In which M’Lord supplies a shopping list

I have been languishing in the doldrums of blogdom, waiting for some divine inspiration perhaps. That arrived in the guise of an email from a crusty old curmudgeon whom I have taken to calling M’Lord, which he seems to like. I follow his blog,  here because there’s often something in it with which I or one of his other followers can take umbrage, and heaven knows we can all do with a little umbrage in our lives.

As far as I can ascertain, M’Lord lives in a Sydney suburb going by the name of Annandale, no doubt because that is its name. Here is a Google map that shows you (vaguely) where you’d find it if you were wandering around in Sydney one fine day. Annandale

M’Lord shares his life with a pretty little dog (Coco) and a long suffering wife whom he has lovingly labelled The War Office (hereafter referred to as TWO).

It was TWO who was off to fill the larder, and M’Lord was assigned to write the shopping list. I am always suspicious of people who write tidy shopping lists, and I present exhibit 1 (the only exhibit, in fact) to support my case. 

_Coles Shopping List

Aside from gaining an insight into the culinary habits and brand name loyalties of the family unit, the only other satisfaction I could gain from it was that there was a spelling error. Now, let’s wait and see what M’Lord has to say in response to that observation. It shouldn’t be long coming, if past experience is anything to go by. Oh, and thank you M’Lord, for contributing to my blog.

PS Remember “Mission Possible” from the previous shopping list? It turns out that this is the name of an appliance repair shop in the town where my Canadian Correspondent lives.



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37 responses to “In which M’Lord supplies a shopping list

  1. This is too much..the grocery list from the sounds like a movie of obsession and intrigued
    I want to play the main character
    Mr Yoursly one the who keeps losing his list

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  2. M’lord might be an old grouch but he has very elegant handwriting.

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  3. What a great shopping list from Lord 🐻 iOfBow! Some delicious food on there! 🙂
    Oh! That a husband would even help by making out the shopping list…and a legible, well written list, at that…is wonderful! 😉 🙂
    The War Office and Coco are fortunate to have him in their lives! 🙂
    I think very highly of him, so I don’t see any spelling mistakes! Ha! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I’d like to be called TWO! It has a certain cachet.

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  5. I rather like that list! Even if it took me an hour to decipher! I’m going to have to start looking down next time I’m in the grocery store. What a coup to be able to send you a shopping list! xx

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  6. Susie L

    It appears that M’Lord and TWO will be eating very well. However, no wine on the list? This omission proves it couldn’t be my list.

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  7. Susie L

    It appears that M’Lord and TWO will be eating very well. But, where is the wine?

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  8. Barb

    That’s a pretty organized list. I’m not sure what is listed next to the pork roast.

    And I haven’t seen such elegant handwriting since my childhood and my elderly aunts sent me birthday cards.



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  9. Bert, if you’re not careful, you might take the curmudgeon crown from M’Lord. 😏


  10. Maybe three, or it could be just the handwriting.


  11. I found two spelling mistakes. And that comma in his response!
    If nothing, was bought, would they not both starve?


  12. A fine tribute to the old git

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  13. It was not a spelling error, it was a deliberate mistake to see if a lover of all things Eyetalian would pick it up; Pity is she did! 😈
    The list was composed with Yvonne in mind,.although I do have to write one for the War Office, she hates shopping, and without a list nothing, would be bought and she would starve.
    I like my own lists when I go, one or two items and then impulse , the only way to shop and I love it.


  14. I can’t find a spelling mistake, but like Brian I’m English too and he will no doubt tell you that’s it’s the fault of your side of the pond for changing our English language! You’re right, I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to have his say! 😀 Oh, Yvonne I Love shopping lists, all lists for that matter!

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  15. Don’t miss out on the carrots! Hazelnut chocolate is last on the list. A reversal on a possible pledge to dieting.

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  16. If the spelling mistake is the one I think it is, he will justify the error on the grounds that only born and bred Englishman can make the rules for spelling and he has no intention of taking the lead from a foreigner.

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