Short, but not necessarily sweet

And, it has a little mystery, as a bonus.

This shopping list was sent to me by my Canadian correspondent. (Thank you, YT).


Well, I can see that the shopper will have vegetarian burgers with corn. (I hope that was on the cob.)

But, what in the world is mission possible

And, judging by the blob of ink on the first letter of corn, maybe he/she should invest in a new pen.

Here’s another bonus, a view of the beginning of the PGF (Palatial Granny Flat).




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29 responses to “Short, but not necessarily sweet

  1. How are you doing, Yvonne?

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  2. I think just the fact that your friend mails you stuff like that is so kewl

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  3. Down the Aisle.
    Your shopping correspondent.
    Those of us of a certain age will recall that statement from the TV show ; “The Naked City”, spoken in a serious voice , with a narrator intoning the iconic line: “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” . Well, I’d like to report that a similar (although lesser amount I’d warrant) situation can be gleaned by casual conversations down the aisles of your local supermarket.
    Was myself engrossed in the selection of a packet of “Carman’s Muesli bars” in our local mega market there in Nuri’…(“If you’re not livin’ in Nuri’, you’re livin’ nowhere”) , conflicted between selecting the “Super berry muesli bars” and the old favourite ;” Dark chocolate and cranberry protein bar”….I had the latter box in my hand and was perusing the nutritional table of contents, looking for ANY possible alcohol content therein, when the shelf-stacking lady, right there next to me saw my intense concentration on the protein bars and thrust a rather large bag of “Hemp Protein Powder” under my nose and chimed..;
    “Here’s a super protein for you…give you all the ‘get-up-and-go’ you’ll need!”
    “Crikey!” I exclaimed “What I can mistily recall from those people I knew in my young years who had a familiarity with the hemp plant was that the last thing they had was get up and go!…more like ; lay-back-and trip-out!”
    And she agreed with a hearty laugh…We were then joined by another lady our own age and she backed my statement up…and added that her tale of her old man of those years, who was a truck driver and used certain nefarious substances.
    “Dope!?…” I exclaimed “Surely that would make him a tad dangerous behind the wheel?”…and I made “whoa..whoaa!” motions like I was wildly steering a big rig ( I like saying that expression :The BIG sounds so macho-male!!..: “ a BIG RIG!…there, take that!” )..and I do confess to mentioning that I knew of truck drivers that were less than reliable in control of those enormous machines, breaking open Codral cold tablets (in the bad old days, mind!) to get the little pink pill of (I believe) ephedrine based stuff in the middle.
    “Oh yes” the second lady admitted..”My old man had me as his “chemist”, grinding the tablets up with a mortar and pestle , and because the ephedrine was heavier than the codeine, I would have to puff away the lighter powder to leave the stuff he used behind…”
    We three then reflected humourously on the behaviour of our acquaintances in those halcyon days of endless summers rolled joints and frothy beers.. I had cause to recall one such episode to the ladies on my attraction (now lightly diminished) to the worthy sport of lawn bowls..
    “ I joined the local lawn bowls club when I lived down the coast way back in my thirties..” I said “Well, in those days, it was mostly a conservative refuge for the old and infirm.. much like some of us are now!…So I was one of the youngest there then…and this old fellah in our team asked me…out of interest..what attracted such a young, healthy chap as myself to the sport…’I’ll confess’, I said ‘ I was watching that TV show on lawn bowls..: “Jack High”..and I had just smoked a nice fat joint and I watched as one bloke softly sent that little..leeetle brilliantly, shining white ball down that vast open green space…and then I was absolutely mesmerised as I watched another bowler gently roll down that bigger bowl that followed a shallow, parabolic curve that went out sooooo wiiiiiiiide . . . ( and here I did a Marcel Marceau style impersonation whilst on the one spot, of those bowlers stealthily following their bowl down the green in that hunched back possi’ until I came right up to the television set with an impression of one wide-eye and both hands flat against the screen) …..and it went on and on and on like it was gonna’ take forever to get there….an’ I thought ; Ohh Maannn…that’s in-fin-ity!!…that’s the game for me!….and my very-aged team-mates all moved away from me! ”
    The ladies were rather amused at my pantomime but then one gave a bit TOO much information of her druggy husband and his flirtations with other ladies while “on the stuff “ that ruined their marriage..; “Everyone was warning me, but I was the last to realise…” , so that put a rather teeth-gritting saddening kybosh on any possible humorous finish to the convers’….
    But that’s the way it is down the aisles…there are a million stories down the aisles of the Mega Supermarkets..and this was just one of them…until next time ;
    This is your shopping correspondent signing off.

