5 boys in the household

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered Coles Supermarket, was a trolley at the checkout counter. It was heaped high with groceries. The second thing that attracted my attention was the young woman who was pushing that trolley. The third thing that really got me excited was that she had a shopping list held between her lips!

You all know how backward I am, in coming forward, so it wasn’t long before that list was in my possession. Not only was it a list, but it was double-sided. Rebecca informed me that this was indeed her shopping, and that she has FIVE boys at home. I was very impressed by that fact, and how she writes such a complete shopping list to refill her larder. And, refill those boys, no doubt. In my excitement, I failed to ask the age range of the boys (she looked very young), and how often she has to shop. And, why didn’t I ask for a photo of her shopping trolley? What a failure.


Here’s the flip side of her well organised list.


I make no further comments, except to say I’d need a much larger fridge, freezer and pantry if I had to shop from Rebecca’s list! 

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing this with us.




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19 responses to “5 boys in the household

  1. Christopher

    Hi there. I originally followed your blog because of its tie to Italy and Venice in particular. Do you think you’ll go back to that topic or has the focus changed to shopping lists? No disrespect meant…I honestly really enjoyed your insights into Italy and miss them a bit! Thanks for sharing you pr experiences!

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    • Hi, Christopher, and thank you for your polite comment. I haven’t been back to Italy since last May, and I miss being able to do posts about that country! So, I have no new material, unfortunately, for which I apologise. I hope to get back late this year, which is a long time for you to wait!


  2. I would be dead if I had to find such gigantic list of items ! 🙂
    i hate the supermarkets, which are devil invention ! But many people love them /
    HAVE A GOOD monday, YVONNE
    LOVE ❤

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    • I agree with you, Michel. You probably had small local shops where you bought various needs for daily living. I felt sad, seeing the influx of supermarkets into Italy, pushing aside the friendly neighbourhood butcher, baker, hardware and so on. Progress …

      Love to you and your family. ❤


  3. With five boys and almost first on the list cigs and filter-paper I would be smoking too. Unless one of her boys is doing it, but she looked young! Perhaps her partner?
    Pancakes, very nice. Not sure about the chicken nuggets. Even so, plenty of vegies too.
    One of the best list, Yvonne. Did you look at her trolley and clap a bit?

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  4. What a well organized AND beautifully hand-written list!
    ❤ and (((HUGS))) to Rebecca and her boys! Keeping them filled would be a job in and of itself! 🙂

    My oldest son is married and has his own kids, but when he comes in the door he still goes and looks in my 'frig and pantry to see what foods are available! Ha! My girls never do this. Must be a male thing! 😉 😀

    I do wonder how often Rebecca has to shop. My mom had 8 kids…she only shopped once a week, but we had chickens at home for eggs, a HUGE veggie garden, and fruit trees. So that all helped. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    • I’d say Rebecca has it planned so once a week does it. She had oodles of milk and bread, for sure. And, it looks like she plans ahead for meals. Gosh, think of the school lunches she’ll soon be making again, when school starts at the end of the month.

      I remember my boys finishing dinner, then leaning into the fridge to see if there might be something to fill that one last gap.

      Hugs back to you oxo ❤

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  5. I’m glad I don’t have to keep all those boys happy.

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  6. WOW That puts all mine to shame!
    But hold on SMOKES!!!
    Hope thats not ciggies, you know how we in Oz call cigarettes smokes, well we did when I used to choke on ’em.
    Obviously she doesn’t have time to make her own pancakes with what she has top bear, and I noticed she put herself last on the order.
    A nice lady.
    You;ll have to hang around there tomorrow when she has to go back for another load with 5 boys yo feed and get a picture.
    Hope you gave her a link to your site!
    Bit of excitement here at last.

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  7. Crikey, five boys! She must be constantly filling them up.

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