Meet Milo

Milo is a young huacaya (pronounced wah‑KI‑ah) alpaca, owned by my son and daughter in law. Currently, he is in a part of the yard that allows him to come and make nose smudges on the windows when he thinks it might be time for some food. His coat is getting long and shaggy, he’ll be shorn next spring. The fleece is already spoken for, by a friend who will spin it into knitting yarn.


He’s really enjoying a crunchy carrot that Kay gave him, it makes a change from his usual hay diet. He also nibbles at the grass, there’ll be no need to get out the mower with him on the job.


He has such pretty eyes, this photo makes him look a little bit like a horse, although he belongs to the camelid family.


Milo is a little bit lonely, as alpacas really are herd animals. We hope to get some chickens for him to tend, once the weather is milder. He has several girl friends across the road, and spends quite a lot of time looking at them yearningly, and calling out to them.



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29 responses to “Meet Milo

  1. That’s one Milo that I wouldn’t try to drink

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  2. I had no idea that alpaca could discourage foxes. But I also had no idea that foxes could be a threat to sheep. Is it the newborn lambs that interest them?
    We live and learn.

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  3. Yvonne – what a cutie! But poor MIlo – he needs a few pals – even gal pals. Perhaps Minx could step in for a few playdates before the chickens arrive. He sure is a beauty. xx

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  4. I imagine Milo’s fleece will be much in demand. A friend of mine spins and she prefers alpaca over anything else.


  5. My, but Milo is SO handsome! And, OH…those eyes! 🙂
    Aw, it makes me sad that he is lonely. 😦 Maybe he could join the girls across the road for a just-friends-party! 🙂
    Are there other animals that he might make a friend with? A dog? or ???
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  6. He’s very handsome for an alpaca! Before moving house last November I lived next to a llama farm – but none were as striking as Milo.

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  7. Susie L

    What a handsome boy Milo is, I love his white blaze. I hope he gets some friends soon, chickens would be wonderful! What does Minx think of him?

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    • Minx hasn’t met him yet, it’ll be interesting to see their reactions to one another. Puschka (Kirk and Kay’s timid little cat) took him in her stride, much to our surprise.


  8. Jane

    Is he a good guard dog?

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  9. I have always wanted an alpaca or tow…we have 5 acres, so enough room but the problem with coyotes troubles me.
    A couple of years back when I was at a teaching conference out in New Mexico, we took a day trip to an alpaca farm—I was in heaven —thank you, Yvonne, for sharing!

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  10. Those two horse-like portraits are beautiful – especially the last

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  11. They are a great animal. Most Aussie sheep farmers now have one or two in the flock to deter foxes.

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  12. He’s lovely. I like his shaggy “bangs”. Please give a pat for me.

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  13. That is some macho, Yvonne. I hope the fence is strong enough for Milo to resist jumping over to his girls friends across the road. Don’t underestimate the libido of a male alpaca.


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