Another mystery solved

Thanks to that wonderful Peter who introduced me to so many of the wonders of hidden Rome, I now know the meaning of the sculptures that I saw while on my way from the Protestant cemetery in Ostiense, to the metro station there.

I’ll post the photos for now, and when I get permission from Peter, I’ll copy and paste what he told me in a second post.  I think he may have a place in my will now.







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19 responses to “Another mystery solved

  1. Very interesting Yvonne. Thank You.

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  3. Thanks very much Yvonne – for both the inheritance and disinheritance!! You have reminded me that I should write about that sculpture on my own blog. If I remember rightly there is a plaque nearby about it.

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  4. What treasures will be you leaving him in your will? Perhaps his own art collection! 🙂

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  5. Wow. 😦 Such a poignant and powerful message in these sculptures.

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  6. Yes, the horrors of hangings and wars. I just read the second post!

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  7. What magnificent but horrifying photos.

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    • When I saw them, I noticed the mirrors, and the different color patches on the outlines of the people. My thoughts ran along the line of “There but for the mercy of … go I” I thought the mirrors were to make us see our reflections with those who weren’t so fortunate.

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  8. Waiting with bated breath . . .

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