings, Herbal Tea, Camomile, Honey & Vanilla, Caffeine Free. I’m hearing of more and more people drinking Kombucha. Like the first time I tried a prawn, I think I’d have to be drunk to give it a go. But I am still eating prawns :-). Quite a healthy eater by the looks of things, just a little spoil with the chips. But the need for lollies for sleep (?) indicates something’s not working.

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  4. I wish someone could find a list from 30 years ago, it would be quite a transfer.

    In the manner of Basil Fawlty, we are trying not to talk about the election.

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  5. sleep lollies – melatonin??

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  6. So much foreign stuff in this list – like pasta and rice crackers. What happened to the good old Aussie “meat and three veg” solid meal? No wonder the exit polls in the recent Australian election were a mess. Logic has gone out the door. The first item could be sheep lollies – one can buy bags of them for the garden – at least the pellets look like lollies.

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  7. Goodness, most of your questions seem to have been answered. This is a natural foods/health food person, I think. Sleep lollies, my guess, are little lozenges with herbal extracts in them that induce relaxation so a person can drift off. Wow, these lists are something. Kombucha is sold in bottles here just like regular tea, but just the idea of it puts me off, so I’ve never had it!

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  8. It is fermented green tea. Just leave the tea in the pot a few days and wait for the fermentation and fungi, then drink it. It is supposed to lift the spirit after political elections.


  9. Caroline

    Camomile/honey/vanilla tea?
    To readers from England, a lolly is a sweet on a stick! Or the frozen equivalent.

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  10. Knowing MeLud, I’ll bet he has his nose to the floor searching these out

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  11. OMG – goodness – I never was told of this posting. I shall reappear shortly to comment in a mature and deliberate fashion.

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  12. It looks a lot like someone who is a bit fussy and would hmpff if they came into my kitchen.

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  13. We are far from a lovely couple I assure you, I shall be much more selective next time.

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  14. Yes, the Kombucha is the equivalent of the avoc-on-toast with cappuccino of yesteryear. A quick money grab.

    A shopping list starting with sleep lollies is a bit sus. Are they looking drugs?

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    • Gerard, I am sure I answered this before. So, kombucha is latest nutritional wonder? And I hope someone explains the sleep lollies, it makes me a tad uneasy, not knowing.

      So another 3 years of the same Canberra bubble mob, eh? Oh well.


  15. tea: — plus cane (sugar)/ honey/ raw (sugar?)
    kombucha — a type of tea (described well on Wikipedia)

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