A shopping bonanza from Peter

How many of you remember  Peter , who introduced me to street art (among other things) in Trastevere? Trastevere mural
A while back, he sent me an email with shopping lists from his mother, and commented: 
“I mentioned your blog to my Mother and she saved the attached shopping lists which she thought you might like to see.
As you can see below, it was a triple treat for me. And now, thanks to Peter’s mother, let’s see what is on her lists.
Here are all three together, then the individual lists that I cropped from the original image.
peter lists
There’s a lot to look at, eh? (Or as Peter would say “No?’)
For those of you who don’t understand British or Australian English, did you know that chewey is chewing gum? And, it seems that M and S have different needs as far as this treat is concerned.
It took me a while to realise that it was sugar listed under T. bags. And does the 3 after the tea bags indicate 3 different types of tea are needed?
What else interests you about this first list?
peter lists-001
Now I’m really lost. I hope Peter will explain about (Sav) and (Ice), and W, Tes and B/C. I did find out that Neutradol is a room freshener, and Vosene might be a hair conditioner. What type of bars are those listed above Fry’s bars? And, along with the 2 types of digestive biscuits, do we have a sweet tooth in the family? Who ever did this shopping does the ‘tick-off’ as each item is found and plonked in the shopping basket. Does the handwriting look different from that in the first and 3rd lists to you? Or maybe not, caps are used in both, and the letters look similar. Peter will no doubt enlighten us about that.
peter lists-002
And now, some precision shopping, with quantities spelled out in some cases. I think the shopper knows exactly what they mean by “3 grapes”. Who can tell me what the item below sweet corn is? 
peter lists-003
That was fun! It’s so good when people find a list (or 3) and share them with us.
Thank you, Peter’s mother from Lancashire (I think).




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47 responses to “A shopping bonanza from Peter

  1. Bert

    I did pretty well, didn’t I? Only Bodycare stumped me — perhaps because I’ve never heard of that chain — and I got ‘W’ wrong. I should have guessed that Peter’s mum is not a Waitrose shopper. But who would go shopping in five different supermarkets? Somebody with time on their hands and living in a town that is fortunate enough to have five different supermarkets within a reasonably short distance of each other. Somebody who goes to five different supermarkets to save a penny or two here and there is not going to waste money on buses (but perhaps she has a free bus pass) or petrol.

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    • You did better than any one us, Bert!

      I do go to different shops because one or the other carries something that I can’t get in the other. Sometimes, I even have to to another town for particular items.


  2. My Mother is delighted that her list has caused such debate and interest. She has now filled me in on some of the queries, some of which other readers have already guessed.

    M = for Mother (my Mother’s Mother)
    S = for Peter’s brother
    3 after teabags = three packs
    Sav = Savers – a discount health and beauty shop http://www.savers.co.uk/
    Ice = Iceland – another discount https://www.iceland.co.uk/
    Tes = Tesco – one of the main UK supermarkets https://www.tesco.com/
    B/C = Bodycare – another discount health and beauty store https://www.bodycareplus.com/stores/
    W = Wilkinson’s – another discount store (do you get the picture https://www.wilko.com/
    Is there a sweet tooth in play? YES!
    3 grapes = three punnets of grapes
    Numbers of bananas = individual bananas
    Lists all written by one person – my Mother
    The chocolate bar in question is an aero

    We hope this helps, but if we’ve missed anything, just let us know!



  3. OH, thank you to Peter’s mum and to Peter! What a wonderful list! I think it is very organized and easy to read.
    Maybe it was 3 packages of grapes?! I always buy 2 bags/packages of grapes this time of year…they are so delicious!
    Before my MIL passed away last year, we always did her shopping for her. We did that for decades. I wish I still had one of her lists to give you. She’d write it on a small piece of paper, with small cursive handwriting. The list would go down the page and then up the other side and then all over in the empty spaces…sideways and every which way! HA! 🙂 And she’d write…like…”Buy this…but if they don’t have it, then buy this or this”…of course listing different choices.
    Still we always had to call her at least once during the shopping trip to clarify something. Oh, and she always had many coupons to go through and pick out and use. Ha! 🙂 It was quite an adventure! 😀
    We’d laugh because she’d have us pick out all of the birthday cards, holiday gifts, etc., for everyone in the family, so we’d have already seen everything before anyone opened it. HA! 😀
    I hope when I am even more well-seasoned and can no longer do my shopping, that someone kind will do it for me. 🙂
    But, by then we might be shopping for groceries on-line and having them delivered right to home. ???
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • My apologies for being tardy with my replies, WP did one of its strange things, and comments have only just popped up today.

