A shopping list

For about a year, I had followed a blog that was based upon that simple, day-to-day object, the humble shopping list. You can have a little squiz (that means look, for those who aren’t into Aussie slang) at the posts here: Lists

The author happily accepted “donations” of lists from his reader, which led to me stalking shoppers in the local supermarkets, and politely asking for their lists when they were unloading their purchases at the check-out. This in turn, led to some interesting conversations. About 3 months ago, the posts suddenly stopped, much to my disappointment. So now I had a small collection of lists, but I was no longer  able to contact the fellow who wrote the blog.

Then, I had one of my tiny light globe moments, and realised I might as well make use of them on my blog.

light bulb

Absolutely hypothetical image. I have short hair and wear glasses. And, I might be a few years older than this lass.

So, gentle readers, here is my first offering in the shopping list series. I found it in a shopping basket, in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford.


As I interpret the list, she/he was on the prowl for:

Potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, onions, cauliflower, zucchini, chives, bacon, silverside, cheese, gravy, white sauce, milk, brown sugar, peas, beans, containers, carpet sprinkle and fruit.

At first, I was impressed by the organisational skills  of this shopper, who clearly knows the layout of the shop. Fruit and vegetables are in front of you as you as you enter the shop, then meat, etc. But, there were some afterthoughts, with peas and beans and fruit added near the end of the list. However, I’ll never know if perhaps this person has a strange fondness for canned peas, beans and fruit, in which case I’ll have to retract my judgmental stance.

And, I’d guess that silverside with white sauce, mashed potatoes and lots of vegetables was on the menu for that household.



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50 responses to “A shopping list

  1. I’ll scan my next list and send it to you, how would you like that?:D

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  2. I love the idea! 😻 I’ll be looking around 👀

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  3. Are you sure this isn’t some sort of word quiz? Or perhaps a fragment of inchoate poetry? A list maybe of things the guests can not eat. Things not to buy. It’s nothing like my typical shopping list.

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    • Right, I’d better ask you (and others) to send me either their shopping list, or one they have found or wrestled from another shopper. Send your contribution to ytaba36 at gmail dot com Please!!!!! You will be well loved by me, and given due recognition.


  4. HA! Sounds to me like some delicious stews or soups, etc. are in order and then something to clean the carpets afterwards! 😉 😀 I like everything on that list! YUM! 🙂

    Once in awhile I find a shopping list left in a cart at my market. ‘Tis interesting to read them.

    Fun post, Yvonne! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  5. Mmm, silverside for dinner. Delicious.

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  6. Susie L

    Y, I think of you every time I discard my shopping list! I hope your fellow blogger is okay. This could never be my shopping list, as this list contains no wine. Now tell me please, what is silverside?

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    • Hi, gorgeous. Now, I wonder why that made me laugh out loud, and nod my head in agreement?

      Silverside is a cut of beef that has been pickled in a ssalt brine. It should be simmered for a looooong time, so the result is a tasty, tender dish. here’s one recipe for this comfort food: https://goo.gl/2bDvjW


  7. I’m so glad you revived this as I can’t help but read abandoned grocery lists of others ever since that unknown blogger started posting them. I have long been a nosy speculator about the items in other people’s cart. I’ve grown so expert that I can almost tell you how much the shopper weighs by what is put on the checkstand belt. At times I’ve been bold enough to ask the person in line behind me, what they are planning to make for dinner with the assembled ingredients. It’s surprising how many invitations to dinner I receive with my cheekiness.

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    • Hi, Judy. Yes, I wish I knew what happened to that chap. I hope he doesn’t mind me riding on his coat-tail, so to speak. How many invitations have you accepted?

      I’m going to have to post an address so folks can send me their finds, or their own lists.


  8. That is such a great icebreaker – you are a bold one Yvonne! I’m glad for the translation on such items – I needed it!
    Maybe guests arriving soon? Interesting mystery….along with where did your blogger go?!

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    • “you are a bold one” … that’s a compliment, coming from my Number 1 Stalker. I still smile, remembering you approaching me on the vaporetto, I felt quite movie-starrish. 🙂

      I love shopping lists, and I do wish he’d suddenly pop up again. I didn’t get a response to emails, so it’s rather worrying.

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  9. Carpet sprinkles are a great substitute for when you run out of parmisan cheese for your spag bol. Even great on icecream. Cleans the digestive system a treat. I believe EVERYTHING I read on the Internet, don’t you Yvonne ? 😉 ❤

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  10. I’m guessing the potential in-laws were coming to dinner. A quick sprinkle on the carpet before-hand to freshen up. Serving a staple dish cooked from scratch to demonstrate tradition and frugality. Last minute veggie additions to add colour to the plate. Containers to send them home with leftovers.

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  11. What a clever idea, and, yes: it would be a good conversation starter. We do have canned peas and beans on the shelves here, by the way. I will buy beans occasionally, but not green beans. Black, or pinto, or navy beans make the shelf from time to time, but generally as part of the yearly hurricane prep stash.

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    • I haven’t been back to see if they appear as canned goods. I have seen kidney beans, for sure, and Italian cannelini beans. Now I have a mission in life, to see what is in the canned vegetable section.

      Thank you for following me. My posting has become somewhar erratic lately.

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  12. Was the carpet sprinkle perhaps for any food dropped on the floor?

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  13. Perhaps a vegetarian shopper on the slippery slide of getting off it.
    Pure vegetarians often appear a bit pale and listless, often serious.
    Those that are into McDonalds’ burgers might be a bit chubby but are often cheerful and happy.

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  14. Silverside! That was a staple when I was a kid – eaten with mashed potato, carrots, and cabbage. My mother overcooked the cabbage, as almost everyone used to. I took to lightly steaming it.

    Alas, I’m more or less vegetarian now, so I probably won’t eat this traditional fare again.

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  15. Clearly this person intends to accidentally drop all their meat and veggies onto the shag pile, then clean it up with a few carpet sprinkles. The silverside is presumably corned so that wouldn’t be as messy as a fatty bit of beef. I don’t know how they intend to clean up the dropped fruit at the end of the list.

    This is a most interesting thing to do Yvonne.

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  16. I remember that first time you posted, and I went looking but I never stopped people and asked for theirs. Maybe it would be a lot of fun.

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  17. I had to look up silverside. At first I thought they were eating perch, but alas, it’s cut of beef with that tough silver skin that has to be cut off. Sounds like this person eats pretty well. And carpet sprinkles??? I can see where a simple list can send someone off imagining the life of the person who wrote it.

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  18. What an interesting idea. And no, this person would not buy canned veggies.

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