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  4. Down the aisle..
    your shopping correspondent.
    They’re taking the mickey out on us, of “us”, I mean us baby-boomers.. The good lady has the March edition of a cooking magazine open to the page showing a vegan pizza!…a vegan pizza do you mind..
    “Oh well,” I reflect as I stir the proffered cup of “ginger zinger” tea..(I almost added milk!) “I suppose you could use the recipe there and just throw the salami on top as well to cheer it up”..
    “It says to use “cauliflower mince” as the topping..” she read out.
    “Cauliflower mince!!??” I exclaim…” WTF is cauliflower mince??” But of course it is a wasted see, we are both getting to that age where the medicinal diet is an imperative if you want to make 100 years with still a bit of lead in the pencil..and now it is only in sentimental daydreams of a wasted youth in Darwin that I can “taste” that “super-size” take-away meal of “Porky’s spare ribs” with side bag of chips and sauce, washed down with many cans of that gentle beer and a television replay of “Father Knows Best”!…Ahh!,,they knew how to make sit-coms in those days.

    I remember a past marriage when we were mixed up with an “alternative education group” and my then partner adopted what could best be called “alternative protein” foods with fanatical zeal, and tofu and tabouli was a fixed item on our weekly menu..Tabouli goes well with a nice cut of lamb..a nice juicy cut of lamb..NOT tofu..tofu goes well sitting in its plastic packaged wrap in the rack of the fridge door..and staying there until it goes green.
    It got to the stage where I would cunningly seek forewarning of such meals and stop off at a known small-town bakery on my way home from a hard day’s work and fill up on their renowned protein enriched pies and perhaps a macaroon or two..they had wonderful macaroons.

    Needless to say, that marriage failed on the grounds of gastronomical cruelty.

    But then when I was last at the mega shopping emporium, I had to park up the trolley while the good lady perused the selections of flours..besan, lupin, f#ckin’ spelt, buckwheat…is there a hemp flour?…because there oughta be!..there’s hemp everythin else!..: Hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein..and I believe you can even get..wait for it!..: hemp beer!’s cruel, isn’t it!?..and of course there nothing you can do with the hemp except, I’ll bet, plonk it on some vegan pizzas or something..Though you can’t tell me some wide-eyed hop-head hasn’t bought a pack of seeds and tried to grow his own, just on the off chance. . .

    Ah..I’ve just about had enough of it..all this growing old and healthy is about as bad as growing old and sober..there’s little to recommend it, it’s like that episode of “The Hollow Men” where the garrulous old politician flings the capers out of his sandwich..
    “Why do they want to continually try to re-invent the f#ckin’ sandwich!!?”
    I’d say the same with pizza..: “If it aint broke, DON’T f#ckin’ vegan it !! “

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  5. Bridget

    I love the idea of corn fritters! the other – not nearly as much.
    And how exciting for you this new addition. PGF looks fabulous already.

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  6. I’m a granny of sorts, or does it only apply to the female grannies? Or is this a surprise invitation I have in store/

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  7. Perhaps there is a sequel to the movie coming out and we just haven’t heard about it yet. These burgers don’t really appeal to me but I hope the shopper enjoyed them.

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  8. I ‘ll see what else my beloved readers/commenters have to say, and then I’ll find out what in heck it meant.


  9. Jude

    Are you moving?

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  10. HA! Love this! 😀 Maybe they are encouraging themselves…you know…believing their dinner guests will love the corn and veggie burgers! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…If it had said “mission impossible” I would think they wanted to buy the Tom Cruise movie to watch after dinner! 😉

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  11. I feel so left out of the fold. What’s this PGF? What don’t I know about?
    I think by “corn” is meant “corny” – it’s weak joke. The possible mission is that she is going to get her husband to take her out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant because he hates corn fritters.

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  12. abushiestale

    PS. A stage by stage series of photos of the PGF would be interesting.

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  13. abushiestale

    Mission possible is a Furphy. It is IMpossible to make reasonably tasty burgers without meat. If he/she or it wants something tasty then corn fritters is the go.

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  14. “Mission possible” surely implies this list was written by an optimist?

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