      It’s a shame you haven’t got one of her lists, it would have nroight back interesting memories. How nice of you to do her shopping for so long.

      Our grapes come by the kilogram, so I had’nt thought of them being packaged.

      Have a lovely day. ❤

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  4. I am wondering if the names and letters circled after some items might be a direction as to the shop we should go to to get the item.

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    • I reckon that might be the answer, John! Let’s see what Peter’s mother has to say about it all. I’ll make sure to post her answers.

      I have already got on the wrong side of her, by assigning her to the wrong location in England. I’m such a loser!

      I’m looking forward to your offerings from Herberton.

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      • Re Herberton; I will get around to it, but I’ve been in bed since I got back.- something fluish. We left Cairns in 27C humid and an hour or so later arrived in Herberton in 10C in shorts and shirt and i caught a chill and I am not quite up to much just yet. But I made a new BFF up there.


  5. the milk says 3, I assume that’s 3 cartons or bottles, so do the have the grapes and bananas packaged up ? Seems odd!
    This would drive me to drink; a short drive I know but nevertheless…..

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    • Such a short drive, you don’t even need to get in the car, eh?

      How are you, my crusty old codger? Been to any train stations lately? 🙂


      • Haven’t been feeling too well of late Yvonne; been getting very tired, very easily, Doc tells me I’m somewhat anaemic. seems that I don’t get enough iron from Guinness or Whiskey, which came as a surprise.
        No but I have been to some bus stations, We have got old railway stations that are being utilized for the tram/ lightrail that runs though the inner city suburbs, I suppose silly people will soon be calling them Tram Stations, I’ll just call them tram stops like I used to do when I lived in Melbourne.


  6. This is like a whole new art form!

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  7. I’m glad I wasn’t sent out with these lists. I’d have had a hard time deciphering some of the writing and undoubtedly would have come back with the wrong things or a number of them not at all.

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  8. Rob Cherry

    Vosene is medicated shampoo, very old school, it was a big thing in the 60s &70s in the U.K.

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  9. I think Lenor is an air freshener


  10. Bert

    I think that the bars above Frys bars are ‘Earo’ bars, which should be Aero bars — a chocolate bar filled with air bubbles. Btw, Fry’s bars were once made by Fry’s, but they are now made by Cadbury’s, which was once a wonderful British company, but which was bought by Mondelez (American) in 2010. Despite promising not to, Mondelez closed a Cadbury factory near Bristol. Vosene is an anti-dandruff shampoo. It may include conditioner now, as most shampoos seem to do. I suggest that Sav, Ice, Tes, W and B/C could refer to Savers, Iceland, Tesco, Waitrose and Boots, though I find it hard to believe that anyone would make one shopping list for five supermarkets. Boots would be a place to go for soap and shampoo, but she could probably get them and everything else at Tesco. Savers is a chain of ‘Health, Home and Beauty’ stores, where the items listed as ‘Sav’ could be bought. They could also be bought in Tesco’s probably. I could be wrong about Boots, as I can’t justify ‘/C’.

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    • Hi, Bert, and thank you for your comment. I know Aero bars well, having consumed a few during my nursing career, when I needed an energy boost.


      Peter said his mother will tell all (at least about the lists), and I will share that with everyone.


  11. Fabulous, Yvonne, thank you. I’m glad the lists are of such interest.

    I’ve passed the blog post to my Mother. Here is her initial response:

    ‘I will be able to help with Yvonne’s queries, I’ll do it when you skype next, but you can put her right straight away I am not from LANCASHIRE.’

    She’s from Yorkshire!! You wouldn’t believe the importance of The Pennines – and the importance of being from one side rather than the other!


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  12. I’ve had an answer to the word I couldn’t decipher, from Tanja, who was a visitor in my home in Adelaide while she studied English at a college there. We have kept in touch for over 20 years! She works in London now, so knew what the product was: Ooh…I know the answer. Lenor. It says Lenor in the list. Fabric softener!

    Thank you, dear little Toadie. ❤


  13. Palaxamaxs, Digestiv, Neutradol, all seems orientated towards medical issues. What are the meanings of those letters in between brackets? There is a lot going on there, enough for an entire conference, that’s for sure.

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  14. I wonder if the lists have been written by one person but used by another person. I know when I write a list for Mr ET I am much more specific, with brand names and numbers. This is because once, when I wrote sponges, meaning kitchen sponges, he bought two unfilled sponge cakes. And he was right – I said sponges and he bought sponges. 🙂 The kitchen may not have been clean, but he enjoyed his afternoon tea.

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  15. I can see why Peter would need Digestives after gorging himself on 3 grapes. And I would like to know who ate the three bananas and one grape between List One and List Three.

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