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My trusty curmudgeon, who cheerfully allows me to insult him, thus belying my character assessment of him, has pounced upon another shopping list, this time from the inner western suburb of Leichhardt, which sounds like an interesting part of Sydney:Leichhardt is a residential suburb best known as the hub of Sydneyโ€™s Italian community. Norton Street and Marion Street buzz with cafes, trattorias and bakeries, and thousands of people visit the annual Italian Festa food festival, every October. The Italian Forum is an open-air shopping mall with designer fashions and Tuscan architecture. Small bookshops, indie cinemas and cosy wine bars add to the European vibe.Can you get good coffee there, M’Lord?

The list he found was all crumpled and neglected in the bottom of a shopping trolley, and looked like this when he got it home.


M’Lord, being a tidy bloke, smoothed it a bit and stuck it down to take this photo for us.


So, what can we decipher from this offering, aside from the fact that there seems to be more than one contributor to the list.

Apple (?) mousse, crossed out, is there even such a thing as apple mousse?

Turkey, ham jam (which might be 2 items, but might be a new food stuff we haven’t heard about before). It’s also crossed out, which can mean the writers either changed their mind or realized they had some in the fridge already.

Couscous, nurofen, apples, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes (2 of them), sweet baby …. what the heck is that word!?

Pro chef non stick oil (I found out this isย  a canola spray), smoked paprika, cinammon (sic) sticks, milk, Huggies wipes (aha, is there a baby in the household?), crackers, twice. Was that a little brain slippage, or does it indicate “Get 2 kinds of crackers”, or what?

Cheese, chicken and pork as protein sources, and then soft cheese. Potatoes, capers, sourdough, rocket, olives and pears to round off the purchases.

And, I like the jaunty design on the list paper.

Thanks again, faithful list finder.

Edited to add: Well, I found both Sweet Baby Rags and Sweet Baby Rays online! One is clothing, the other is BBQ sauce!!! The things I find out, thanks to my readers and commentors.



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49 responses to “Leichhardt list

  1. Clearly Leichhardt is an area of Sydney that I shall have to visit if I ever get back to that great city!

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  2. Ooh! what an interesting list! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Veggies, apples, pears, paprika and olives! I hope they invite me for dinner! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lord ๐Ÿป iOfBow is one of my favorite bloggers!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Ha! I accidentally typed “booggers” and had to correct it! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )
    HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ and Happy New Year, Yvonne! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. You know that I love it when you ramble on and on, BA.

    I think you’re dead right about the crackers, and the ham jam. You are a clever Richard. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, how are you coping without writing a gruesome story a day? We all miss you. โค

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  4. I believe he/she was shopping for Christmas dinner – hence the turkey, and that the crackers are not those water biscuit things but the things that you pull and they go bang and inside is a paper hat, a riddle and a plastic thingy. We call them “Christmas crackers” over here. I guess there are other names. The ham jam is clearly marmalade for cooking the ham once its stuck all over with cloves. I could go on (and on and on… in fact I think I just have).

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  5. BarbB

    Two bottles of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce in my fridge as I write this! The one I had to Google was Nurofen.

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  6. Sarcasm and irony don’t travel well in writing without emojis, I find.

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  7. I go for Rays. You have given us fun with Our Lord’s effort. I now have an image of him wandering around with his eyes on supermarket floors

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  8. Leichardt sounds like a great place to live.

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  9. I realize you’re a New Australian Yvonne, so you’re excused from knowing that Leichhardt was named for Ludwig Leichhardt a German Explorer here in Australia back in the early mid 19th century and his name has two yes 2 haitches.

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  10. I googled “do stingrays have babies” and learned that yes indeed, they do. The article said “Most stingrays are ovoviviparous”. Which meant I then had to google that definition and it is, “producing young by means of eggs which are hatched within the body of the parent”. Which still left the questions, how do you know which ones are sweet? And, how come they are sold in a supermarket?
    Turns out that “Sweet Baby Rays” is a brand of American sauce sold in Woolworths:

    Rocket and pear salad is something suitably trendy that would be served in a Leichardt cafe. But I ask you – if this is the Christmas planning for a Leichardt residence with its long association with Italy . . . where is the pannettone?


    • Oh, the ever present panettone! That video was a cracker, eh?

      I had never, ever heard of that BBQ sauce. I might have a special trip to Bright, to go to Woolies and just look at it.

      You kook, finding all about stingrays, you have a strange mind!

      Happy New Year, Gabby. โค

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      • Somebody said that to me the other night, too. I stomped on a big “Kenny” cockroach and shoved him in a bag of new year’s rubbish. Said I was sending him to heaven having died happy. They “got” it.

        I’m part Italian, but came to the culture a bit later in life (around 25), and I can tell you, looking from the outside in – that video is pretty spot on! Wasn’t it great? (and yes, I did get sent home from Christmas Day with a panettone).

        Ditto with the BBQ sauce. Then again, I usually shop in Aldi. Staple foods and not too much choice, suits me fine.

        Happy New Year to you too Yvonne

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        • Myrtleford has a large Italian population, so there’s plenty of panettone (and also pandoro) floating around, wherever you go around Christmas.

          Ho-hum. The hot cross buns were out as soon as the last Jingle Bells rang their cheery chimes.

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          • I just saw them in the Aldi catalogue! Disgusssssting!!!! In the same breath they’re advertising Australia Day. At least that’s better.

            My (Italian) step-mum just bought a memoir/cookbook by a fellow migrant the other day and I was flicking through it. I saw at one stage she went to Myrtleford to set up in the tobacco growing business. Something went amiss and the business failed. But you would know plenty who were successful.

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  11. The obligatory Nurofin, especially after Christmas and New year celebrations. Sourdough, capers, smoked paprika. Note: no devon!
    A Euro shopper, Italian?

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  12. What a silly bloody question; ‘can you get good coffee there?”, You ever been to Eyetalia?

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  13. Sweet baby rags. I’ve never heard of apple mousse either, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

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