‘nother list

This was donated by the Cat Whisperer (thanks, Kim), who said:

Look what I found outside the IGA at Pleasant Park, Ballarat, VIC.
It obviously has more than one author.


For those of you who never had the privilege of deciphering the handwriting of doctors, here is what is on the list:

I doz eggs (I wonder what the word Check beside that means? Expiry date? Something else?), ham, baked beans, corn kernels, cauli, crumpets, broccoli, fruit cup, bananas (3), mandarins, which got the reject button, bread. spring onions, water, potatoes are also not needed, nor is GF SR flour [do you all know what those letters stand for?], garam masala, milk, yoghurt (3), sweet potato, with an arrow leading back to the rest of the fresh produce, noodles & more (I assume that might be a brand name), GF spaghetti and the star of the show: NEW SPONGE MOP HEAD.

So there is someone with either coeliac disease or gluten intolerance in the household, and aside from ham, there is no mention of meat on the list. And, no wine for Susie!

Keep looking for those lists, folks. I enjoy receiving them and sharing them.

Spring is in the air. Just look at these blossoms which are to be found on the paulownia trees around town. They smell as good as they look.

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36 responses to “‘nother list

  1. Scruffy looking shopping list, I wouldn’t be game to give the War Office one looking like that.
    Talking of shopping lists for the WO she wanted one this morning so I dutifully wrote one for her and off she trotted.
    I sent her a message a few minutes after she’d left to advise her that it was still on the kitchen table. She instructed me to send it on a text message, but I can’t send attachments from my mobile for some reason, So I had to read it out.; naturally she forgot some things.
    The shopping list is still on the table, I was tempted to ,…..

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  2. I’ve been craving sweet potatoes, ham, and pumpkin.
    So, I could grab a pumpkin and go to that person’s house for a meal! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. How beautiful to have the streets lined with these trees in flower. Mr ET is originally from Ballarat and he is lovely too. 🙂


  4. Maybe “Check” is a reminder to check the eggs? Open the carton and give each egg a little wiggle to make sure it hasn’t been cracked, then leaked and glued itself in? It’s so annoying to get home and find a stuck egg.

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  5. I like the way the shopping list paper has been folded into the shape of a triangle. The shopper is clearly a percussionist from the National Symphony Orchestra. Getting three bananas and three yoghurts means they intend shopping again in three days time or there’s 3 in the family and the shopper intends to shop again tomorrow. Yvonne, I gathered a list from the supermarket trolley yesterday and will send it if you email your contact to …..

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    • At the current price we pay for bananas (not banana’s, Bert), that may be all they can afford for the week.

      I’ll send you an email once I power up the laptop, Bruce Almighty. This tablet tries my patience.

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  6. Susie L

    GFSR=Gluten-free self rising flour. So GF flour, and GF spaghetti, yet the bread receives no such distinction. Hmmmmm. Lots of different writing utensils are being used as well, with the NEW SPONGE MOP HEAD being written in pencil and not pen. Interesting that NEW is being specified, do they sell USED ones as well, so the author felt it important to make the differentiation? I wonder if this list traveled throughout various rooms of the house, where different people with different writing utensils added to it? And Y, you are right, no wine for me! There is a nice selection of fruit and vegetables though. Those blossoms are lovely.

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    • It certainly is a list with personality, Susie. That’s a funny observation about the replacement mop head.

      Maybe the person with the gluten free need has some of their bread in the home freezer. There are so many GF products on the shelves these days.


  7. I could google it, but what does IGA stand for, please?
    What do Americans call SR flour?
    I think that the word “Check” (underlined) does not belong with the dozen eggs. ‘Eggs’ was first on the list, so also first on the writer’s mind. He or she must have known that they were low on eggs, there would be no need to check. Don’t most people write the list in the kitchen, looking around at the cupboards and the recipe to see what is needed? Such a person would have looked to see what the egg situation was and not written ‘eggs’ at all if they had plenty.
    I was sad to see the apostrophe in “banana’s”. What is wrong with these people?
    Also sad to see the people were buying water. Australia is not a third world country.
    Paris has paulownia trees.

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    • By now, you have found out that IGA stands for Independent Grocers Association, who try to compete against the monster supermarket chains by forming a cooperative for buying power.


      • Darn, this tablet has such a touchy keyboard. It is the Independent Grocers of Australia.

        If Caroline’s idea is correct, then the word “check” may have linked to something else.


  8. I agree with you Yvonne. There is no meat on the list. Just shopping for a bad actor 🙄 ❤

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  9. Fascinating – I can’t add to the excellent observations already made, but I’ll be on the lookout for lists

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  10. What a gorgeous idea! I never looked at a shopping list when I find it in my shopping cart. But I will next time.

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  11. Caroline

    I’d guess that GF SR = gluten free self-raising.
    Maybe “check” meant first check how many we already have?
    You have crumpets too!
    The paulownias are spectacular, I wonder if there are any in Europe?

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  12. Ah, Garam Masala? A great cook. I wonder if female or male. This list seems to have been written by two people or one lovely schizo.
    A new sponge moP head.?
    Either way. There is a lot there! Changing the mandarins for spring onions and with a different pen as well. The potatoes were scratched out with some vehemence. Fascinating.
    Thank you Ivonne.

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    • It was an excellent list, Gez. I liked the way some of the words floated above the lines.

      I’ll be watching the by-election results with interest. Here’s hoping the arrogant mob get a little wake up call.


  13. I do like those Paulownia blooms. Plus I still keep my eye out for shopping lists. I wonder who Kim is. The IGA at Pleasant Park has been my ‘go to’ for all the years I was in Ballarat and will be again.

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