In which M’Lord provides an interesting list

I’ve been sitting here, in a blogging doldrum, just not inspired by anything in my surrounds. Then, luckily, a curmudgeonly blogger happened to wander into a library and found a shopping list written scrawled on the back of a business card.

Thank you, M’Lord! If you are up to it, toddle along to his blog, to see what he goes on about. M’Lord’s blog 

Herewith the shopping list. 


Now, I can make out some of this, but need help from my discerning readers for the rest.

What is that first item? Pea- ????

Then, fish, tea, bread, yoghurt, eggs, capsicum, bread again, lycra!!! Here’s where my mind went on a tiny detour, thinking this fellow might be one of those MAMILs: “Mamil or MAMIL (an acronym standing for “middleaged man in lycra“) is someone who rides an expensive racing bicycle for leisure, wearing endurance- and performance-enhancing body-hugging jerseys and shorts. The word was reportedly coined by British marketing research firm Mintel in 2010.”


Right, back to reality. What do you think he was buying in lycra?

Then, is that bananas? And then, what the heck? Bank? Bark? 

The business side of the card was an extension of this slight eccentricity, and following some of the clues led me down a few rabbit holes.


Okay CELTA is a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. So far, quite straightforward, as is NAATI Translator, which you can investigate in your spare time. 

I also invite you to do a search on, but be warned, the site is not secure, and the “info” is rather obscure.

Finally, who knew that Stinking Bishop is listed as one of the top 10 stinky cheeses in the world! Well, you do now. You can chase up more about this cheese when you have nothing better to do. Hey, has anyone ever actually eaten this cheese? Tell us all about it, please.

Thanks again, Brian. That list on the business card was a darn good find!

I’d better leave you with my grumpy greetings for a Merry Christmas.

Christmas cheer



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58 responses to “In which M’Lord provides an interesting list

  1. Hi Yv. The stinking bishops – apart from being an actual cheese is a cheese mostly tiny bistro in Enmore Rd, Enmore – in the Inner West – just up the road from the Pig’s Arms 😊

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  2. The jolly gremlin had taken my following you out again and so I missed wishing you a merry Christmas. So Happy New Year Yvonne!

    It’s definitely “PeaS” but how in the name of goodness does one pee when wearing lycra? I’ve never had the experience as they don’t make them big enough.

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  3. Tony the Toilet Brush? In lycra? Heavens, I need to sit down in a dark room for a while.

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  4. As interesting as this shopping list is, I’m intrigued by the R&D for Tony means. And why would someone advertise themselves as Tony the Toilet Brush? Is this person providing the R&D?? Perhaps the lycra has something to do with whatever R&D is – could it be Ride and Deliver, or Run and Dodge? They could be associated with lycra wearing activities.

    I’ve just googled R&D and it turns out it stands for Research and Development. If it involves using a toilet brush, this sounds very unpleasant, especially if the researcher is wearing lycra at the same time. I also googled Tony the Toilet Brush, with no success. The mystery deepens.

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  5. Do have a grumpy Christmas Yvonne. That will make the other six dwarfs jealous 😉 ❤

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  6. Great list. Judging by the S in fish I’d say the first item was peas; probably wanted a bum hugger in lycra; finally had to get to the bank

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  7. Caroline

    Christmas greetings from Marco Polo airport!

    We have had Stinking Bishop – it’s quite nice, not as ferocious as it sounds.

    Lycra is oddly non-soecific, isn’t it? Can you buy it as a fabric by the metre?

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    • Hey, buon viaggio, you two. Have a lovely Christmas.

      I don’t think I will find Stinking Bishop in this part of Australia!

      Yes, lycra is available by the metre over here. I may have to braek down and send him a message on the number provided.


  8. HA! That is a darn GREAT find! The list is fun and the business card is a bit wild and mysterious! 😉 😀
    I think they wanted to buy some peace…but not complete peace…just the peac part! 😉 😛
    They eat a lot of bread! Wonder if they were getting “bread” at the bank? You know…”bread” as slang for money!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  9. I kind of think that’s a misshapen s after pea. The s in fish is similarly shaped. Maybe this person also had to make a stop at the bank and the fabric store, but that Lycra on the list seems out of place.

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  10. Susie L

    Yay, a new post! I was languishing…Is there such a thing as fish tea? I noticed that Lycra was underlined, perhaps for emphasis.

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  11. The lycra threw me too. And I couldn’t figure out yoghurt. Pea C might be creamer if you have creamer made from pea protein. Or it could be peaches, but I doubt they’re in season yet.

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  12. maybe it was to be peach…and I’m glad he nixed the capsicum…and the bank might should have been up top—and maybe the lycra was for some little off project…we can only hope

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  13. MAMIL = Tony Abbott ❓ Tony the Toilet Brush, Well he’s a bit of a s… kicker.

    Well you sure got a damned sight more out of the card than I did, I’ve just had another gig at it and am still shaking my head at a loss….

    But the as you so kindly point out I’m OLD 👿

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  14. I was amused by the Lycra next to bread and bananas. I am also happy that M’Lord still contacts you. I no longer seem to interest him which is a shame because we always seemed to have some goon exchanges.

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