Love old wheels? Check out Yass

Who doesn’t love a carefully restored vintage car? Thank you to the long legged one for sharing these beauties with us.

Where to next?

1937 Packard 120 Business Coupe 1937 Packard 120 Business Coupe

1939 Buick Business Coupe 1939 Buick Business Coupe

1924 Ford Model T Speedster 1924 Ford Model T Speedster

If you’re quick and anywhere near Yass in New South Wales, you still have time to check out Classic Yass, the annual vintage motor show. It’s on today, 3 November, with almost 350 entrants spread across Banjo Patterson and Riverside Parks.

My friend, Maggie, and I stopped by this morning. We went early and got the second-best parking place in town.

Hundreds of people (and quite a few dogs) were there to enjoy the cars and billy cart (go cart) races. Maggie said there had been a plan to cancel the races, but there had been a public outcry. Race organiser, the Rotary Club, said they needed more volunteers for the races to go ahead. That worked because most of Yass offered to help.

The day has plenty of other activities. There are plenty of food…

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November 4, 2018 · 9:39 am

16 responses to “Love old wheels? Check out Yass

  1. The show of old cars always triggers emotion, Yvonne
    Love ❤

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  2. Hey!
    How are you doing?
    Beautiful cars!
    We have a lot of car shows around here. I enjoy looking at the cars. And the older the car the more fun it is to see!

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  3. I do love the way these old cars look. Wouldn’t want to keep one in petrol though.

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  4. Love that old Packard;
    They might look the cats whiskers but a lot harder to drive for the average person than the present day vehicles, which just need someone to steer them and not for long either the way they’re going.
    But for a fair dinkum driver like me I’d love to get behind the wheel of that Packard.
    (I earned my crust for more than 20 years behind the wheel, drove more than 2 million km around NSW from 1977 -2001)

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  5. I love seeing those old cars. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents used to take us to shows like that. They were fun days. 🙂

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  6. As I mentioned before, I had a Ford V8 in my teens. It was light blue and known as ‘a single spinner’ meaning it had one of those chrome propeller like thing on the front grille instead of two that came with later models before the Ford Custom. They were ‘twin spinners.’
    It was also at the time I took dancing lessons from Phyllis Bates in George Street, (1958) Sydney at the time young boys used brylcreme to try and get a wave in their hair and dates.

    A headline in the newspaper caught my attention after a ferocious storm went through the Northern beaches. “Willy Willy at Woy Woy.” In those days that aboriginal word for tornado was still being used.

    By that time I managed to get a date. What was better than to take her for a tour around the Willy Willy tornado damaged Woy Woy? That’s what I did. It was a very stiff day. Not much was spoken. She at rare intervals used to say ‘oh, how nice’ , interspersed with ‘thank you’. I was a total nerd of course with my brylcreme and blue smoking Ford V8.


    • You sure knew how to give a girl a good time, Gerard.

      I had a lovely Dutch friend when I was about 19. He was so handsome, I still smile when I think of him. He didn’t have a car of any description.

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  7. The pleasure is all mine, long legged one. ❤


  8. Cheers and thanks Yvonne for passing it on.


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