On the A List

Hooray, my loyal followers are keeping me supplied with interesting lists. Thank you very much, Bruce from the Shaky Island.

I am making no editorial comments, Bruce is waiting to see what my observant followers will have to say. So, the pressure is on you.


I will record what I can make out from his list, I hope someone is able to tell us what the mystery items are. I like the handwriting/printing, and the dashing tittle (there’s something for you to look up) over the letter i.

Potting mix, wine (just for you Susie), butter, dinner, chilli 1, tomatos (sic) 8, capsicum 6, leg stocking, twine, beef steak, something, ox heart, monte carlo, something, Lotto (did he win?), T. cloth, smokes.

Bruce could spin a mighty yarn for us on his blog  Weave a web   just using the items on this list.

If any of you find a list, please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll give you my email address. This is your opportunity for fame and fortune!




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37 responses to “On the A List

  1. Okay the pressures off.
    What an odd list 1 chilli and 6 capsicums ; to be tied up with twine stuffed into an ox heart, Chucked in the garbage, I’d imagine.
    Feed on Monte Carlo’s; a puff on a fag wiv a glass of rough red.
    Wot a way to go!

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    • I’d chuck that heart into the rubbish also!

      I’ve just got the internet back, having roamed in the wilderness for 10 days. I’ll post the answer to out Kiwi friend’s cryptic list very soon.

      How are you, M’Lord?


  2. I was just starting to think something about tomatoes but he spilled the beans. I should have started this morning when I woke up. But it was a great list.

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  3. Susie L

    I’m late! My mind was whirling with possibilities over this list, and now Bruce has shed some light on what I was certain was going to be some type of nefarious dinner party. Glad to see he included wine.

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    • Bruce has written a blog post every day for many years now. Mostly they’re little stories with a sinister turn, but he also entertains us with poetry and music he has composed. A most interesting man.

      Yes, finally some wine on a list!


  4. I’m late to the party having been away for the weekend and I see that Bruce was a tad tricky! I do wonder what he got for dinner – was it just one item?

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  5. Thanks to all who consigned my list to Halloween and murderous plots! The Potting Mix should maybe have furnished a clue! 1 chilli plant, 8 tomato plants, 6 capsicum (bell pepper in USA) plants, twine and stocking to tie the tomatoes up. Beef Steak, Money Maker (crossed out), Oxheart, Montecarlo and Butcher (crossed out, short for Bloody Butcher) are varieties of tomato plants!! I ended up getting 12 Beef Steaks! The T(able) cloth was made of plastic to throw over the outdoor BBQ table with spring/summer setting in! Thanks all the delightful interpretations! I was tinkled pink! (And I didn’t forget to get the wine).

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    • Boy, were we lead down the proverbial garden path, or what! You are truly a master of surprise endings, Bruce Almighty. I hope all those plants thrive, so you get a lot of use out of that table cloth. Cheers!

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  6. Eek! I think I’ve been turned into a murderer at a Halloween Party! I shall reveal the true meaning of the shopping list in an hour or so?? or do you want me to wait??

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  7. Definitely a code from the smoking, one legged spy’s next job in Monte Carlo. Ox head & Tomatos going as well. 😎 ❤

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  8. I refuse to work under pressure; I’ll come back when the heat is turned off and check it out;
    that’s if I remember 😈 👿

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  9. Hmm…Somebody is having a Halloween party! Woot woo! Wonder what time it starts?!?!? 😀

    Hmm…or maybe there are some hidden messages in that list that only the list-makers cohorts can decipher?!?! o_O

    Hmm…the last thing on the list that’s crossed out…Does that say “butcher”?! Eek! 😮

    This is quite the list! It sure stirs the imagination! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • I knew my imaginative readers would come up with some interesting ideas about this far from average list. Who knew that an everyday item like a shopping list could be so much fun!

      How are you little ms does it even matter? ❤

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  10. odd to have potting mix with butter and a lotto ticket…a tablecloth and cigarettes and an ox heart….hummmm

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  11. Dearest Inspector Yvonne,
    I think this is the grocery list of some nefarious creature! Leg stocking? twine? clearly as a disguise and kidnapping scheme. I think the crossed out starts with money?? Of course, to pay the getaway driver! Who is somehow taking them to Monte Carlo! But not after they first smoked their smokes and then had some wine. hahahaha….this is a great list! Potting mix, by the way, is just to add to the top of the grave. This list had me going! But that’s the imagination of someone who is living in the US of A – where any of this could be possible! I wish I’d find a list. Miss you and hope your well. lots of love. stalker #1. xx

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    • Dear Doctor Stalker #1.
      I think you have provided a mighty good analysis of Bruce’s mighty interesting list. You must be a reader of his blog!
      I really hope you find a shopping list. Try harder.
      Are there any trips planned to the Ancient and Wet place? I hope to get back to that country next year. We’ll see. xxx

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